The Most Complete POE 3.4 Witch Occultist Builds

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The Occultist is an Ascendancy class for Witches.Occultists are suited for Witches by using a target on chaos damage or curses. Malediction greatly enhances curse professionals, whilst Profane Bloom and Void Beacon amplify the output of chaos harm. Occultists are well-served by builds that rely on & maximize energy shield. Occultists also may serve as a generic way to generate Power Charges in builds which lack other means of doing so.

Path of Exile 3.4 Delve League, The Occultist's Dominion notable has been renamed to Arcanist's Dominion and now grants 5% increased Cast Speed (up from 4%).


[POE 3.4 Occultist] Millions of DPS For Skeleton Crit Dark Pact Bosskiller Build

[POE 3.4 Occultist]Occult ArcPoet All Content Guide | Millions, Shaper Dps Build

[POE 3.4 Occultist]Very Fast Aila's Rank Guide and Righteous Fire Occultist Build

[POE 3.4 Occultist]High Toaster HC Occultist and Victario's Influence Build


The Most Complete POE 3.4 Witch Occultist Builds


NO.1 [POE 3.4 Occultist] Millions of DPS For Skeleton Crit Dark Pact Bosskiller Build

With 3.4 patch the passive tree has been slightly changed. Flame Dash has been buffed and it is each excellent and bad for this create. Good is that it now becomes a considerable option to Bodyswap. Undesirable is that Void Batteries may be much more expensive this league. In addition to that there is no more important modifications to this construct.Assassin is also a superb option for this construct. It has greater dps possible but does not present +1 curse bonus and cannot apply curses on Hexproof enemies so you are going to really need to commit +3 points on Whispers of Doom and you may perhaps struggle with running Hexproof maps.



+ millions of dps with economical gear (8mil Shaper dps with 10ex invested in 3.3 Incursion)

+ exciting mechanics

+ affordable to start with

+ great league starter

+ decent clearspeed in the event you self-cast

+ safe clearspeed in the event you cast on skeletons

+ does not depend on flasks

+ in case of danger provides immediate escape in case you handle to have some corpses within a good spots near to you



- complicated to play (surely not a one particular button create)

- maxing your gear may well sink some currency

- not super tanky


Main Skill: Summon Skeleton


Bandits: Help Alira



Major - Soul of the Brine King. Choose your minor depending on a boss you gonna fight against.



Uber Elder -

t16 Vaal Temple Trio -

The Shaper -


Showcase of self-cast -


Skill Tree:


Pob Link:


Example Link:



NO.2 [POE 3.4 Occultist]Occult ArcPoet All Content Guide | Millions, Shaper Dps Buil

This really is a LowLife Poet's Pen create with Energy Shield since it defensive stat.It uses Arc to deal harm and Lightning Warp to move quickly through maps. For single target DPS switch over to an Arc plus Ball Lightning Setup.This Construct is capable to FaceTank Shaper's Beam attack (Verify Video linked above), clear pretty much as speedy as a Flicker Strike Construct when obtaining full control of your charcater and is excellent at coping with Bosses. It's also possible to switch in heavy MF gear if one chooses to do so.Overall this can be a very nicely rounded Make suited for and in a position to excel at all content/playstyles.



+ Good starter build and end game;

+ Fast;

+ Fun (if you don't dislike totems).



- 6L soul mantle is expensive and curse management isn't for all;

- Primary defense is movement.


Main Skill: ARC



2 Passives or Alira. If you need to fill resists up while leveling Alira is a good choice. Otherwise 2 Passive will do more for us in most cases. 



Doesn't Matter. Choose Solaris for help with bosses and went for poison immunity to save a flask slot. But again - use what you want.



Tier 17 Über-Elder -

Tier 17 Shaper -


Skill Tree:


Pob Link: 


Example Link:



NO.3 [POE 3.4 Occultist]Very Fast Aila's Rank Guide and Righteous Fire Occultist Build

This make is an updated version of Aila's SSFHC RF make, who reached rank 1 in Abyss and Bestiary.Note that this make was originally made for SSFHC, meaning that the gear required is quite low cost. This create is designed for mapping and not for end-game bossing.This develop requires advantage of Occultist's Vile Bastion ascendancy to forego life regen nodes.The ascendancy offers "1% of Power Shield Regenerated per second for every single Enemy You might have Killed Recently, as much as 30%", meaning put much more points into tankiness and harm as an alternative of regen.The "Cannot Be Stunned while you have Power Shield" means not need to have a Presence of Chayula.



+ Very fast mapping - End-game mapping clip

+ High Tankiness - 8-11k eHP

+ Cheap gear since originally made for SSF

+ Scales well into endgame mapping

+ Un-stunnable from ascendancy

+ Satisfying Profane Bloom explosion chains

+ Can run all map mods including -max res and no recovery 



- Leveling is not beginner-friendly

- Running maps with bad density or layouts can be awkward

- Capping chaos res with hybrid build can be annoying

- Needs STR and DEX on gear

- Reduced flask charges map mod requires management

- Boss killing is worse compared to other Ascendancies

- Low life build requires a shavs


Main Skill: Vaal Righteous Fire


Bandit: Kill all for 2 passives, none of them give anything useful.



Arakaali - 5% less DoT

Shakari - Less chaos damage taken. Immune to poison when upgraded.

Gruthkul - If you are low life and don't care about chaos damage.

Early game use Ryslatha for life flask sustain.



Early Game

Profane Bloom -> Malediction

The extra curse from Malediction helps with flask sustain from Poacher's Mark.



Guide by hellfurian -

CuteDog -


PoB Link:


Skill Tree: 


Example Link:



NO.4 [POE 3.4 Occultist]High Toaster HC Occultist and Victario's Influence Build

This construct is very tanky vs chaos damage. You may use Coruscating Elixir, but it's not necessary. It adds a nice layer of defense vs chaos harm, 6% max fire resistance plus a nice ES regen.The Occultist is the smoothest ascendancy to play help. The Curses are extremely effective and make you superb tanky. It feels actually excellent, to be in a position to tank all mobs without dying at all.In comparison to Ascendant and Guardian you loose a few Auras (Grace, Hatred, Clarity), however the curses and Malediction are compensating. 


3.4 Update: 

- Some capabilities, for instance Vaal Grace, Haste and so forth. can be used instantaneously now (though moving)

- Vaal Talent Prevention time is now greater by talent impact duration -> Vaal Grace cannot be utilised completely any longer

- Shield Charge isn't going to scale with nearby attack velocity modifiers on your weapon anymore. So Prismatic Eclipse is possibly the way in which to go



+ High offensive and defensive enhance

+ 6-9k ES reasonably priced (& ~1.3k life)

+ Very budgetfriendly (you can start with a budget of 10c)

+ Curses offer an extremely good defensive improve and a decent damage increase for the party

+ Good defenses vs chaos damage



- No regen maps are very annoying to run

- Gameplay is for some player not as smooth as Shavs support, because chaos damage bypass ES -> have to take care of your life pool very rarily

- Need necessarily 3 uniques to get going (Broken Crown, Prism Guardian, Victarios Influence)


Main Skill: Purity of Ice


Bandit: Kill them all.



Major: Soul of the Brine King (take Soul of Lunaris after you got Vile Bastion)

Minor: Soul of Shakari - You can swap it out with Soul of Abberath on Burning Ground Maps 



- Bypass Hexproof

- 1 additional Curse

- Enemies deal 10% reduced damage

- Enemies take 10% increased damage 

- 250 ES for you

- 25% Curse Effectiveness





PoB Link:


Skill Tree:


Example Link: