Dead by Daylight Top Up


Dead by Daylight Auric Cells Pack 500

$ 2.39

Dead by Daylight Auric Cells Pack 1100

$ 3.19

Dead by Daylight Auric Cells Pack 2250

$ 4.59

Dead by Daylight Auric Cells Pack 4025

$ 8.99

Dead by Daylight Auric Cells Pack 6000

$ 12.99

Dead by Daylight Auric Cells Pack 12500

$ 19.99
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Dead by Daylight Auric Cells:
Auric Cells are a Player's Store currency.
They are used to purchase Characters and Customisation Items in the in-game Store.
They are available in 6 different Packs.

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About Dead by Daylight:
Dead by Daylight is an online asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game developed by Canadian studio Behaviour Interactive. Where one player is the Killer and the other four are Survivors. Matches are referred to as trials. The Survivors' objective is to escape the trial by repairing five of seven generators scattered throughout it to power the two exit gates.

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