Helldivers 2 Items

1. All items will be delivered directly as a gift to your account.
2. Please make sure that the number of items you own does not exceed the upper limit, otherwise the items will disappear after you received them.
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Caps on each item:
Requisition Slips - 50000
Super Credits - Unlimited
Medals - 250
Green Sample - 500
Orange Sample - 250
Purple Sample - 100

1000 Super Credits

$ 3.99

6000 Super Credits

$ 22.90

13000 Super Credits

$ 48.90

27000 Super Credits

$ 96.90

100 Medal

$ 6.99

250 Medal + 500 Super Credits

$ 19.90

500 Medal + 1000 Super Credits

$ 38.90

1000 Medal + 2000 Super Credits

$ 76.90

10K EXP + 50K Requisition Slips

$ 5.90

100K EXP + 50K Requisition Slips

$ 19.90

Sample-500 Green + 250 Orange + 100 Purple

$ 4.99

Sample-1500 Green + 800 Orange + 100 Purple

$ 13.90
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Helldivers 2 is a third-person shooter focused on cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players. Players will attack, defend, support, and maneuver around special abilities called "Stratagems". The game also includes a battle pass system, which will allow players to earn various Helldivers 2 Items such as Medals, Super Credits, and Requisition Slips by completing missions. These can be used to unlock new weapons, stratagems, and cosmetics as players progress.

Do I need to buy Helldivers 2 items?

Although purchasing Helldivers 2 items directly does not provide us with significant advantages, there are still many players who choose to purchase in-game items and currencies. The key advantages of buying Helldivers 2 currency directly are purely cosmetic or for convenience purposes, such as:

  1. Unlocking premium cosmetic items or skins faster without grinding.
  2. Purchasing the premium Warbond pass for additional cosmetic rewards and challenges, although this can also be earned through gameplay.
  3. Potentially accessing minor gameplay boosts like the revolver, which is considered underwhelming in practice.

What Helldivers 2 Items are for sale in U4GM?

There are several types of Helldivers 2 Items for sale in U4GM, players can buy them at a lower price:

What do these Helldivers 2 Items do? How to get them?

Discovering the utility and acquisition methods of essential items in Helldivers 2 is crucial for your success in battle.  Here's an insight into Requisition Slips, Super Credits, Medals, and Samples, along with tips on how to obtain them efficiently.

Requisition Slips

Requisition Slips serve as the primary currency in Helldivers 2, exclusively utilized for acquiring new Stratagems, enhancing your arsenal of special abilities and support items. Earn Requisition Slips by completing missions, objectives, and community-wide Major Orders. Here's how to procure them:

  1. Mission Completion: Accomplish missions and operations across various planets and difficulty levels to earn Requisition Slips, with higher-difficulty missions offering greater rewards.
  2. Resource Crates: Open resource crates scattered throughout missions to acquire various resources, including Requisition Slips.
  3. Mission Objectives: Fulfill specific mission objectives such as defending targets or eliminating high-value targets to receive bonus Requisition Slips.
  4. Civilian Rescues: Keep an eye out for civilian survivors during missions and bring them to safety for additional Requisition Slips.
  5. Daily/Weekly Challenges: Engage in daily and weekly challenges to achieve specific goals and earn Requisition Slip rewards.
  6. Community Events: Participate in special community events hosted by developers to earn increased Requisition Slip rewards.

Super Credits

Super Credits represent the premium currency in Helldivers 2, enabling the purchase of various items such as weapons, armor, emotes, and the premium Warbond. Obtain Super Credits through the following means:

  1. Free Earnable Credits: Progress through tiers in the free Helldivers Mobilize Warbond using Medals earned from missions, containing approximately 800 Super Credits across its pages
  2. Exploration Loot: Discover Super Credits scattered in Minor Points of Interest (POIs) like crashed pods, locked containers, and bunkers during main missions.
  3. Lower Difficulty Exploration: Opt for lower difficulty levels like Trivial to swiftly complete objectives and explore the map for POI loot caches containing Super Credits with minimal enemy resistance.
  4. Purchase: Acquire Super Credit bundles directly from the in-game Acquisitions Center store using real money, with various bundles available for purchase.


Medals are a crucial currency in Helldivers 2, used to unlock rewards in the game's Warbond progression system. The current Medal cap is set at 250. Once you reach 250 Medals, you cannot earn or bank any more until you spend some.

Here are some ways to get Medals:

  1. Mission Completion: Complete missions, with higher difficulties yielding greater Medal rewards.
  2. Campaign/Operation Completion: Finish missions within the same campaign/operation for bonus Medals.
  3. Daily Challenges: Accomplish Daily Personal Order challenges to earn 15 Medals each upon completion.
  4. Major Orders: Participate in Major Orders to receive substantial Medal rewards based on community progress.
  5. Exploration: Discover hidden Medal caches in loot containers, bunkers, and drop ships scattered around maps.


Samples in Helldivers 2 are a crucial currency used to purchase upgrades for your ship, which in turn enhance your stratagems on the battlefield. There are three types of samples:

How to Buy Items on U4GM?

To buy Helldivers 2 items on U4GM, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the U4GM Helldivers 2 Items page.
  2. Browse through the available items.
  3. Click 'Add to Cart' on your purchase items.
  4. Once you've selected all the items you want, click 'Buy Now' to proceed to checkout.
  5. On the trading screen, enter your information as prompted and click "Pay Now".

Note: Please be aware of the number of items you have before finalizing your purchase.

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