Unlocking free skins for Warzone Mobile Event

Game: Call of Duty Warzone Mobile
Time: 2024-04-09
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The newest update has landed in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, bringing with it an exciting event called "Recruit." In this article, U4GM will delve into the intricacies of the Warzone Mobile "Recruit" Event, how it works, and how to complete the event quickly to unlock free skins.

Event Overview and Rewards
The pièce de résistance of this event is none other than the ethereal Ghostly Operator Skin. Picture yourself donning this sleek attire as you dominate the battlefield. To acquire this ghostly garb, you'll need to amass a total of 100,000 EP. If you don’t have enough time to complete this event, you can visit the Warzone Mobile CP Store, where U4GM will provide players with top-up services at favorable prices.

Compared to its predecessor, the Red Ghost event, which demanded a staggering 300,000 points over two weeks, the "Recruit" event gives you a breather with an 8-day timeframe. More time, less pressure.



How to Earn Event Points
1. Damage and Assists: Say goodbye to the sole reliance on kills for points. In the "Recruit" event, you're rewarded for causing mayhem and havoc. Inflict damage upon your foes and rack up those assists—it all counts towards your point tally.

2. Supply Boxes: Your scavenger instincts will come in handy here. Crack open those supply boxes scattered across the map. Not only do they yield valuable resources, but they also contribute to your event points. Pro tip: Keep an eye out for boost items within these boxes to turbocharge your progress.

3. Contracts: Contracts offer a steady stream of points, with each completion netting you a cool 300 points. While these can't be boosted, they're a reliable method to bolster your point count. Opt for contracts that keep you engaged in the action, such as Recon missions.



Strategies for Swift Completion
1. In fast-paced combat, players need to actively participate in combat scenes. Focus on securing kills, assists, and engaging in skirmishes to maximize point accumulation.
  - Kills and assists offer substantial point rewards, making them prime targets for point accumulation.
  - Engaging in combat ensures you're constantly contributing to your point tally, allowing for steady progression throughout the event.
  - Active participation in combat not only benefits you but also bolsters your team's chances of success.
  - Some game modes or events may offer point multipliers for certain actions, such as consecutive kills or high-damage output.
  - Prioritizing action increases your chances of triggering these multipliers, exponentially boosting your point gains.
  - In a time-limited event like "Recruit," every moment counts. Prioritizing action ensures you make the most of your playtime, minimizing idle moments and maximizing productivity.

2. Utilize the Plunder game mode to your advantage. Invest in UAVs from buy stations and spam them liberally. Spend your cash extravagantly to fuel your point gains.
  - Plunder Mode revolves around accumulating cash, presenting ample opportunities to bolster your financial reserves.
  - Cash serves as currency for purchasing UAVs, a vital tool for both reconnaissance and point accumulation. Purchase UAVs liberally from buy stations using your amassed cash.
  - Deploy UAVs strategically to reveal enemy positions, facilitating kills, assists, and overall point accumulation.
  - The constant use of UAVs ensures a steady stream of points as you uncover enemy locations and engage in combat.
  - By actively participating in Plunder Mode, you're not only amassing wealth but also accruing valuable event points concurrently.
  - By focusing on cash acquisition and UAV deployment, you optimize your time investment, maximizing event gains within each session.
  - Assign roles and responsibilities to capitalize on each team member's strengths, whether it's cash collection, UAV deployment, or combat prowess.
  - Remain agile and responsive to changing circumstances, pivoting between cash acquisition, UAV deployment, and combat engagement as needed.



About Bruiser Badges
Bruiser Badges emerge as coveted tokens that hold the key to unlocking exclusive rewards. In addition to event points, keep an eye out for Bruiser Badges scattered throughout the event. These coveted tokens can be exchanged at the Event Store for exclusive rewards, including weapon skins and operator attire.

1. Exchange Bruiser Badges at the Event Store for a plethora of exclusive rewards, including weapon skins, operator attire, and other coveted items. These rewards are inaccessible through conventional means, making them all the more desirable to avid collectors and completionists.

2. Prioritize accumulating Bruiser Badges throughout the event duration to maximize your redemption potential. Strategically prioritize your badge redemptions based on the rarity and desirability of the available rewards. Focus on acquiring high-value items that align with your personal preferences and gameplay priorities.

The "Recruit" event offers a cornucopia of rewards ripe for the taking. With the right tactics and dedication, you'll soon be sporting that coveted Ghostly Operator Skin.