Four Steps To Introduce POE 3.4 Delve The Labyrinth Guide

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Four Steps To Introduce POE 3.4 Delve The Labyrinth Guide


The Labyrinth is often a dungeon style map that has randomly generated layouts, puzzles, and prizes which can be all guarded by the final boss, Izaro. The player will have to face him three separate occasions when traversing the Labyrinth. There are actually no portals, so in case you die, you will have to start totally more than.


Part1: Introduction towards the Labyrinth

Each of the 7 characters has distinctive choices to Ascend to. Ascending increases the player's skills and strengths. You must full The Lord's Labyrinth in an effort to achieve Ascendancy, the player's most important reward. This could be accomplished within the final space, The Treasure Space, by interacting using the Alter of Ascendancy. The Normal Labyrinth will allow the player to choose their Ascendancy and grant two Ascendancy Points. One another Labyrinth will grant two extra Ascendancy Points giving a total of eight points.


Trials of Ascendancy:

Each Labyrinth is often accessed after all of the Trials of Ascendancy have been completed for that difficulty. After the trials are completed, the player may access the Labyrinth in Act three, The Sarn Encampment. The Eternal Labyrinth needs an Offering of your Goddess to open. They are located in the finish of the Eternal Trials which are randomly located in maps.



Every trial is presented using a series of traps. This assistance prepares the player for the dangers that lie ahead. 



Izaro is the creator and protector with the Lord's Labyrinth. He is the final boss.


Puzzles and Gauntlets:

The Labyrinth contains many Puzzles and Gauntlets. These include several treasures.


Understanding Our Photos:

Now that you simply realize more in regards to the Labyrinth and how it works, let's speak about how to study the photos that we give. We map out all four Labyrinths each day at the same time, proper right after the server reset. They all use the same layout and legend.


This image is our Legend. This can be very important to know as a way to be capable of readout photos. One of the most important issue to know is how the exits work. When entering an area in the Labyrinth, image the overall map of that area getting a circle. Most of the time you start out in the bottom/south in the circle. Most of the exits are in the leading left or top rated right from the room. This really is indicated together with the smaller blue circle in the leading a part of the room circle located around the Lab map.


Right here is a brief video explanation of tips on how to read the photos.


Engineering Eternity offers the top breakdown of what The Labyrinth is and each of the aspects of it.


Make sure to verify him and his awesome POE guides out! Twitch and Youtube We very suggest checking out a few of his videos when you are new to POE.


Lifting Nerd Bro does a terrific job explaining the best way to farm The Labyrinth proficiently.



Part 2: Labyrinth Guidelines

Here are some precautions that one particular really should consider just before going into the Labyrinth.


Pantheon Points:

Soul of Ralakesh Pantheon Point - 25% possibility to avoid bleeding and 25% reduced physical harm more than time harm taken while moving.

Soul of Solaris Pantheon Point - 6% Physical Harm Reduction if there is certainly a single nearby enemy and 20% likelihood to take 50% less Region Damage from hits


Physical Damage Mitigation:

- Izaro bargains substantial amounts of Physical Damage so mitigation for this damage is very crucial.

- Basalt Flask - Grants 15% Physical Harm Reduction during flask impact.

- Granite Flask - Grants +3000 Armour during Flask Effect.

- Arctic Armour - Grants 8-13% much less Physical Damage when hit and 8%-12% significantly less Fire Harm taken when hit

- Endurance Charges - Grants 4% Physical Damage reduction per Endurance Charge

- Fortify - Grants 20% decreased harm taken from ALL damage types.

- Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask - Converts Physical Harm taken to Cold Harm Taken and Increases Maximum Cold Resistance in the course of flask effect.

- Soul of Solaris Pantheon Point - 6% Physical Damage Reduction if there is certainly 1 nearby enemy and 20% possibility to take 50% much less Region Harm from hits.

- Stibnite Flask - Creates a smoke cloud, inflicting blind during flask impact. This makes it less complicated to avoid damage considering the fact that monsters can not target the player straight if blinded.



They are a couple of abilities which will absolutely support when combating Izaro.

- Decoy Totem - Taunts enemies causing them to target the totem instead of the player.

- Temporal Chains - Cursed enemies are (20-29)% slower. That is valuable to create it simpler to avoid Lazaro's attacks by producing his animations slower.

- Enfeeble - Cursed enemies have (18-37)% reduced Accuracy Rating, Cursed enemies have 25% lowered Critical Strike Opportunity, Cursed enemies deal (21-30)% less Harm, Cursed enemies have -(21-30)% to Crucial Strike Multiplier



There are a number of products that may aid mitigate and cope with traps. One crucial mechanic is life regeneration. This mechanic is significant within the Labyrinth due to the fact quite a bit of player has a tendency to die on traps.



- Devouring Totem - regenerates 30-299 life per corpse consumed.

- Rejuvenation Totem - Grants 6.3 to 162.2 Life Regenerated per second.

- Stone Golem - Grants 33-105 Life Regenerated per second.

- Vitality - Grants 0.7-1.65% Life Regenerated per second.

- Enduring Cry - Grants 48 to 394 Life Regenerated per second.

- Springleaf Plank Kite Shield - Grants 3% Life Regenerated per second and 3% Life Regenerated per second on Low Life.

- Shaper's Seed Agate Amulet - Grants 2% Life Regenerated per second and nearby Allies obtain 2% of Life Regenerated per second.

- Bloodgrip Marble Amulet - Grants 1.2 to 1.6% Life Regenerated per second and Moving even though bleeding does not lead to you to take added Harm

- Soul Strike - Grants 80% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge. This is a wonderful weapon swap item for power shield builds. (Energy Shield Builds)


Physical Damage Mitigation:

- Dark corn Assassin Bow - This bow converts 25% of Physical Harm Taken as Chaos Damage. This bow is definitely good in combination with Soul Strike as a weapon swap for Power Shield builds.

- Basalt Flask - Grants 15% Physical Harm Reduction during flask effect.

- Granite Flask - Grants +3000 Armour throughout Flask Effect.

- Arctic Armour - Grants 8-13% less Physical Damage when hit and 8%-12% less Fire Harm taken when hit

- Endurance Charges - Grants 4% Physical Harm reduction per Endurance Charge

- Fortify - Grants 20% lowered damage taken from ALL damage types.

- Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask - Converts Physical Harm taken to Cold Harm Taken and Increases Maximum Cold Resistance for the duration of flask effect.



- Writhing Jar - Releases two enemy worms. This can be perfect for characters that use leech. Additionally, it procs "killed recently" at the same time as serves as an instant flask.

- "of Warding" Flask Mod- The Suffix "of Warding" removes curses. This can be quite useful when navigating by way of Curse Sentries. Also, it removes the curses in the Font Phase.

- "of Staunching" Flask mod - The Suffix "of Staunching" removes bleeding on use. This can be most significant when dealing with traps.



These three movement skills will be the best simply due to the truth that you'll be able to completely jump over traps and not get damaged. Other movement expertise is excellent also, just not as effective.

- Lighting Warp

- Blink Arrow

- Leap Slam


Having 1 or even 2 life flasks can really help get out of a dangerous situation.

Quicksilver Flask – Increases movement speed during flask effects. Aids in dodging attacks.


General Rule of Thumb

- Steer clear of Charge Disruptors or Gargoyles



Part 3: Puzzle Options


The numbers around the following pictures indicate the order in which you click on the switches. The number 1 getting the initial switch followed by 2 then three and so forth. .

The photos are inside the beginning position for every single puzzle.

Around the top rated right of every puzzle, there are actually white dots. These indicate if a switch is open or closed.

A dot with an "x" indicates the switch is closed, no "x" indicates the switch is open.

It truly is achievable to get a switch puzzle to be rotated so should you see a configuration not listed it might be rotated.



Cheat Sheet:

Thank you to -aRTY- on Reddit for making the cheat sheet and enabling us to post it right here.


Switch with Doors Puzzle


4 Switch with Gears Puzzle


5 Switch Puzzle



Part 4: What makes an excellent Labyrinth?

We get this question very normally! "Good" can be a pretty loose term. No two builds are identical and each and every make performs differently. Realizing what's lucrative and what to look for could make all the difference in regards to farming or completing your Ascendancy.


The Phases:

When searching for any "good" labyrinth, the first thing to look at is that we would think about would be the Phases. Some are quickly encountered, while other folks are usually really difficult. Avoid Charge Disruptors and Gargoyles, these are likely to be one of the most tricky for players. Most other individuals may be uncomplicated or effortlessly dealt with.


The Length:

The second issue to appear for will be the length with the labyrinth. The shortest labyrinth attainable is 9 rooms. This includes the boss rooms. Usually, 11 or significantly less is often an excellent recommendation for a swift labyrinth run. Anything beyond that could just take as well lengthy.


Right here is a fantastic instance with the shortest that a Labyrinth is usually.


Dark shines, Gauntlets, and Puzzles

The final thing to look at will be the dark shrine, gauntlets, and puzzles. These could be incredibly profitable when operating the labyrinth. Typically you will be seeking for all 4 Darkshrines or all 4 gauntlets along the key path. When these appear off the key path, it calls for the player to take inconvenient detours that deviate in the quickest path. When someone is farming the Dark shines, they may be usually searching to get a twice enchanted. When a person is farming the puzzle and gauntlets, they are likely to be searching for the 2 random Curious Lock-boxes that spawn. So you're essentially taking a look at either enchant farming, crucial farming, or a mixture of the two.


Example Labyrinth

Below is an example of a reasonably superior labyrinth. It can be 7 rooms lengthy with four dark shrines, 3 gauntlets/puzzles, and Argus along the primary path. Although the Idols phase requires players to wait so that you can get an additional essential, the Izaro fight is simple as none in the phases directly give Izaro damage. All collectively the labyrinth is quick, Izaro is simple, and Argus also because the majority in the gauntlets, puzzles, and dark shrines are along the main path.