Elden Ring DLC details explored and release time

Game: Elden Ring
Time: 2023-05-13
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In anticipation of many players, Fromsoftware announced that a new DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree is under development, and a picture related to the DLC is attached. Although there are no details about the content and release time of the DLC, the official hints can also be inferred from the facts in the picture.

Elden Ring DLC details explored and release time

What are the hints for the text in the DLC?

Shadow of the Erdtree uses broken textures, even more, broken than the Elden Ring above. On the O in Shadow, the official uses a unique texture, like a broken branch, which may be to tell players, In the upcoming DLC, the Erdtree will be shattered like the Elden Ring.

About Shadow

The word Shadow contains many meanings. In the world of Elden Ring, there is such a unique existence as the Shadow of a god-man, such as the Shadow of Ranni, the Shadow of Marika, and the Shadow of Miquella and Melania, who never showed up. So, Shadow might be more than just the Shadow of the golden tree.

Who's the blond girl riding the Torret?

There is a high probability that this girl is Marika's female personality-Torina because the image of the girl in the picture is exactly the same as Marika's hairstyle captured by Mohg. There are not many people. Why is she riding a Torret? Could Marika be Torret's previous owner? Players who understand the plot know that Melina, Marika, and Malenia are all Marika's children, so it is entirely possible that he has the whistle to summon Torret; secondly, Torret is a horse from the ancestral spirit, but there will not be only A horse, Marika can also bring it to the Junction.

What is the tree from which the golden liquid flows?

In the officially released pictures, this tree looks unique. It is entirely different from the straight and straight golden tree. The golden liquid flows from the cracks in the trunk as if it was split in the middle by an axe. If it was a golden tree that was broken, the liquid that flows out should be dew drops with blessing characteristics. But through careful observation, you will find that there is no golden shadow on this tree and no leaves. Reminiscent of the official title - Shadow of the Erdtree, this big black tree is likely to be the Shadow of the golden tree.  
The golden tree seen in the game is a combination of the illusory golden appearance and the ordinary tree. Why does this tree look completely different? It is very likely that the Elden meteor penetrated the original golden tree and parasitized the tree. Through the fusion of Elden beast, the tree gradually became the current golden tree.

Is the scene in the picture the real world?

In addition to the big trees, dilapidated buildings, and grassland, there are illusory phantoms of white tombstones everywhere in the picture. This should not be the real world but more like the soul world after death. What you see in this picture may be the "soul world" at the Junction of Marika's dream. We will see the era before the golden tree, and the reason why the fader can see this scene is that Marika is about to die now, and what he sees when he takes his hand into the dream is actually what he has once guided The scene, except that the tree has collapsed. The golden liquid flowing from the big tree is similar to the furnace in the real world.

What period does the dilapidated building belong to?

The human statues on these gate-shaped buildings have only been seen in two places in Junction. One is the underground ruins of the Ulu Dynasty, with similar people on those stone tablets. And there is Fam Yazra, where the Dragon King is.   

Based on the above analysis, the DLC plot must not occur in the current Junction. It will likely be in Marika's dream or return to the past and enter another world. The timeline of the plot must be before the time of the current stage. We already know where Marika is now. He should have no chance to play around as Torina again. Marika's dream will be more reasonable.

DLC release time and production team

If there is no accident, the release time of the DLC will have to wait until the end of this year at the earliest. Fromsoftware focuses on the new game Armored Core 6, announced last year. It is expected to be released in September this year. The release date of Shadow of the Erdtree will be after this.   

Since the game company's primary focus is on Armored Core 6, the production of Elden Ring DLC will be completed by other teams under its umbrella. There will inevitably be different changes in the style and gameplay of the game. According to the content quality of the previous Elden Ring, combined with the content analyzed in the above article, the new DLC may have rich content like a brand new game, which is very worth looking forward to by players.