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1. Player name.

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About NBA 2K20 MT

MT Coins are an in-game currency for the NBA 2K20 MyTEAM which can be used to purchase all the cards in the game in the Auction House. MT Coins can be earned by completing numerous activities, purchasing packs, and selling the cards on an Auction House. MT coins total is shown in the user bar strip at the upper right of most screens in the mode.

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NBA 2K20 MT Review & Rate

  • By David
    • 40K NBA 2K20 MT

    • Aug/26/2019

    • 1.3 Days

  • By Jonathan
    • 30K NBA 2K20 MT

    • Aug/25/2019

    • 23 Hours

  • By Jake
    • 30K NBA 2K20 MT

    • Aug/24/2019

    • 1 Days

  • By Kellywe
    • 10K NBA 2K20 MT

    • Aug/23/2019

    • 7 Mins

  • By Rupert
    • 30K NBA 2K20 MT

    • Aug/20/2019

    • 1.2 Days

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