Diablo 4: New Uber Unique Items Coming In Season 4

Game: Diablo IV
Time: 2024-03-27
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Every Season, there are a handful of new Unique items that are added to Diablo 4 and the same in season 4. In this article, we got a sneak peek at some of these upcoming Uniques.

New Uber Unique Chest Armor - Tyrael's Might

Diablo 4 Items 1

   +18 All Stats   
   +5.0% Maximum Resistance to All Elements   
   +11.2% Resistance to All Elements   
   10.0% Damage Reduction   
   While at full Life, your Skills unleash a divine barrage dealing [782 - 924] damage.

This Uber Unique has some great defensive Affixes, such as Maximum Resistances to All Elements, which dramatically reduces the amount of non-physical damage that a character takes. Additionally, the developers confirmed that the Damage Reduction Affix would be much more rare starting in Season 4, so this is another huge bonus. Finally, the conditional effect that unleashes a divine barrage acts as an Artillery Shrine, launching projectiles out at enemies whenever the character casts a skill or ability.

New Unique Amulet - Fractured Winterglass

Diablo 4 Items 2

   +19.0% Resistance to All Elements   
   +[14.0 - 19.5]% Vulnerable Damage   
   +[18.5 - 26.0]% Non-Physical Damage   
   [5.0 - 7.0]% Cooldown Reduction   
   +[1 - 2] to Conjuration Mastery (Sorcerer Only)   
   Casting Frozen Orb has a [35 - 50]% chance to spawn a random Conjuration when it explodes.   
   Lucky Hit: Your Conjurations have up to a [70 - 100]% chance to launch a Frozen Orb at Nearby enemies.

This is not an Uber Unique. Fractured Winterglass is a Unique Amulet that allows Sorcerers to randomly spawn a Conjuration, such as a Hydra whenever they cast Frozen Orb. In addition, these randomly spawned Conjurations will also have a Lucky Hit chance to cast an additional Frozen Orb!

And these are just two of the new Unique items coming to Season 4 that have been revealed so far! Are you excited to try out these new Unique items coming in Season 4? If you have more info about new Unique items, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!