Fallout 76: The Best Items To Sell In Player Vendors

Game: Fallout 76
Time: 2024-04-23
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Player vendors can turn a dusty old Fallout 76 CAMP into a high-traffic trading depot, there are a few things that players can sell that really bring in customers. But what are the best Fallout 76 items to sell in them? Let’s take a look!

Treasure Maps

Fallout 76 Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps unlock buried stashes around the in-game world. They sell well when sold for between 50 and 100 Caps. However, like with most items in the game, the prices can fluctuate. If a player has lots of maps to sell, then it is a good draw for high-level players. Lots of players scroll through player vendors on the server. Any vendor with lots of stuff for sale usually draws in lots of people.

XP Buffs

Fallout 76 XP Buffs

Some items in Fallout 76 help players gain extra XP. These items will always sell well. Players are also usually willing to pay a fair amount for them, as it helps them to level up faster, so it's possible to make a decent amount of Fallout 76 Caps just by selling XP buffs.

Bobbleheads And Magazines

Fallout 76 Bobbleheads And Magazines

Fallout 76's magazines and bobbleheads are now consumable temporary buffs that provide traits such as weapon-specific boosts or damage increased against certain enemies. Prices can range from 50 Caps to 250 Caps per Bobblehead or magazine. When determining prices, players can check out other CAMPS to get a rough idea of what to price their magazines and Bobbleheads at.


Fallout 76 Apparel

It is important to note that the apparel most people are looking for when visiting a player's CAMP is far too valuable to be sold for Caps. Things like the Tattered Field Jacket, Forest Camo Jumpsuit, and Red Asylum Uniform are worth way more than the 40,000 Cap max that player vendors are limited to. However, there are a few outfits that can be sold for a fair amount of Caps in a player vendor, such as Pink Asylum Uniform, Longshoreman Outfit, and Emmett Mountain Hazmat Suit.


Fallout 76 Ammo

In a post-apocalyptic world full of mutants and monsters, bullets are always going to be in demand. Even the best guns in Fallout 76 become worthless without ammunition, and players will want to do everything they can to make sure they stay stocked up. Either way, ammo sells very well with almost every type of player in the game. As for ammo pricing, for regular ammo types (Non-Ultracite), players should almost always charge 1 Cap per piece of ammo. 


Fallout 76 Junk

They may look like useless Fallout 76 items, but junks are incredibly valuable resources in the game. Players need them to extract crafting materials for pieces of furniture, Power Armor, and, more importantly, weapons. But farming junk materials in larger chunks is a fairly challenging task because they are all over the place, so they usually sell very quickly!


Fallout 76 Mods

There are some mods in Fallout 76 that players search high and low for. While the most expensive mods, like the Enclave Reflex Sight, are way too valuable to put in a player vending machine, there are a couple of mods that sell in player vendors for a decent price. These are the lower-value Enclave weapon mods. The prices for these usually fluctuate pretty regularly, but one of the better ones to sell is the Enclave Aligned Flamer Barrel mod which sells for between 30,000 and 35,000 Caps.


Fallout 76 Plans

Plans are the crafting recipes that allow you to build weapons, create armor, and trick out your CAMP in Fallout 76. If the player wants to make Caps faster, then selling common plans for between 5 and 10 Caps is a good way to sell through excess plans fast. Just be careful not to list any rare plans at this price.


Fallout 76 Armor

Selling three-star legendary armor in a player vendor is an easy moneymaker. The best type of armor to sell in a player vendor is Scrip armor. Scrip is the term given for weapons with little Cap value. They are usually turned in by players at Scrip machines. When selling armor, for a quick sale, players can sell three-star armor pieces for between 250 and 350 FO76 Bottle Caps each. As for power armor, it can be sold for between 600 and 750 Caps.


Fallout 76 Weapons

If a CAMP has lots of legendary weapons, then it tends to draw in lots of players. More visitors means the potential for sales, which means more Caps. That said, pricing can be a bit tricky. Three-star legendary weapons are the most popular items that players look for. There are two types of legendary weapons players should sell in their vendors: Scrip and low-tier good weapons.