The Future of MWZ: S4 and S5 Updates Leaked

jeu: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
heure: 2024-04-11
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With the recent announcement that Treyarch will no longer be working on the game mode for Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, Sledgehammer Games has taken over and is expected to bring some significant changes to the mode. Data miners and leakers on Twitter have discovered potential updates for Season 4 and Season 5.

PVP Elements in MWZ: 
One of the most controversial additions to Modern Warfare 3 Zombies has been the inclusion of references and systems related to a PVE mode. The latest Season 3 update introduced even more PVP content in the game files, including references to bounty contracts, squad contracts, and weapon cases. The weapon case mechanic, last seen in MW2's DMZ mode, allows players to acquire unique rewards by picking up weapon cases dropped by a boss AI.

The weapon case mechanic, reminiscent of the one seen in MW2's DMZ mode, allows players to acquire unique rewards by picking up weapon cases dropped by a boss AI. However, the inclusion of weapon cases raises concerns about the potential for constant tracking of their location by other players. This mechanic, if implemented, would introduce a new dynamic to the gameplay and potentially change the way players interact with each other in the mode.

It is worth noting that the addition of PVP elements in MWZ is unexpected, considering the game's focus on cooperative play against hordes of zombies. Some players have questioned the timing of this addition, as it seems unusual to introduce PVP elements late in the game's life cycle. However, it is possible that the development work on the PVP version of the game was never fully finished, and Sledgehammer Games may be considering completing it.

If implemented, it would activate as a story-driven exfil event, transporting players to a new session where PVP would be enabled. Commander Green would provide instructions during the infill into this new mode. The code suggests that the PVPVE mode can be enabled or disabled at any time, indicating that it may be a temporary addition rather than a permanent feature.


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Season 4 and Season 5 Updates: 
One significant discovery is that there is no coding for a Season 4 cinematic cutscene, Rift gate unlock, or Rift mission completion. This suggests that Season 4 may have a different focus or structure compared to previous seasons. It is unclear what this means for the storyline and progression of the game, but it raises the possibility of a unique approach for Season 4.

On the other hand, there is coding for Season 3 Rift gate unlock and mission completion, indicating that these features will be present in the upcoming season. This suggests that the storyline and progression will continue as planned for Season 3. However, it is worth noting that the absence of coding for Season 4 cutscenes and Rift-related elements does not necessarily mean they won't be included. It is possible that these features are still in development or have not been discovered by data miners yet.

Another interesting finding is the existence of seasonal Rift items that have not been used yet. These items are expected to be used in future seasons to open up a new Rift. Additionally, there is mention of a potential new contract called "Relic Hunt," which involves using an item called an ether counter to locate epha objects. These objects are related to a character named Dark AA and are labeled under a character called Dark AA, hinting at the identity of this mysterious entity within the Dark Aether.

The absence of coding for a Season 4 cinematic cutscene and the presence of coding for Season 5 suggest that Season 4 may have a different focus or structure, possibly centered around the PVPVE mode mentioned earlier. This would be a departure from the current format and could bring a fresh and unique experience to Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.


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Wallet System and Other Potential Updates: 
The leaked information includes a Bare Bones menu that showcases various functions of the wallet system. Players would have the ability to add or subtract points, set a maximum amount, clear the wallet, or update it. If the wallet system works similarly to the one in the DMZ mode, players could potentially accumulate up to a million points, which could be carried over into future sessions.

In addition to the wallet system, several other potential updates have been discovered. These include the introduction of helicopter convoys, similar to the current armored convoys but with helicopters instead. There is also mention of a helicopter cargo activity, where a helicopter would fly and drop cargo that can be obtained by players. This activity is reminiscent of the cargo drops in the Cold War's Outbreak mode.

Another potential addition is the hostage contract, which bears similarities to the contract seen in DMZ. This contract would involve rescuing hostages, adding a new objective to the gameplay. Additionally, a soul lock activity has been found in the game files, similar to the golden chest activity in Outbreak. Players would need to fill the chest with zombie soul kills to activate it and receive rewards.

Furthermore, there is an icon for an updated Mule Kick perk found in the Wonder Fizz menu. While it is uncertain if this perk will be implemented, its presence suggests that Sledgehammer Games may have considered adding it to the game.

It is important to note that these potential updates are based on data-mined information and may be subject to change. The development team may choose to alter or remove these features based on various factors, including player feedback and technical considerations.