The Most Popular POE 3.4 Delve Unique Items Guide

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heure: 2023-02-13
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POE 3.4 Delve has been around for more than 20 days, and many players have already learned enough about this season, new skills, skill gems, new maps and more. Alongside the Delve League, Path of Exile introduced quite a few new exclusive things. A number of them were revealed as teasers just before the launch, even though our players already discovered various other people within the four days since the get started on the league. The Following is Path of Exile 3.4 Delve have gathered all the community-known exceptional items.


The Most Popular POE 3.4 Delve Unique Items Guide


Ahkeli's Valley Ruby Ring:

Ahkeli's Valley is a unique Ruby Ring.+30% to fire resistance,+20 to strength,5% increased maximum energy shield,5% increased maximum life.



Ahkeli's Mountain Ruby Ring:

Ahkeli's Mountain is a unique Ruby Ring.+29% to fire resistance,+20 to strength,5% increased maximum energy shield,5% increased maximum life.



Cerberus Limb Blood Sceptre:

Cerberus Limb is a unique Blood Sceptre.24% Increased Elemental Damage,80% Increased spell damage,18% increased speed.0.5% of spell damage leeched as life if equipped shield has at least 30% chance to block,+1 to maximum energy shield per 5 armour on equipped shield.+5 to armour per 5 evasion rating on equipped shield.+20 to evasion rating per 5 maximum energy shield of provided protection.



Command of The Pit Riveted Gloves:

Control of the Pit is a pair of unique Riveted Gloves with two available variants. Has one abyssal socket,9% increased cast speed.4% Increased maximum life. With a weird eye jewel socketed, minions have +1000 to accuracy rating. With a hypnotic eye jewel socketed, Chiming Spirit Shield hit with spells.



Crown of The Magistrate Crown:

Crown of the Tyrant is a unique Magistrate Crown. Has one socket,+86 to maximum life, nearby enemies have -10% to all resistances, you and nearby allies have 64 to 96 added fire damage per red socket. You and nearby allies have 56 to 88added cold damage per green device. You and nearby allies have 16 to 144 added lightning damage per blue device. You and nearby allies have 47 to 61 added chaos damage per white plug.



Curtain Call Plague Mask:

Curtain Call is a unique Plague Mask.+23 to maximum life,11% reduced mine laying speed,46% increased my arming speed, Skills which place excavations place up to 1 additional mine if you have at least 500 dexterity, Skills which put mines put up to 1 extra shaft if you have at least 500 intelligence.



Demon Stitcher Satin Gloves:

Demon Stitcher is a pair of unique Satin Gloves.17% increased cast speed,+58 to maximum energy shield.+65 to maximum life, Sacrifice 5% of experience to gain that much energy shield when you cast a spell.



Doryani's Delusion Sorcerer Boots:

Doryani's Delusion is a pair of unique Sorcerer Boots. Grants level 25 purity of lightning skill, Add 25 to 43 cold damage to spells and attacks,192% increased energy shield,+62 to maximum life,30% increased movement speed.




Doryani's Machinarium Maze Map:

Doryani's Machinarium is a unique Maze Map.

When you enter Doryani's Machinarium, there are three paths you can travel and a staircase that leads to an empty boss room. Each track has a payload you'll need to transfer and is connected to one of the boss's arms. When you reach the end of each road, you are presented with three buttons.

Each button augments that arm with an element: fire, cold or lightning. After you've completed each path and you have enlarged each arm; you can then fight the boss you have created. The reward you'll receive is based on the options you have chosen. 

The Apex Assembly will always drop Doryani's Delusion. Your choice for the buff to minions determines the base of the item (fire will yield the armour base, cold will generate the evasion base and lightning will produce the energy shield base). Your choice for the buff to claw determines the element damage to attacks/spells. Your choice for the buff to Bludgeon determines the element of the purity.

25% increased experience gain. Monster level:80. Found items have a 10% chance to drop corrupted in an area. Player choices augment unique boss.



The Eternal Apple Chiming Spirit Shield:

He Eternal Apple is a unique Chiming Spirit Shield. Supporter Elune created the Eternal Apple .11% increased spell damage, Trigger a socketed warcry skill when you lose endurance charges.+70 to maximum life,+18 to chaos resistance, You lose all endurance charges at maximum endurance charges Cannot block,50% increased warcry cooldown recovery speed.



The Grey Spire Judgement Staff:

The Grey Spire is a unique Judgement Staff.+18% chance to block attack damage while wielding a staff. Has no sockets,252% increased global damage,25% increased attack speed,+3% to all maximum resistances.



Mark of Submission:

Mark of Submission is a unique Unset Ring. Has one socket, Curse enemies with socketed curse gem on hit.



Peril's Toe Gold Amulet:

Peril's Toe is a unique Gold Amulet. Peril's Toe was created by supporter the shadow moose.16% Increased rarity of items found,+40 to Dexterity,5% increased movement speed. What lightning damage from enemies was hitting you is lucky nearby allies' damage with hits is lucky.



Precursor's Emblem Two-Stone Ring:

Precursor's Emblem is a unique ring with seven attainable variants.+14% to fire and lightning resistances.5% increased maximum energy shield,5% increased maximum life,+20 to strength and intelligence,1% increased attack and cast speed per endurance charge,3% increased energy shield per power charge,2 to 18 lightning damage per power charge.



The Primordial Chain Coral Amulet:

The Primordial Chain is a unique Coral Amulet.

Primordial: Equipping or socketing three items with the Primordial modifier grants an additional Golem from The Anima Stone.

2.8 life regenerated per second, Can summon up to 3 other golems at a time. You cannot have non-golem minions,25% reduced golem size, Golems deal 36% less damage, Golems have 45% less life, Golems have 88% increased movement speed primordial.



Putembo's Meadow Topaz Ring:

Putembo's Meadow is a unique Topaz Ring.+29% to lightning resistance,+20 to intelligence,5% increased maximum energy shield,5% increased maximum life.



Putembo's Valley Topaz Ring:

Putembo's Valley is a unique Topaz Ring.+24 to lightning resistance.+20 to intelligence,5% increased maximum energy shield,5% increased maximum life.



Soul-rest Ezomyte Staff:

Soul-rest is a unique Ezomyte Staff. While wielding this staff, any time a corpse is consumed (from skill like Spirit Offering), used for Raise Zombie, or exploded (Cremation, Detonate Dead, Volatile Dead, Bubonic Trail's Death Walk), a Phantasm (as created typically by Summon Phantasm on Kill Support) is formed, gaining the effects of any Support Gem socketed into the staff. These support gems do not need to be linked to confer their bonuses to the Phantasms.

The maximum number of Phantasms that can be summoned caps out at 10 naturally, however, when a Summon Phantasm on Kill Support gem is socketed into the staff, the gem's phantasm count is added to the total without requiring the 'on kill' parameter, bringing the maximum quantity of Phantasms to 21 with a level 21 skill gem.

+18% chance to block attack damage while wielding a staff. Trigger level 20 summon phantasm skill when you consume a corpse.121% Increased spell damage,27 increased cast speed,86% increased mana regeneration rate. Minions deal 47 to 75 additional physical damage. If you consumed a corpse recently, you and nearby allies would regenerate 5% of life per second.



Unnatural Instinct Viridian Jewel:

Strange Instinct is a unique Viridian Jewel. Allocated little passive skills in radius grant nothing, Grants all bonuses of unallocated small passive skills in space.



Uzza's Meadow Sapphire Ring:

Uzza's Meadow is a unique Sapphire Ring.+24% to cold resistance,+20 to Dexterity,5% increased maximum energy shield,5% increased maximum life.



Chamber Cairn Great Mallet:

Chamber Cairn is a unique Great Mallet. It is the fated version of Chamber Chaber.30% increased stun duration on enemies,+1 to level of socketed melee gems,+2 to level of socketed minion gems,213% increased physical damage, adds 25 to 50 physical damage.25% Increased maximum mana. Minions have 26% increased maximum life,30% increased skill effect duration.



Geofri's Legacy Great Crown:

Geofri's Legacy is a unique Great Crown. It is the fated version of Geofri's Crest.+1 to the level of socketed gems,64% increased armor and energy shield,+17% to fire resistance,+17% to cold resistance,+15% to lightning resistance,+24% to chaos resistance,+1 to the maximum number of summoned holy relics. Summoned sacred relics have 21% reduced cooldown recovery speed.



The Iron Fortress Crusader Plate:

The Iron Fortress is a unique Crusader Plate. It is the fated version of Iron Heart.+1% chance to block attack damage per 50 strength, Chance to prevent spell damage is unlucky.+94 to power,81% increased armor,10% reduced movement speed, Strength's damage bonus instead grants 3% increased melee physical damage per 10 energy.



Uzza's Mountain Sapphire Ring:

Uzza's Mountain is a unique Sapphire Ring.+20% to cold resistance,+20 to Dexterity, 5% increased maximum energy shield,5% increased maximum life.



Aul's Uprising Onyx Amulet:

Aul's Uprising is a unique Onyx Amulet with four attainable variants.+11 to all attributes,+21 to intelligence.15% increased maximum energy shield.+56 to maximum life. Nearby enemies have an additional 2% chance to receive a critical strike wrath reserves no mana.