Dragon Ball Legends Accounts

[IOS-Global] Level 100+47000-50000 CC+UL+80 Draw+BNID Login+Story Completed - Fast Delivery

$ 14.90

[IOS-Global] Level 1+ 89000 CC+ 8-11 Random LF + 110 Random SP + BNID Login - Fast Delivery

$ 69.90

[Android-Global] 30000 CC+ Level 19 Story Completed+BNID Login - Fast Delivery

$ 5.90

[Android-Global] 30000 CC+ 3 Random LF+Level 19 Story Completed+BNID Login - Fast Delivery

$ 6.49

[Android-Global] 40000 CC+ 7*stars UL+200 Draw+Level 19 Story Completed+BNID Login - Fast Delivery

$ 10.49

[Android-Global] 40000 CC+ 3 Random LF+Level 19 Story Completed+BNID Login - Fast Delivery

$ 17.99
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Dragon Ball Legends Accounts For Sale

Dragon Ball Legends is a mobile RPG game for Android and iOS that requires players to assemble teams of fighters in the form of 'Z-Power'. With intuitive fighting controls and simple card-based strategic gameplay presented in stunning 3D animation & visuals, this is a very interesting game!

However, before jumping into battle, note that Dragon Ball Legends is a mix of card battle and fight games with elements. So you need to spend lots of time trying to get the best version of our heroes in the game. As such, it's better to buy DBL Accounts instead. This will save you more time and enjoy the game.

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