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Vigor in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) serves as both the player's experience points (EXP) and currency. It is used for Leveling Up, Purchasing Items and Equipment, Reallocating Stats, and more. Players can earn Vigor mainly by Defeating Enemies, Exploring the Umbral Realm, and others.

How to Collect Lost Vigor?

Lords of the Fallen features a unique mechanic when a player dies. If a player dies, they are given a second chance to reclaim their lost Vigor. However, dying a second time without reclaiming it results in the loss of the Vigor. To collect lost Vigor, players need to:

Purchasing Vigor in Lords of the Fallen offers players a range of benefits, including faster progression, early access to advanced equipment, time-saving convenience, assistance in challenging gameplay, and the ability to try out various character builds for an enhanced gaming experience.

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About Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is the all-new, epic, dark fantasy action-RPG.

Before you commence your adventure, choose from 9 starting classes. Wield sword-and-shield as the Hallowed Knight, wreak fire-based carnage as the Pyric Cultist, strike fear from afar as the Blackfeather Ranger, or pick from one of the other prospective heroes.

While these are initially all varied in moveset and equipment, you are free to develop your character however you see fit, with additional starting classes unlockable based on the choices you make in this world. Fully customize your character from the dozens of armor sets and hundreds of weapons hidden throughout these vast lands, not to mention an extensive range of equipment, including javelins, bombs, weapon salts, protection wards, and more.

As for those that would forego metal for magic, there are three schools of sorcery to master; Radiance, Rhogar… and Umbral, each comprising a sweeping spectrum of spells, from character buffs to arena-wide downpours of annihilation.

An epic adventure full of peril, wonder, awe and revelation, coursing through the very realms of the living and dead, awaits!

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