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Dark and Darker Gold On PC

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What is Dark and Darker Gold? What are the uses?

Gold is the main currency in Dark and Darker, and having enough of it will allow players to have a better gaming experience. What can we do with Gold in Dark and Darker? The following are the main uses of Gold in Dark and Darker:

What are the ways to get Gold in Dark and Darker?

To get a better gaming experience in Dark and Darker we need to have a lot of Gold, so how to get it? Fortunately, the game provides us with a lot of ways to get Gold:

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Price of Dark and Darker Gold for sale in U4GM

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How to Trade Gold in Dark and Darker?

You need to unlock the Trade option and become a Trader in Dark and Darker. Dark and Darker requires 25 gold if you want to join the trade in the game. You will not be able to join the trade if you don't have the minimum 25 golds.

To be specific, you need to meet the following account requirements:

Once you've met these requirements, you can become a Trader as long as you follow the rules below

Here are all the Rules you need to follow about how to trade in Dark and Darker.

  1. The guild accepts members of all classes, races, and alignments. Don't be a jerk in the Trading Post Channel no profanity, racism, and exclusionary language in chat.
  2. No personal attacks on other traders.
  3. No NSFW content.
  4. Your account will be banned from the playtest for breaking the rules.

How to trade Dark and Darker Gold in U4GM?

There are two ways to trade in U4GM for players to choose from, namely "Marketplace" and "Face to Face". The following is a simple buying process:

  1. Select the amount of Dark and Darker Gold you wish to purchase.
  2. Choose your preferred trading method and fill in the complete information according to the prompts. At this point, you can contact the live chat support on the website.
  3. Choose the appropriate payment method and then complete the payment.
  4. If you have a shopping discount code, please remember to use it in Step 4, if not, you can use 'y123' to enjoy an extra 5% discount.
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