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Toram On line is usually a 3D open world MMORPG published by Asobimo Inc., the creators of Avabel Online and IRUNA On line. Expertise the sequel for the well known IRUNA On the net with improved graphics, gameplay, and story. Full customization of one's character with no class system. Pick from four weapon types (Sword, Bow, Staff, Knuckle) and generate a build with different skills and stat attributes. Make your character special with in-depth look customization with a huge selection of different hair combinations. View the beautiful scenery and loosen up with atmospheric, original music. Interact with NPCs via an engaging story filled with cutscenes and fascinating dialogue. Celebration with a large number of players worldwide in a huge persistent globe and take on potent bosses. Toram On line is at the moment in Beta testing.

Toram On line Essential Attributes:

No class method that makes it possible for for a variety of builds and skill/stat customization.
A huge number of players on-line to interact with.
Story-based questing with engaging cutscenes and NPC dialogue.
Wonderful music soundtrack and atmospheric scenery.
Huge persistent, open planet with real-time gameplay with gorgeous, anime-inspired graphics.
Point-and-click combat with numerous distinctive skills and skill trees.

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