• #1752N | Lv 41 - 8 Set Awm S8 Silver Vector Cyber Icon Platinum III Asia Cycle 5 Full Set Rename Card 1
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    PUBG Mobile Global

    Can be played on both 
    ✅Android and iOS + Emulator

    ✅3rd Link Fakemail

    ✅Facebook Off, You can unlink After 15 Days Login From your device•
    ✅3rd Link E-Mail Linked With Fakemail Full Access ✨

    Link ScreenShot Full Detail 1752Fd : photos.app.goo.gl/h23keHJuaVvVpHai9

    Link Video :  t.me/Majikku15/751

    Level Account : 41
    Account From Season : C5S13
    Costume Set : 8
    Mythic Set : 1 
    Weapons : 4
    Helmet Skins : 1 
    Bag Skins : 2
    Vehicle Skins : -
    Royale Pass : -
    Tiers : Platinum III Asia C6S16
    Tittle : C5S14
    Achievement Points : 1165
    Rename Card : 1

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