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    Buy this bundle and get all starting Exotics from The Final Shape. The newest Destiny 2 Expansion has brought numerous exclusive armor pieces and weapons. 

    Still, these unique rewards are not easily obtainable and can take days and weeks of farming. 

    Don't waste your time on endless grind — assemble all the new gear with the help of our professionals to start experimenting with TFS builds now.


    What you will get

    • All three new Exotic Class Items, including Essentialism, Stoicism, and Solipsism;
    • New TFS Exotic weapons unlocked, including Still Hunt, Microcosm, and Khvostov 7G-0X;
    • All new Exotic Armor Pieces obtained, including Mataiodoxia, Gifted Conviction, Hazardous Propulsion, Wishful Ignorance, Balance of Power, and Speaker's Sight;
    • The Pale Heart armor pieces and weapons;
    • All additional drops that you obtain during this farm;
    • Experience boost for your Artifact and Season Pass level.



    • Destiny 2 account with The Final Shape Expansion purchased.
    • The Final Shape Campaign completed.

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