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L2E Global
5 Mins ~ 30 Mins
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10 M
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关于 L2E Global Adena

L2E-Global Adena is the money commonly utilized within the Lineage 2 Private server. It might be applied to purchase items from NPCs as well as other players. You could earn L2E Global Adena by finishing quests or by killing monsters.

Where can get L2E Global Adena
1. L2E Global Adena Dungeon
2. Quests and Daily Activities
3. Completing Sub-quests
4. Login bonus
5. Hunting Monsters
6. Sell extra equipment
7. Completing Achievements
The most prominent, recurring sources of L2E Global Adena are the L2E Global Adena Dungeon, as well as weekly quests, daily quests, and sub-quests. There are a limited number of attempts each day, so players should make the best use of it.


Our traders are skilled players, who will make the trading process uncomplicated for you. We will attempt our best to complete your L2E Global Adena order promptly after we've got received and verified your order. We have adequate Adena in stock for a Speedy Delivery Time.

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L2E Global Adena 评论 & 评分

  • By Custorm
    • 250G L2E Global Family Coins

    • Jan/19/2020

    • 7 Mins

  • By Godisgr
    • 350G L2E Global Family Coins

    • Jan/09/2020

    • 17 Mins

  • By David
    • 150G L2E Global Family Coins

    • Dec/28/2019

    • 10 Mins

  • By Custorm
    • 60M L2E Global Adena

    • Dec/20/2019

    • 23 Mins

  • By Sam
    • 200G L2E Global Family Coins

    • Dec/18/2019

    • 14 Hours

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