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In Destiny 2 you'll be able to customize your individual guardian like by no means ahead of, enhancing your skills in a multitude of methods. Your guardian’s class will help figure out your playstyle plus the original classes from the first Destiny game might be making a return: Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. The Warlocks are warrior-scholars on the Light that possess reality shattering skills and are led by Ikora Rey. The Titans are constructed for energy, standing tall on the battlefield and are led by Zavala. The Hunters are cunning, ruthless, deadly with a blade, and are led by Cayde-6.

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Destiny 2 - Veterans Of The First Game Will Receive Different Emblems

Destiny 2 should not only attract new players, but also be the next stage of the journey for fans who spent long hours in search of equipment and battles with opponents in the original game. Such players will even be able to transfer their characters to a new part, although they will lose all their equipment. But other than that, there will be one more opportunity to boast of their merits in the new game.

Destiny 2's Performance On PC Will Amaze You

Destiny 2 is coming to PC, it can be said that the PC port of Destiny 2 is a thing of beauty. On PC, it's a smoother experience than on console. But the PC community is very specific when it comes to how multiplatform games are treated when it comes to their beloved gaming platform. Destiny 2’s performance on PC will amaze you.