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Flame Elementium - Cube of Rapacity

$ 1.35

Ascended Body - Cube of Rapacity

$ 0.65

Heart of Ethereal Realm - Cube of Rapacity

$ 46.19

Void Eater - Cube of Rapacity

$ 49.49

False God's Prosthetic Body - Cube of Rapacity

$ 5.93

Emperor's Coffin - Cube of Rapacity

$ 4.61

The Mage Assistant's Substitute - Cube of Rapacity

$ 0.03

Soul Finale - Cube of Rapacity

$ 1.81

Magnus' Scepter - Cube of Rapacity

$ 0.06

Gerry's Legacy - Cube of Rapacity

$ 9.2

Israfel's shattered Dreams - Cube of Rapacity

$ 3.62

Spirit of Ancient Sorcery - Cube of Rapacity

$ 0.32

Varagon's Symphony of souls - Cube of Rapacity

$ 0.19

Heart of Absolute Fusion - Cube of Rapacity

$ 2.14

Escaping the Magic Ice - Cube of Rapacity

$ 0.65

Goggles of the Royal Hunter - Cube of Rapacity

$ 0.23

Tina's Withered Flower - Cube of Rapacity

$ 0.82

Thousands of Shawdows - Cube of Rapacity

$ 80.83

Fictional Stars - Cube of Rapacity

$ 0.16

Cat's Vengeance Diary - Cube of Rapacity

$ 0.98


List of Torchlight Infinite Currency

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1. Fuel

2. Fossil

3. Magic Ember

4. Rare Ember

5. Legendary Ember

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