The Basic Guides to Dungeons in Bless Online

Game: Bless Online
Time: 2023-02-13
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In Bless Online leveling guide, we mentioned that Dungeons is an effective part of leveling. Right here, U4gm will primarily be covering the basics rather than anything advanced or too detailed.


The Basic Guides to Dungeons in Bless Online


Dungeon Prerequisites


Dungeons have two prerequisites. You must have a certain combat level and a certain gear score. You can open the Dungeon and Gear interfaces in the Esc menu.

Locating Dungeons: Go to the map and look for the red dungeon icon. Hovering over one will show you which dungeon it is. You shouldn't really have to worry about finding the first two dungeons, the main quest will lead you right to them.


Clearing the Dungeon


Clearing dungeons in Bless are straightforward. Kill the mobs and progress. Some tips to keep in mind:


The trash mobs are skippable.

Since the bosses are generally worth so much more than the trash mobs (EXP and loot), skipping the trash mobs wherever possible is efficient.

Bosses will not aggro until you attack them.

Feel free to run into boss rooms and clear the trash mobs without worrying about having to deal with the boss at the same time.

Pick up the gear that the mobs and bosses drop.

Best gear for lower levels. For example, in the level 13 dungeon, you will get the best level 13 gear, which will be necessary to keep up with the gear pre-requisite for the next dungeon.

Needed to grind into "Dragonballs", which can be used to enhance your gear.


Repairing your Gear


Like other MMOs, using your gear will chip away at its durability. You must repair it after a certain amount of use. You won't need to repair your gear before the first dungeon, but you almost certainly will after doing a few dungeon runs.

You can repair your gear at the closest Blacksmith. Both the Hieron and Union level 13 dungeon have blacksmiths nearby.

Note: Later in the game, blacksmiths are noted as a poor way of repairing gear, as using them chips away at your equipment's max durability. For the purposes of your low level gear though, this shouldn't be a concern, as you'll be trading it out quickly anyway.


Grinding your Gear


Gear progression in Bless is initially driven by "Dragonballs" (name will probably be different in NA/EU version). You get dragonballs by grinding gear in a "desynthesis machine" (also a tentative name).

Both the Hieron and Union level 13 dungeons have desynthesis machines nearby.

Take any gear that you get that's not for your class, and process it in the machine to get some dragonballs.


Buying Potions


There's not much to be said here... Potions help you stay alive. It's a good item to include on your dungeon run checklist.

Both the Hieron and Union level 13 dungeon have potion merchants nearby.

Note: Make sure to get potions that you can use at your level.

Note: Buying potions is a good time to quickly sell any junk taking up space in your inventory.


Resetting the Dungeon


After clearing a dungeon, you must reset it for all the mobs and bosses to reset.

Go to Esc -> Dungeons, and click the "Reset" button in the bottom left corner.

Later level dungeons can only be done a certain amount of times per day, and can't be reset with the above method.


If you can keep all of the above in mind, dungeon clearing should be a breeze for you.