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We need plenty of gold everyday, if you want exchange to cash, you can contact us anytime, for the one-time trade or cooperation to longtime are both welcomed.
Certaintly, most of the sellers worried about be scammed. From the beginning some partners mentioned that too, about this point, its not most important said we are big company or website brand, something like that. cause we have more realistic approach, that is start from the foundation, build trust first. like we can trade part of the gold you have, or the amount you perfer. After that if you think there is any problem about the rate or the time we pay, you can completely not cooperate with us anymore. but no exaggeration to say, all the sellers who contact us thought we are reliable, and worthy of long-term cooperation until now. So what are you waiting for ?

How to Contact us ?
There are 3 methods you can contact us to sell:

For Game Currency : coolyou8

Email: [email protected]
Livechat:  Click to Chat >> at Site Right corner

We look forward to hear from you!

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how will i receive my order zen ? by mail or trade? its better to me by mail. thanks in advance
cedric lim
I found this website from a youtuber who was sponsored by U4GM. I decided to buy some coins because they were the cheapest I could find. They delivered almost instantly! Great experience and I will but again from then very soon.
Nick White
FIRST time buying zen and didnt expect it is legit. Thank you so much! Hope this is super safe thank other sellers xd
Draniem Ojemreb
Fast and good attemption
Rafael Gomez
Fast deliver, all taken
Krystian Parafiniuk
100% Working and fast!! =)
Raphael França
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