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Twin Saga Overview & Features

Help a fallen goddess save the world from her evil twin in Twin Saga, an anime-themed 3D MMORPG. Freely switch between nine different classes with just one character, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages in combat. Rack up energy and finish off enemies with flashy ultimate moves that change with different mobs. Travel the bright and colorful world of Aetherion aboard your very own Terracottage, mobile houses built on the backs of giant walking machines. Upgrade your dwelling to craft, cook, grow plants, and experiment with alchemy in the comfort of your home. Recruit companions called Senshi to accompany you on your journey and assist you in battle. Experience a classic tale of good versus evil as you complete quests to save the world and humanity from utter destruction.


Twin Saga Key Features:

  • Multi-Class System – unlock and freely switch between all nine classes with a single character.
  • Ultimate Moves – collect energy to perform powerful finishing blows that vary with every mob type you attack.
  • Mobile Player Housing – travel the gameworld in style aboard your own custom-built Terracottage, multi-tiered houses constructed on the backs of large, mobile creatures.
  • Professions – take part in non-combat activities like fishing, sewing, plant gathering, farming, and others to earn helpful items.
  • Anime-Inspired Art – be charmed by the game's cute and bright anime-style artwork.

News and Guides

Players Can Freely Change Their Character Classes In Twin Saga
Players Can Freely Change Their Character Classes In Twin Saga

In Twin Saga, gamers can be allowed to switch between the game's nine available classes on one character and travel a charming anime-inspired world. The game is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with two warring factions, each worshiping their own goddess deity. You can switch classes on the fly to adapt to any challenges, and unleash combos and ultimate moves to devastate your opponents. Gamers wishes to opt for at any time buy Twin Saga gold at U4GM.


Twin Saga Released Commercial Version
Twin Saga Released Commercial Version

One World, Two Sisters and One Fate: The MMO Twin Saga, now released by comic book Aeria Games, is now available on the official commercial version after the very successful Open beta stage last year. In order to celebrate the release, the player will meet many new content and brilliant performance discovery.


U4GM News: Several Events Will Come To Twin Saga
U4GM News: Several Events Will Come To Twin Saga

A Summer-theme event of Twin Saga has been announced to celebrate summer of 2017. U4GM will share the some details about the "2017 TwinSaga SUMMER OF FUN" activity.


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