The Most Popular and Detailed POE 3.4 All Maps Guide

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Path of Exile Maps will be the principal sort of endgame content in Path of Exile. By placing them in a map device, maps could be consumed to create a randomized instance in which monsters is often fought. Like equipment, they come in normal, magic, rare, and special rarities and have their very own particular affixes. Affixes on maps can make them additional tough but also improve their potential rewards. Maps can also have quality, which could be raised by using a Cartographer's Chisel. Map drops usually are not impacted by party size.


The Most Popular and Detailed POE 3.4 All Maps Guide


The Delve league and Hardcore Delve league would be the existing challenge leagues. They launched on August 31, 2018.

The league adds an infinitely scaling dungeon referred to as the Azurite Mine. You may obtain deposits of Voltaxic Sulphite within a zone, which Niko the Mad will collect to power his Crawler, which can be employed to guide the player within the Delve via the deadly darkness. Every Delve can include items or Azurite, which is usually made use of to upgrade your equipment and things to assist in future Delves. Delves can contain unique biomes, boss encounters, and socketable currency products which influence the forms of mods produced on an item.

Under is often a detailed list of Delve maps that permit far more players to understand what they have to have. 


1.Elder Ghetto Map

Ghetto Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

The Layout of this map is same as Act 3's "The Slums" region. It is filled with narrow passages, rooftops, and ramps.


The Boss, Hephaestus, The Hammer, is a higher level version of Argus who is also found in Uber Labyrinth. He gets enraged after being hit for a certain amount of health unlike the Uber Labyrinth Argus who only gets enraged when below 50% health. When enraged, the Boss has increased attack speed and movement speed. He uses three types of attacks.

- Normal auto attack

- Slam that deals physical damage

- Slam that creates a Sunder, both dealing physical damage


2.Elder Toxic Sewer Map

Toxic Sewer Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

The boss is Arachnoxia, based on Black Death from The Chamber of Sins Level 1.

This boss can be captured for Captured Soul of Arachnoxia by using a Divine Vessel.


3.Elder Armoury Map

Armoury Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Forms a rough 'Z' shape with the entrance and boss on each end

- The central area is wider, taking the form of two large corridors

- Several small rooms in the walls

- Numerous armour and weapon chests throughout the map

- The distinct thin bridge leads to the boss room

- A 'Warmonger's Stash' lies next to the boss (appears to frequently drop maps and weapons)


4.Elder Maze Map

Maze Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on the tileset from The Vaal Ruins.

As the name suggests, the map is a large maze of interconnected rooms and corridors frequently leading to dead ends. The map boss has no separate arena but is found in a large room filled with swirls of black smoke.

Shadow of the Vaal based on Vaal Oversoul. He uses the same skills, without significant differences - they are similarly slow and well-telegraphed but deal quite heavy damage on hit. He does not have a separate arena, being located in the corner of the main map. If killed with a Divine Vessel active on the map, his soul upgrades the Soul of Solaris pantheon power.


5.Vaal Temple Map

Vaal Temple Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Boss:K'aj A'alai,K'aj Q'ura,K'aj Y'ara'az


6.Elder Grotto Map

Grotto Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on the tileset from The Caverns.

The layout forms a large loop of twisted tunnels, occasionally branching off into dead ends. Boss room is open to the map, marked by crystal growths and is always facing toward the center of the layout.

Void Anomaly (A unique Chaos Sentinel)

- Chaos Firestorm

- Chaos Glacial Cascade

- Chaos damage Sandstorm

- Spawn a pack of miners, the first pack of which will be the magic rarity. (Monsters spawned by the boss will not have a Bloodline mod.)


7.Elder Waste Pool Map

Waste Pool Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on the tileset of The Sewers.

The map is a large maze with many interconnected sewer tunnels, but only a few dead ends. The boss waits in a separate area reached through a loose grate in the floor.

Portentia, the Foul based on Doedre the Vile from Act 8.


8.Elder Lair Map

Lair Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

The map is split into three regions.

- An outdoor starting area populated only with Wolves (The boss arena can be seen from the cliff edge).

- Along otherwise linear cavern with a "ring-shaped" passage somewhere along its length (This ring passage tends to be near the beginning or the end of the cavern).

- An outdoor pond area, which contains a few monster packs as well as the bo

Lycius, Midnight's Howl (Based on Ringwald, the Wolven King)

- Spectral Throw

- Channels, sending out several waves of Wolf Spirit projectiles (Despite appearance, this is as an attack, not a spell)

- Summon Wolves

- Transform into a Wolf, becoming damage immune and causing bleeding with attacks (Minions/Totems/Mimics do not pull any aggro while the boss is in wolf form. He will only go for the main character until he turns back into human form.)

He does not teleport around the arena, nor does the arena have hazards as with the standard Rigwald encounter.


9.Elder Haunted Mansion Map

Haunted Mansion Map is a map area based on the tilesets from The Templar Courts and outdoor areas from The Lord's Labyrinth.

The map is basically a large ruined mansion with multiple interconnected rooms and corridors, expanded with a few small outdoor areas representing a dried out garden. In one of the garden areas is the entrance to a cellar, which acts as the arena for the boss.

The boss has two forms. In the first phase of the fight, he is called Barthol, the Pure and is based on Cato, Scholar of Light. He does almost exclusively fire damage, summons three homing vertical beams, uses Incinerate with lots of added projectiles and a long-range Fireball. Once killed, he transforms into Barthol, the Corruptor, based on Cato, Defiler of Light. In the second phase, he does physical damage, with all of the same skills, just recolored to crimson. The incinerate now has the additional range and he also uses a multi-projectile version of the fireball occasionally.


10.Elder Reef Map

Reef Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

The Layout is based on the Brine King`s Reef in Act 6.

Nassar, Lion of the Seas, based on Tsoagoth, the Brine King.


11.Elder Belfry Map

Belfry Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on The Cathedral Rooftop (Act 5) and The Imperial Gardens. The map is composed of a rectangular ring, the boss has a separate arena located in its center. Monster packs can sometimes (though uncommonly) be found on the wooden walkways and corners of the map.

Lord of the Grey (Based on Kitava, the Insatiable in Act 5)


- Deals 75% of Damage

- 50% less damage to Minions



- Deals 20% of Damage

- 70% less damage to Minions


Throw Debris

- Deals 100% of Damage

- 50% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage

- 25% more Attack Speed

- 30% less damage to Minions


Devouring Darkness

- Deals X Physical Damage per second

- Base duration is 6 seconds

- Base secondary duration is 3 seconds

- 50% less damage to Minions


X Blast

- Deals X to Y Physical Damage

- 50% less damage to Minions


12.Elder Arsenal Map

Arsenal Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

The Steel Soul


13.Elder Atoll Map

Atoll Map is a map based on The Ledge zone in Act 1.

The arena is a large camp on the far side of the map (big enough to stand outside boss' Frost Bomb). Entrance seals when the boss is engaged.


Purina, The Challenger, a unique totem (doesn't move).

- Casts powerful Frost Bomb centered on itself

- Casts Freezing Pulse, wide and slow like a Sea Witch, but bigger

- Summons Frostbolt totems


14.Elder Courthouse Map

Courthouse Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on The Templar Courts and Oriath Square tilesets.

The map is a large area of interconnected courthouse rooms alternating with courtyards of various sizes. The map bosses are waiting in a separate arena

The three bosses can be found in an arena at the end of the map. Thena Moga, the Crimson Storm, Ion Darkshroud, the Hungering Blade and Bolt Brownfur, Earth Churner


15.Elder Volcano Map

The Volcano Map is a map based on Kaom's areas of the act 4. Since version 3.1.0 it is a legacy variant of Volcano Map and Module Error: Item link: No results found for search parameter "Shaped Volcano Map (War for the Atlas)".

Forest of Flames, based on Torchoak Grove.

- Spawns "sapling" totems that use Lightning Warp, Magma Orb, and ice attacks, with Elemental Equilibrium.

- Beware - the boss does not have his own arena

- Overlapped resistances from gear and/or elemental resistance flasks are highly recommended. The map affix "Players are cursed with Elemental Weakness" will make keeping your resistances high much more difficult, as you will need to account for an additional 34% reduction in all elements, for a combined total of 84% reduced resistances with Elemental Equilib.


16.Elder Underground Sea Map

Underground Sea Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Merveil, the Reflection (based on Merveil, the Siren first form).


16.Elder Strand Map

Strand Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.


17.Elder Gorge Map

Gorge Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on the tileset from The Climb.

The layout is a long, linear and narrow path without any side passages. The boss arena is separated from the main map and found at the very end of the track.

Upon entering the boss room, you are ambushed by several unique Goatmen, who leap around several times before being instantly crushed to death by Rek'tar, who serves as the final boss of the map.

Rek'tar the Breaker, a unique variant of a Goatman.

- Uses Leap Slam

The unique Goatmen can be killed before they are crushed to death by Rek'tar. They drop good loot, but they must be killed very fast.


18.Elder Burial Chambers Map

Burial Chambers Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on the tilesets from The Crossroads (Act 2) and The Vaal Ruins.

The map consists of two separate outdoor areas connected through two dungeons. This means that the map can be fully explored by first exploring one outdoor area, then going through one of the dungeons, then exploring the second outdoor area, and finally exploring the second dungeon. The dungeon with palisades and a heap of split wood at the entrance also leads to the boss arena.

Witch of the Cauldron, based on Alira.

- Soul Eater (Will eat soul from summoned zombies)

- Summons zombies from a nearby cauldron

- Casts Detonate Dead


19.Elder Channel Map

Channel Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on the tileset of The Aqueduct.

It is similar in layout to the main act zone it is based upon, but instead of one long aqueduct, it features several shorter parallel ones connected with orthogonal bridges. The boss doesn't have a separate area and is instead always found at the left end of the bottommost aqueduct, dropping from the sky when the player steps on the large raft that demarks his lair.


20.Maze of the Minotaur Map

Maze of the Minotaur Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Indoors. Based on The Caverns.

The boss of this area, Guardian of the Minotaur, always drops one Fragment of the Minotaur and has a chance to drop one of the following unique items:

- Brain Rattler

- The Brass Dome


20.Pit of the Chimera Map

Pit of the Chimera Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Outdoors. Based on Daresso's Dream.

The boss of this area, Guardian of the Chimera, always drops one Fragment of the Chimera and has a chance to drop one of the following unique items:

- Obscurantis

- The Scourge


21.Elder Arid Lake Map

Arid Lake Map (Atlas of Worlds) is a map based on the Fetid Pool tileset.

It is a large, open area with a pool of water in the center, similar to the Fetid Pool in Act 1. Players start at the edge of the map, and the boss arena spawns on the opposite side close to the water.

The boss arena is large and doesn't have a random magic monster pack. Instead, it contains 3 packs of rhoas (one per nest). Boss awaits on the far side of the arena and engaging it seals the entrance until the boss is killed.

Drought-Maddened Rhoa, based on Oozeback Bloom.

- Nearby enemies take chaos damage over time

- Drops more and better Items when Enraged - break all the nests in the room to Enrage him


22.Elder Precinct Map

Precinct Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

One to six randomly selected rogue exiles. There is no arena.


23.Elder Sulphur Vents Map

Sulphur Vents Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Based on the Boiling Lake area in act 9. Wide open areas are separated by small ridges and dotted with sulphur pillars.

This area's boss is The Gorgon. It is based on The Basilisk in act 9 and shares its attack patterns. It is located in a separate arena.

- shoots multiple fire projectiles in a narrow cone

- attempts to petrify you with its glare

- spreads fire over a large cone-shaped area in front of it

The glare can be avoided by simply moving out of range since the Gorgon remains stationary. It causes a slowing effect, however.

The third attack is telegraphed by the Gorgon's rearing up on its hind legs.

Its low mobility makes it easy to kite. Upon killing the Gorgon the petrified soldiers in the area reawaken, similar to The Basilisk


24.Elder Dark Forest Map

Dark Forest Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

The Cursed King based on Ringwald, the Wolven King


25.Elder Dig Map

Dig Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

The map is a wide corridor composed of alternating platforms and excavation pits.

Stalker of the Endless Dunes (Based on Garukhan, Queen of the Winds)

- The well-telegraphed charge that inflicts Maim

- 3-Hit combo that ends with a powerful downward slash

- Become invisible, then rushes a target

- Arena spawns several Sandstorms and Tornadoes that deal physical damage over time

- At 66% and 33% life; becomes invisible and summons several unique Sand Goliaths. The Vulture Queen will also emerge and become vulnerable

The Vulture Queen (Based on Kira)

- Puncture

- Can also drop loot


26.Forge of the Phoenix Map

Forge of the Phoenix Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Indoors. Based on The Crematorium.

The boss of this area, Guardian of the Phoenix, always drops one Fragment of the Phoenix and has a chance to drop one of the following unique items:

- Eye of Innocence

- Razor of the Seventh Sun


27.Elder Acid Lakes Map

Acid Lakes Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

The tileset is a combination of The Ridge from Act 6 and The Boiling Lake in Act 9. The layout is linear with no side passages and few roadblocks, similar to Strand Map. Two random Renegades (Chaos) warbands bosses without a separate arena are found at the end of the map.

Two randomly selected Renegade bosses.

Renegade Bosses:

- Rama, The Kinslayer

- Kalria, The Fallen

- Invari, The Bloodshaper

- Lokan, The Deceiver

- Marchak, The Betrayer

- Berrots, The Breaker

- Vessider, The Unrivaled

- Morgrants, The Deafening


28.Elder Chateau Map

Chateau Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Chateau Map is a map based on Estate Walkways area in The Lord's Labyrinth, without the traps.

The Reaver, based on Perpetus from The City of Sarn area.

Uses the following abilities:

- Bear Trap

- Ethereal Knives

- Whirling Blades


29.Elder Beach Map

Beach Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Based on The Beacon in Act 6. The map is a single broad corridor, toward the end of which; the boss arena can be found. Certain layouts have a region of shallow water along the ride side of the map which contains many monster packs.

Glace (Based on Hailrake)

- Ice Spear (fires multiple projectiles)

- Glacial Cascade

- Ice Nova

- Arctic Armour


30.Elder Cemetery Map

Cemetery Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on the tileset from The Fellshrine Ruins (Act 2).

The map consists of a large walled in a continuous area with a few impassable pits and other obstacles. The boss is found in a separate arena.

Erebix, Light's Bane based on Gruthkul, Mother of Despair.


31.Elder Graveyard Map

Graveyard Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Based on The Fellshrine Ruins (Act 2) area. Fairly compact ring-shaped layout, composed of a central cathedral ruin with outlying areas.

- All bosses have the Union of Souls Bloodline


Champion of Frost (Based on Chatters)

- Allies have additional Cold damage

- Uses Glacial Hammer


Thunderskull (A unique Skeleton Archmage0

- Casts Spark

- Casts Lightning Warp


Steelpoint the Avenger (based on Ironpoint the Forsaken)

- Uses Rain of Arrows

- Uses Split Arrow

- Fast attacks

- Accurate


32.Elder Arcade Map

Arcade Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on the tileset of The Marketplace.

Like the acting zone, it is based upon, this map is a large area of ruined market stalls, creating a web of narrow passageways and many obstacles. Dead ends occur very infrequently only. There is no separate boss arena, instead, they are waiting in a medium-sized room branching off from the map edge. The floor around the bosses is marked with sand spirals.

Two unique ribbon sentinels, based on the fire and lightning unique ribbons in the Solaris Temple. Killing one causes the other to enrage and gain a new skill.

Herald of Ashes, based on Flame Sentinel

- Firestorm

- Flammability

- (Enrage) Summons Fire Bombs that explode after a delay (similar to Flame Bearers Bloodline)


Herald of Thunder, based on Galvanic Ribbon

- Shock Nova

- Conductivity

- (Enrage) Summons Lightning Bombs that explode after a delay (similar to Storm Bearers Bloodline)


33.Elder Coves Map

Coves Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

This map has two bosses. Telvar the Inebriated, a pirate ghost.

- Throws barrels that deal physical damage in a large area upon landing and spread tar when opened

- Throws small fire bombs that leave the burning ground (and open barrels)

Pirate Treasure, a fancy golem.

Telvar throws Magma Orbs that leave Burning Ground, he also throws barrels which deal Physical damage and spread slowing tar. The stone golem only deals modest melee Physical damage. Not too difficult if you engage each boss separately. 


34.Elder City Square Map

City Square Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area based on the tileset from Oriath Square.

The layout is very similar to the act 5 zone the map is based on, albeit a bit smaller. A few side alleys branch off and lead to dead ends around the main square.

The three bosses can be found in the center of the square. Pileah, Corpse Burner and Pileah, Burning Corpse based on The Matriarch and Carius, the Unnatural based on Twisted Effigy.

They deal primarily heavy amounts of AoE fire damage through thrown projectiles, which may be difficult to evade completely due to their number.


35.Elder Ivory Temple Map

Ivory Temple Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

One randomly has chosen The Perandus Manor boss:

- Platinia

- Auriot

- Rhodion

- Pallias

- Argient

- Rheniot


36.Elder Racecourse Map

Racecourse Map consists of two long stadiums. Contains armor racks, weapon racks, and gates that release Shackled Hellions.

Large gladiator arena, similar to those in Act 4, with fountains and carts in the middle. Bosses wait on the far side and seal the entrance when engaged.

This map has 3 bosses standing together.

Shredder of Gladiators, unique Shackled Hellion. Maims on hit (slows movement) and leaves the large burning ground when killed.

Crusher of Gladiators, unique Fighting Bull. Charges cast delayed physical explosion on itself (yellow glow) and reflect damages (yellow spikes).

Bringer of Blood, unique Mad Gladiator. Uses Puncture.


37.Elder Shrine Map

Shrine Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

The tileset is based upon The Lunaris Temple Level 2 (Act 3). The layout is maze-like and pretty large compared to most maps, although hard to navigate.

Piety the Empyrean, based on Piety of Theopolis in The Crematorium (pre-arena fight) and The Lunaris Temple Level 2 (arena fight).


38.Lair of the Hydra Map

Lair of the Hydra Map (War for the Atlas) is a map area.

Indoors. Based on The Sewers.


The boss of this area, Guardian of the Hydra, always drops one Fragment of the Hydra and has a chance to drop one of the following unique items:

- Snakepit

- Slivertongue

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