How to Fast Travel Anywhere in NBA 2K22?

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heure: 2023-02-13
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NBA 2K22 has many functions, and fast travel happens to be one, which will allow you to move from one point to another automatically. In this guide, we'll show you how to fast travel anywhere in NBA 2K22.


How to Fast Travel Anywhere in NBA 2K22?

Fast Travel

Starting with the fastest and most convenient way of maneuvering in the City is the Fast Travel system.

1. How to Unlock Fast Travel in NBA 2K22?

1). All you have to do is head to MyCAREER.
2). Once you are loaded in, you need to speak to the two Non-Playable Characters (NPCs), which are found almost instantaneously when you begin your career.
3). Speak to them about your intentions regarding your choice of going to either College or The G League.
4). This unlocks the Fast Travel option.

2. How to Use Fast Travel in NBA 2K22?

If you want to use Fast Travel, you need to follow these steps:

1). You can do it on the console by pressing R1.
2). Here, you will access a window that will ask if you want to return to your apartment from where you are.
3). Select to fast travel back apartment.
4). However, this method is confined to your apartment.

Spawn Points

There exists another mode of Teleportation, which is related to spawn points.

Here's how you can unlock Spawn points and fast travel to specific locations on the map:

1). You will have to go to the NBA store in the center of the city.
2). Looking for an alley to the right of the store where you will find an NPC called ATM.
3). Approach ATM, who will assign you a quest.
4). The key is to finish the ATM quests as quickly as possible to continue with the quests until you get the quest "Unlock generation location."
5). In the "Unlock Spawn Location" quest, you must travel 26.2 miles in the City.
6). The quest will not record the kilometers traveled in a vehicle, so you will have to walk the 26.2 miles.
7). After completing the quest, you will receive the notification of the custom spawn points.
8). Finally, head to the map to view all the locations you can instantly spawn to, and we have listed below:
    • Beasts of the East
    • Rec Center
    • Spawn point near Pro-AM mode
    • Spawn point near the prime
    • Spawn point near stores
    • Gatorade Gym
    • Runway
    • Team Practice facility
    • Apartments
    • Brickley's Gym workout

BMX Bike

One of the most popular forms of transport in NBA 2K22 is the BMX bike. To get the BMX bike, you will first want to head to the mall in The City. Once you have arrived at the mall, you will look for the Wheels store. After entering the Wheels store, you can purchase either inline skates or a BMX bike. You will need to spend at least 65,000 VC (a currency similar to 2k22 mt) to buy a bike. The total price will depend on the style of bike you purchase. BMX becomes your new transportation medium once you pay the money and buy the bike.


The most obvious way of traversing the City is by using your Skateboard. Pressing the LB button for Xbox L1 for PlayStation to bring up the equipment wheel and point your right stick to the top right brings out your board.


The Penthouse rewards players who earn 1,000,000 MVP points with 10,000 VC and a killer view of the City and a zipline. The Zipline is a quick travel feature that will help you travel within the city. Once you exit the apartment, you will be shown a map with all the locations. Choose one of the Affiliate zones, and you will be able to glide over to the location with ease.

Now you know all there is to know about how to fast travel in NBA 2K22, and we hope that you take full advantage of these tools to optimize your journey.