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Swords of Legends Online is an action MMORPG set in a fantasy world with a storyline based on Chinese mythology. There are Swords of Legends Online Key Features: Visually stunning MMORPG, Six available classes, each with two different roles, Fast-paced action combat system, Exciting story-driven gameplay with voiced cutscenes, Tons of dungeons with different difficulty levels, Gripping endgame content and epic PvP battles, Huge selection of flying mounts, and Extensive housing system.

Gold is the in-game currency of Swords of Legends Online(SOLO). There are many ways to earn gold in SOLO. Here are some examples: Do your biography quests. Dailies everyday. Stay on top of your weeklies. Sell gear you don’t need from your many runs of Frostbitten. Sell junk. Lifeskill. Do PvP. As so many fans know, you can buy Swords of Legends Online Gold with real-world money. Are you looking to buy cheap Swords of Legends Online Gold? Well, you found the right place! You can buy Swords of Legends Online Gold from

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SOLO Gold Review & Rate

  • By Capn Hook
    • 600G Swords of Legends Online Gold

    • Nov/30/2022

    • 33 Mins

    • Fast, quick and efficient!

  • By A NY Mom
    • 200G Swords of Legends Online Gold

    • Nov/29/2022

    • 9 Mins

    • Quick deliverd, recommended

  • By Jan
    • 1 Fishing Spot clear per week

    • Nov/28/2022

    • 3 Hours

    • Good Gold thank you

  • By iumak
    • 400G Swords of Legends Online Gold

    • Nov/26/2022

    • 22 Hours

    • Purchased boss kill ten minutes before run time, worried they couldn’t get me in today, but they delivered! Even though it was a little delayed (like fifteen minutes, I guess to run the rest of the raid), I was delighted to m

  • By Jeffrey Sears
    • 400G Swords of Legends Online Gold

    • Nov/25/2022

    • 9 Mins

    • I could not believe how easy and fast my experience was this purchase. Worked out well and trustworthy. Thank you for great Gold. A+

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