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$ 2.17 (1000K=1Million)

How to get EA FC 24 Coins on U4GM?

There are two trade methods at U4GM for FC 24 coins. We recommend you to use Comfort Trade (Safe Trade).

1. Comfort Trade (Safe Trade): You are equired to  Unlock Transfer Market on WebApp first.

2. Auction Trade: You are equired to contact 24/7 live chat support on U4GM to get the players’ information for you to list. U4GM will buy or bid the player cards.

How to receive my FUT coins faster?

1. Order fut 24 coins with Comfort Trade.

- Please make sure to Unlock Transfer Market on WebApp first.

- Please follow the steps to Get Backup Codes. (Enter the link first. Click on “Security”→ "View" Backup Codes→Copy the backup codes)

- Please make sure you put the right information that required while you placing order.

- Please pay attention to your email from u4gm, maybe additional information is required.

2. Order FC 24 coins with Auction Trade.

- Please Contact Live Chat Support to check the players’ information that you are required to post.

- Please Join U4GM Discord Server and create a ticket to check the players' information that you are required to post.

- Please pay attention to your email from u4gm, maybe additional information is required.

When can i get my FC 24 coins on U4GM?

Comfort trade is 24/7 available. Usually, you purchase 1000K FUT 24 Coins, you can receive your Coins within 2 hours.

Auction trade is available for 15 hours a day. You will receive your order during auction trade available time.

Please carefully read to avoid unnecessary issues:

① If you have purchased gold coins from another merchant within 12 hours before purchasing from our store. 

② Please do not exceed the market value of the player when purchasing players. For example, if a player is normally valued at 13,000, do not purchase at a price of 30,000. Such incidents are not covered under our store’s compensation range.

③ Do not give gold coins to your alternate accounts or lend/give them to friends. Our transaction methods have been derived from hundreds and thousands of experiments, which is why they do not violate regulations. Ordinary player-to-player money transfers are very likely to trigger EA rules. Incidents caused in such cases are also not covered under our compensation policy.

④ You will not be compensated for any emails received regarding cheating in matches or violating sales agreements. The content of the first email received will be taken as the basis. Order transactions are settled one by one; quality assurance cannot be accumulated, and only the most recent purchase order within the warranty period will be covered post-sale.

Why we recommend you to buy EA FC 24 coins at U4GM?

As we all know, there are many FIFA coins sellers on the market. You may find lots super cheap sellers on market. I have to remind you be care of your account safety. Some sellers on market sites steal buyer account. The delivery time is uncertain. There are still have good sellers there. Good luck. Some very expensive FC 24 coins sites, they spend too much on ADS. This lead to sell FC coins with double higher price for same amount. For example, you spend 20$ got 1000k FC 24 coins on U4GM, but for same 1000k coins on some sites, you have to spend 40$.

Here at U4GM, you can buy FC 24 coins with comfort trade or auction trade. Comfort trade (safe trade) is the safe way to get your FUT coin. Do not worry about sharing account information. We are responsible for the security of buyer's account. We suggest you change your password every time you shared your account information to anyone. If you do not want to share EA account information, you can select auction trade.

As a professional game service company, U4GM has its own FC Coins team. U4GM has a large safe FC coins stock. You can get coins from u4gm on the first day EA SPORTS FC 24 released. U4GM not only sell safe FC coins on its own site, but also provide coins to some other sites. Since u4gm produce FIFA coins, the coins sales prices are always very competitive. Purchase FC 24 Coins on U4GM also can save 5% EA tax.

A professional company has a professional customer service team. U4GM customer service support 24/7 online for you. Whenever you have any concerns or problems with your FC coins purchase or FC Coins orders, please feel free to contact our live chat support. You can also join our discord server and create a ticket. We will do our best to solve your problems. For all FC Ultimate Team needs, do not hesitate to contact U4GM. 

About EA SPORTS FC 24 Coins.

FC 24 coins also called FIFA 24 coins, is the main in game currency of EA FC 24. FUT 24 players can get FUT coins after every successfully completed matches. The better you perform in a match the more coins you will get. FC 24 coins can be used for buying packs, items, cards, customizing your club and so on. This means FC 24 Coins is tradeable.

To save time, FC Ultimate team players are willing to buy FUT coins on marketplaces. In the past 3 years, Around 109,000 FUT coin buyers use U4GM to trade FIFA coins on PS, XBOX, and PC server. 98% U4GM users are satisfied with the FC coins trading methods.

EA Sports FC 24 released on September 29, 2023. Players are looking to pre-order FC 24 Coins on U4GM to enjoy the new named football game earlier and better. If you want to get 1000k/hour FC 24 coins the first day FC 24 released, U4GM is your best choice.

Fast Delivery

Fulfilling orders quickly is one of the most important things. U4GM staff will do everything possible to help you get your FC 24 Coins order as soon as possible.

Best Price

U4GM offers the most competitive prices on the market. You can enjoy the best FC 24 Coins with the best prices!

Refund Policy

For any reason that you want a refund before order delivered, U4GM will issue the refund within 24 hours.

24/7 Support

Whenever you have any questions, problems, concerns, advice, you can reach us on live chat, Skype, Discord, e-mail. U4GM customer support 24/7 available for you.