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It took us 2 years to create this realm, so for us... this is not just another private server. This is something far deeper, and a thousand times more savage. A work of terrifying beauty, that has been growing for the previous months of our lives, like an uncontrollable weed in the garden of our minds. We’ve crossed oceans of time and vast empires to be here today, so we take this honor very seriously, of allowing vast amounts of players to enjoy it. The amount of mental energy the developers have invested in creating this realm could demolish planets. In fact, yes this is the most epic monologue in the history of projects, for we are here to inflict psychological damage by showcasing our wonderful work, having you awed by the vastness of the details.

Atlantiss are a group of people who've known each other for quite a few years now, joined now with the best testers anyone could've wished for. Talking daily, discussing, sharing experiences and whatnot. As a team, our goal is to provide the best experience ever, as it is a formidable and honorable endeavor. And with over 7 years of experience, we're here to take over all of your free time to see you progress your characters and forge new friendships, or even refresh some of the old ones! 


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