Honor of Kings Top Up

Tips: Only need your Honor of Kings User ID, complete the payment, and the Tokens will be added automatically to your Honor of Kings account in seconds.
To find your User ID. Click your Avatar and enter your Homepage. Expand the setting on the top right and select view UID. Your Player ID will be displayed.

80 + 8 Tokens


$ 0.90

240 + 17 Tokens


$ 2.80

400 + 32 Tokens


$ 4.60

560 + 45 Tokens


$ 6.50

800 + 95 Tokens


$ 8.90

1200 + 153 Tokens


$ 13.70

2400 + 324 Tokens


$ 27.50

4000 + 580 Tokens


$ 45.00

8000 + 1160 Tokens


$ 83.50

Weekly Card


$ 0.79

Weekly Card Plus


$ 2.75

Buy Honor of Kings Tokens

Tokens are a premium currency of Honor of Kings. Players must pay real money to get it. It can be used to buy heroes, skins, battle passes, packs and more. When you top up in Honor of Kings,  you can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Looking for an Honor of Kings top-up? You’re at the right place! We've got you covered with the cheapest price on Honor of Kings Tokens. Buy cheap Honor of Kings Tokens right here at U4GM. With just a few clicks:

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As simple as that! Click on the Live Chat widget on the bottom right corner if you need any help. Your order will be delivered within 5-15 minutes.

What can I get when I top up Honor of Kings?

Here's what you can get when you top up in Honor of Kings:

Unlock Heroes - Instantly unlock new heroes to expand your selection of heroes and explore innovative strategies on the battlefield. 
Purchase Skins - Access unique skins through honor of kings top up, enhancing the appearance of your heroes and making a statement in every match. 
Battle Pass - Secure the game's Battle Pass with Honor of Kings recharge, unlocking exclusive challenges and earning rewards that enhance your play. 
Packs - Honor of Kings Tokens to buy packs that will give you currency and other stuff along with it in the game.

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