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Duriel Materials * 50

$ 2.49 / $ 2.69

Varshan Materials * 50

$ 0.89 / $ 0.99

Andariel Materials * 50

$ 2.19 / $ 2.32

Stygian Stone * 50

$ 4.29 / $ 5.50

Torment Varshan Materials

$ 0.46 / $ 0.40

Torment Grigoire Materials

$ 0.32 / $ 0.40

Torment Zir Materials

$ 0.55

Torment Duriel Materials

$ 0.32

Torment Andariel Materials

$ 0.30

Torment Beast in the Ice Materials

$ 0.40

Living Steel

$ 0.01

Distilled Fear

$ 0.01

Mucus-Slick Egg

$ 0.01

Shard of Agony

$ 0.01

Gurgling Head

$ 0.00

Stygian Stone

$ 0.12

Duriel Materials (x2 Egg & x2 Shard)

$ 0.05

Blackened Femur

$ 0.01

Sandscorched Shackles

$ 0.02

Pincushioned Doll

$ 0.02

Diablo 4 Items for Sale

Diablo 4 ​requires various items to improve your gaming experience quickly. Players can either farm the items themselves for hours or buy them on U4gm.com. Choose any Diablo 4 item on any server – after checkout, it will be delivered to you within 15 minutes. In addition, U4gm.com Diablo 4 item shop sells not only items but various materials as well – duriel admission, shard of agony, mucus-slick egg or Varshan Admission – can be yours in just a single click. 24/7 fluent English-speaking support will be ready to help you out in case you have any issues. Buy Diablo 4 items and materials on U4gm.com instead of spending hours looking for them in-game.

Duriel Materials for Sale

Uber Duriel, one of the new endgame bosses of Diablo 4 Season 2 and the only boss that can drop Uber Uniques. To summon Uber Duriel, we have to be in World Tier 4 and we need 2 Shards of Agony and 2 Mucus-Slick Eggs. Shards of Agony come from defeating Grigoire in the Hall of the Penitent which takes 5 Living Steel. Mucus-Slick Eggs come from defeating Varshan at the Tree of Whispers which requires a Trembling Hand, Blackened Femur, Malignant Heart, and Gurgling Head. Once you have 2 of each summoning item, head to the Gaping Crevasse in southern Kehjistan. After a short distance, you'll arrive at the Pestilent Altar which will be used to summon Duriel. U4GM - Duriel Materials for Sale!

Diablo 4 Greater Affixes Items

In Diablo 4, Greater Affixes are 1.5x more powerful versions of normal Affixes that can be found in Ancestral Legendary and Unique items. They have a 1.5x multiplier on their max roll and are the highest value in the game. You can identify Greater Affixes by their unique audio cue, the name having a star icon, and the number I, II, or III next to the item name.

How do I buy Diablo 4 Items?

Buying Diablo 4 Items has never been so easy. Just pick items, confirm your cart, then enter your details: Battle Tag, Character Name, Email Address, Contact Phone, select your payment method and click "Pay Now". As simple as that! Click on the Live Chat widget on the bottom right corner if you need any help. Your order will be delivered within 5-15 minutes.

What payment methods are accepted for Diablo 4 Items on your website?

We accept Paypal, Credit Card(Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoins, Sofort, Paysafe cards, Skrill, and Alipay.

How long does it take for you to deliver my items?

We aim to deliver orders within 15 minutes after you complete the payment. Usually, we deliver them immediately as soon as your Battle Tag/Character Name to our Delivery Team. We are constantly improving our delivery services and expanding our Delivery Team to reduce the delivery time.

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Fulfilling orders quickly is one of the most important things. U4GM staff will do everything possible to help you get your Diablo 4 Items order as soon as possible.

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U4GM offers the most competitive prices on the market. You can enjoy the best Diablo 4 Items with the best prices!

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For any reason that you want a refund before order delivered, U4GM will issue the refund within 24 hours.

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