WOW Classic Professions Tips

There are a total of 13 professions in World of Warcraft Classic with three primary gathering professions at the front; Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning. These three professions Help you Earn a lot of WOW Classic Gold as you level and play end game as all they require you to do is travel the world and gather its resources for either your use or to sell to other players.



Grab your Mining Pick and track some Ore, it's time to mine! Mining in World of Warcraft is how you gather ore, jewels, and stones for use by blacksmiths, engineers, jewel crafters, and some other professions to make their items. Mining is also very lucrative when you know where to go and how much it is going for on the market.

WOW Classic Skinning is the art of taking a creature’s hide after it is slain if the creature is able to be skinned. Good enemies to grind on are things like wolves, turtles, dragonkin (whelps), or anything else with a furry or leathery coat/skin. Put Those Skin in Auction House Earn WOW Classic Gold.

Herbs are valuable not unlike ore. Usually, players go with a combination of Mining/Skinning or Herbalism/Skinning if they are making a character who is a gatherer. Herbalism and mining both require a tracking skill but you can still mine ore and pick herbs if tracking is not on. Gathering Herbs are also the most essential method of making wow classic gold.

Fishing is very useful in getting food for your hunter's pet, materials for alchemists, tailors, and engineers, and even a peaceful way to pass the time away from the battles and wars raging over the worlds.

Disenchanting requires destroying a green quality item or better to get materials for enchanting abilities. This is invaluable when farming instances because of the number of BoP items you pick up that most likely will be of no use to you. This following chart shows what you may get from the quality of the item you disenchant.

Prospecting is the ability to take 5 ore of almost any type and pull powders and/or gems from it. The higher level ore, the better gems you receive, the chart below outlines what gems are extracted from which ore and the powder for that ore.

Transmutes require a Philosopher’s Stone and have a cooldown of 2 days. Items produced from transmutation are very valuable and usually highly needed. A good example of this is Arcanite Bar which is needed by Blacksmiths to make some items and Mercurial Stone which is needed by Jewelcrafters to produce Mercurial Adamantite for some of their higher level items.

WOW Classic Blacksmithing is the ability to use bars of metal to make armor, keys, counterweights, shield spikes, and using stones with the cloth to produce items like sharpening or weight stones. High-level blacksmiths can produce amazing epic quality BoP items like any other profession on the production side of things. Blacksmithing begins at mail armor later progressing to plate.

This is the art of magically improving a currently existing item. Producing wands, or making magic oils; this is enchanting. High-level enchantments are often sought after for improving end-game equipment and are very valuable. Enchanting is a gold mine in its own right especially if you received your mats through disenchanting.

WOW Classic Alchemy is a powerful and needed profession as you can produce potions with various effects, flasks of great power, and transmute materials. Your Potions vary from being able to heal, restore mana, give extra hit points, boost stats, grant invisibility, and much more. The flasks you produce have huge effects and greatly boost stats and have amazing effects.

Engineering makes use of a variety of objects and turns them into ingenious inventions. With engineering, you can produce battle-ready pets, goggles, trinkets, gadgets, and even use a couple of teleporters. Gnomish and Goblin engineering are the specializations within this trade skill. Gnomish engineering is taken mainly for the trinkets and inventive gadgets it lets you make while Goblin is more for those with an aptitude for explosives and extra damage potential.

Classic WOW is an amazing game. This guide will show you the basics of gold making and progresses to the lesser known and sometimes more complicated ways of making World of Warcraft Classic Gold.

Leatherworking uses skins and hides taken from creatures killed and then skinned from a skinner. The specializations are Elemental, Tribal, and Dragonscale each which produce amazing armor depending on your character and sometimes the player's talent spec. Elemental and Tribal are leather armor used either by druids or rogues while Dragonscale is mail armor frequently used by hunters and shamans.

This is the technique of sewing together bolts of cloth with other materials to create clothing or special spellthread. Spellfire, Mooncloth, and Frozen Shadoweave are the specializations for tailoring and have BoP items very useful to their respective type of caster. A single spellthread can sell for around 60 WOW Classic gold PVE and are rather useful to casters as they can work like armor kits and give a boost to certain spell types.

Classic WOW Rogues of level 20 can complete a quest from their respective trainer to learn the art of picking locks. Lockpicking requires a set of thieves tools in order to use and of course a locked item as your intended target. As you level your lockpicking you can open different doors, lockboxes, and chests. Players may ask this service from you as a rogue and it is usually a good idea to ask for tips when opening lockboxes but you should not make it required. Tips are always appreciated but should not always be expected as there are poor players without this guide out there.

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