GTA 5 Modded Accounts


100 Million, RP Level 30, Full Access, Xbox One

$ 6.90

200 Million, RP Level 120, Full Access, Xbox One

$ 9.90

500 Million Money, RP 120, Full Access, Xbox One

$ 10.90

100 Million Pure Cash, 50 Rp Level, Full Access, Xbox One

$ 29.90

$200 Million pure cash, LVL 120, 300+ MODDED CARS, Xbox One

$ 32.90

$250 Million pure cash, LVL 120, 300+ MODDED CARS, Xbox One

$ 33.90

100 Millions PURE Cash, 100+ RP Level, Xbox One

$ 33.90

100 Million Pure Cash, 400+ Rp Level, Full Access, Xbox One

$ 35.00

$300 Million pure cash, LVL 120, 300+ MODDED CARS, Xbox One

$ 35.90

$400 Million pure cash, LVL 120, 300+ MODDED CARS, Xbox One

$ 39.90

250 Million Pure Cash, 400+ Rp Level, Full Access, Instant delivery, Non Migratable, Xbox One

$ 39.90

MIGRATABLE FEMALE, Rank 890, +450 Modded cars in total + lots of modded planes, 120 Million in Oppressors, 18 Modded outfits, Xbox One

$ 39.90

$500 Million pure cash, LVL 120, 300+ MODDED CARS, Xbox One

$ 43.90

RP Level 517, 100m Pure Cash, 300 Modded Cars, 19 Modded Outfits, Full Access, Xbox One

$ 48.00

500 Millions PURE Cash, 100+ RP Level, Fast Run, Modded Outfits, Modded Account, Full Access, Xbox One

$ 49.40

400 Million [Cash + Cars], RP Rank 30, Exclusive Gta 5 Online Properties, Xbox One

$ 49.90

750 Million, 100M Banked Cash + 200 Deluxo Cars, 30 RP, Properties, Xbox One

$ 51.87

400 Millions PURE cash, LVL 120, Max Stats, Xbox One

$ 51.87

400 Million [Cash + Cars], RP Rank 50, Exclusive Gta 5 Online Properties, Xbox One

$ 52.90

RP Level 120, Female Character, 1 Billion In Total Assets, Including Cars + Cash, Full Access, Xbox One

$ 54.00

GTA 5 Modded Accounts for Sale

Our GTA 5 modded accounts are available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. By purchasing a GTA 5 modded account from, you will receive an account that includes the following:

Different amounts of pure cash (billion, trillion).
Different quantities/rarities of modded cars.
Different RP levels.
Various modded outfits.
Double characters (including male and female characters).

You can buy cheap GTA 5 modded accounts here and get a guarantee of 7 days. If there is any problem within 7 days after purchasing GTA5 Modded Accounts, you can contact us to communicate and solve it. If the account is banned, we will give you another Modded GTA Account for free. We also provide GTA Account discount code - 'Allen' 5% off and customized account service. Please contact us for your customized needs.

How to buy GTA 5 modded accounts

Here is a quick guide on how to purchase a GTA 5 account:

1. Look through our list of offered GTA 5 modded accounts and choose the one you desire.
2. Click "Buy Now," and you'll be prompted to the checkout section.
3. Enter your required billing details. Ensure you double-check your email address, as this is where the account and order confirmation will be sent.
4. Choose your preferred payment method (Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoins, Sofort, Alipay, and more).
5. Click "Pay Now".
6. With instant delivery, the account details will be sent instantaneously in the order confirmation. Enjoy!

How long does it take for you to deliver my account?

Typically, hot accounts can be delivered instantly. Rare accounts are delivered within 30 minutes. If the delivery time is exceeded, please contact our customer service for assistance. We are constantly improving our delivery services and expanding our delivery team to reduce the delivery time.

How does it work?

Log in and load the game according to the account information we sent. Verify the account information. After confirming that there are no problems, change the password and bind the email address to make the account completely your own.

When it says "fix this" on the web or console or says “account is locked”

- Go to:
- Login to the account that you received from us
- It will show as locked
- Click 'Next'
- Click 'Verify'
- Enter your mobile number with the country code
- Verify the code sent to your phone number
- Your account is unlocked and fixed, ready to be played on

What should I do if the password displayed on PS/PC is incorrect?

Reset the password directly, fill in the verification questions, or go to the bound email address to get the code.

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