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Tree of Savior is a Korean top-down 3D fantasy MMORPG where players defeat endless numbers of monsters to level up and advance to new classes. Party up with other players to crawl through dungeons, craft new items, and explore a charming world.


TOS Pros & Coins

Pros: the Attractive art style. +High quality musical score. +Large variety of classes. +In-depth crafting system.
Cons: Invisible walls. -Poor controller support. -Sporadic pacing. 


Tree of Savior Reviews and Ratings: Ratings - 7.6

The game focuses heavily on killing monsters. The drop system, exploring, quests, everything involves killing monsters and is connected somehow. I like the game a lot, but I can see how some may not like it. Its free, so it costs nothing to see if you like it. Ratings - (139 votes, average: 3.79 / 5)


Tree of Savior Features:

Class Variety - choose from one of four starting classes and advance through over 80 classes.

soundTEMP Soundtrack - grind to a captivating soundtrack composed by sound tempo, the same musical group involved with Ragnarok Online.

Dungeon Crawling - explore instanced dungeons to upgrade your gear and defeat aesthetically distinct bosses with other players.

PvP - join a guild and engage in large-scale warfare or enter the arena and test your skills.

Fairy Tale Aesthetic - explore a charming world brimming with intricately designed characters and landscapes copied from the pages of a fairy tale.

News And Guides
How to find Treasure Chest Locations in Tree of Savior

The Map is complex in Tree of Savior, especially for the beginner.And the low level is easy to find as most of players got the direction, but the high level is hard to find. The passage is maily introudce how to find treasure chest locations in Tree of Savior for higher level players.

Tree of Savior's Details on The Server's Economy

IMC announced they will address a few rumors circulating the forum on the Developer's Blog.

Tree of Savior Announced Details and Condition of Sever Transfer

The IMC has announced that server transfers are open and will remain so for about a week. By submitting a support ticket for a one-way trip to the server of choice, players can transfer their "team" to another server by submitting a support ticket for a one-way trip to the server of choice.

Do You Think the Issue of Guy Using Girl Character is More Serious than Bots?

Some players are surpristed that nobody ever complain about this issue and they believe this is way more serious more than bots. But most of other players think it is not an issue. What about you?

Tree of Savior Changes Related to Trading and Bot Reporting

According to many players recent feedback regarding trading restrictions and bot presence in Tree of Savior. IMC has announced some changes they will be making to improve our in-game experience.

Tree of Savior's Leveling Guide(from level 50 to level 200) - updated

These tips are step by step tips basiclly on how to optimally gain the most efficient experience possible so that when you arrive the higher echelon of levels you won't be hit by the Experience Wall very hard. Let us continue to review the Guild from Level 50 to level 200.

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