Why Diablo IV Season 4 Delayed Launch Date

Game: Diablo IV
Time: 2024-03-21
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Diablo 4’s upcoming season four has been pushed back a month May 14, 2024, to make room for a public test realm (PTR) feedback period, Blizzard announced today. Diablo 4's very first PTR will run from April 2 to 9, and that'll allow players to test out what's to come in season 4 and provide feedback to help ensure the new content is as stable as possible. That means Season 3, Season of the Construct, will be around for an extra month, too.

Diablo 4's community lead, Adam Fletcher, explained that Blizzard needs a little more time to make sure feedback from the upcoming PTR is implemented properly.

"We're pushing it back a few weeks to ensure that we get all of the feedback from this PTR and we apply it to season 4 to make sure that all of these new system changes that we're doing are right and work for the community based off of everyone's feedback," Fletcher said.

Diablo 4 Season 3 brought players Class changes as well as new items to help buff out some builds that needed special attention. Season 4 might be one of the game’s biggest yet, as Blizzard promises an itemization rework that could change how loot impacts the overall experience.

For now, while season four won’t be happening as early as originally planned, players can take heart that they can get a taste of it on the PTR and also supply feedback to Blizzard to help make it the best it can be when it launches.