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How to buy MT 2K21

You list a worthless player to the price of the maximum price range (max 100K MT) into the auction house. This corresponds to the MT amount of your order. After a buyer places an order and provide the information requested. Then, we will buy the player. This way the mt are transferred. If If you buy over 100K MT, list multiple players. The 10% transaction fees are to be borne by you.


When can I receive my NBA2k21 MT?

If the information you offered is correct, your MT will be delivered to your account within a 2 hours period after the payment, yet sometimes the transfer is made in just a few minutes. If you have any questions, be free to contact our chat operators who are online 24/7 all the time to give professional answers and resolution.


Why is U4gm so cheap?

In order to sell more MT than their competitors, we offer the best prices possible in order to attract more customers. So you can purchase MT in the marketplace for much cheaper. On this basis, we also offer discount codes to help you save money. Buy MT 2K21 at U4gm and get a 6% discount with the coupon code "Cassie".


Is buying MT 2K21 safe?

U4gm is a reseller, meaning that we don’t get authorized to sell MT by 2K. In simple terms, what that means is that we buy MT from one individual and resell it to another individual (sell to us). So as far as the law is concerned, U4gm is 100% legal. Ban cases are very few.


How to Contact Us?

Phone: (929) 454-6609 (only receiving text messages)

More contact: Right column

U4GM With NBA 2K21 MT

MyTEAM points, or MT, is the primary currency in the NBA 2K21's MyTEAM mode. These can be used to buy packs at the Pack Market as well as players or other cards in the Auction House. They can be earned by Triple Threat Online, Triple Threat Offline, Domination, or Auction House, to improve your team and defeat your opponents. There is no doubt that these will take you a lot of time. The quickest and most efficient one is buying them directly.


Players can buy NBA 2K21 MT on Trustpilot is one of the best customer feedback sites. U4gm currently has over 2,164 mostly positive reviews, and 83 percent of users rated U4gm as "Excellent." The service is praised time and time again for its cheap prices and fast delivery of codes. U4gm has become the most trustworthy seller through its cheap price, fast delivery, and excellent customer online services. We allow for a variety of convenient payment options such as Credits Cards, Skrill, Sofort, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and AliPay...As a form of support for our users, we provide a live chat to allow for 24/7 customer support.


NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

A Locker Code is an item on NBA 2K's MyTeam game mode that gives you a chance to acquire free players, packs and tokens. We update this page daily so you never miss a code. If you're not sure how to redeem a locker code, click here. (Last Updated: July 24, 2021)


Locker Codes Expiry Date Reward
FAN-FAVORITES-2-IN-MYTEAM 7/30/21 Fan Favorites 2 pack, Badge pack, 5 Tokens
MYTEAM-FINALS-MVP-WINNERS 7/28/21 Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Lebron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Hakeem Olajuwon
2K22-COVER-STARS 7/28/21 Galaxy Opal Dirk Nowitzki, Galaxy Opal Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant, or Galaxy Opal Luka Doncic
MYTEAM-HYPERDRIVE-PACKS 7/27/21 Hyperdrive pack, Badge pack or Tokens
MAMBA-FOREVER-2K21 8/31/21 Amethyst Kobe Bryant
EVO-LEBRON-JAMES 8/6/21 Sapphire Evo Lebron James
MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB Never Expires 1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball Pack

Why Choose US

Fast Delivery We understand the importance of fast delivery and our dedicated staff will do everything possible to get your NBA 2K21 MT order as soon as possible.
Best Price We offer the product you want at the price you deserve. We pledge to offer you the best service and best NBA 2K21 MT product at the best prices!
100% Safe We Trade delivery method 100% safe and will take responsibility for that, we are experienced in the business and we can ensure that every order could be processed smoothly and efficiently.
Refund In the process of purchase,if we do not fulfill the customer's order on time,a refund will be granted.The refund will be issued immediately.

NBA 2K21 MT Review & Rate

  • By Eric
    • 150K NBA 2K21 MT

    • Sep/14/2021

    • 9 Mins

    • I have ordered about 10 things of this site! they are great and i have got about 80mil off them so far. i will keep on buying and buying!! GREAT SITE!

  • By Custorm
    • 50K NBA 2K21 MT

    • Sep/12/2021

    • 1.7 Days

    • I ordered and item and some mesos and recieved the item immediently, the mesos took a little longer than I expected. Definitly consisdering ordering from here again.

  • By Custorm
    • 200K NBA 2K21 MT

    • Sep/11/2021

    • 19 Mins

    • First time ordering, im a little skeptical. Hope I didnt get ripped off.

  • By Custorm
    • 250K NBA 2K21 MT

    • Sep/11/2021

    • 53 Mins

    • Man these guys are fast!!! I just confirmed my order and 3 mins later they were there!! amazing! =]

  • By Quinton
    • 300K NBA 2K21 MT

    • Sep/10/2021

    • 8 Mins

    • sweetness in about 20 hours they have made me 2.5m That's freakin amazing! RuneRich is the BOMB and i recommend it to EVERYONE who needs cheap and fast runescape gold and the best part is that they don't do those super risky gold transfers that are almost guaranteed to get you banned. Thanks RuneRich!

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