FIFA 22 Link Investing Guide

Game: FIFA 22
Time: 2023-02-13
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Buying links (mostly strong/perfect links) to new cards in order to generate a profit


When does it not work?

Even though it might sound very simple, link investing can be tricky at times. Especially because of the large trading community, you have to be very careful what you buy, when you buy it and when you sell. To avoid losses, I'll start explaining when it doesn't work.


1. direct replacement

When an SBC/Objective card is a direct replacement in people's team (same position), buying cards from the same position as links isn't a good idea.

Example: Kimpembe as a strong link to Todibo SBC (both french CBS from Ligue 1); people link CBs with fullbacks or GKs and replace their CB for the SBC


2. price difference

The link you buy has to be at least roughly in the same price category. You always have to think about it this way: a card rises because people buy it for their teams.

Example: Let's say there is a Varane SBC for 500K FIFA 22 coins in June next year, you don't buy a Gold Wan-Bissaka for 5K coins as a linked investment because no one who can afford a 500K coins Varane uses 5K coins Gold card.


3. SBC has no demand

Link investing for SBCs only works if the SBC is a very meta player or very good value. EA often releases overpriced SBCs with low completion rates, so in this case, you should stay away from buying links.


When does it work

- Any decent objective

for objectives usually, the links always rise, especially the cheaper cards

- Good value, meta SBC

make sure to buy links in the same price category

- Cheap SBC with very limited link options


When to buy

- First minutes after the SBC/objective comes out (basically rash investing)

If you manage to buy for a non-inflated price very quickly, make sure to monitor the price and sell once the cheapest listings stop selling instantly

That's usually the peak! After that point, it starts to drop (=pyramid scheme)


FIFA 22 Link Investing Guide


- Another good buy window is the dip when rash investors are selling - it's just a bit tricky to find the low point before the natural rebound!


When to sell?

- At the peak of the "pyramid" = before rash investors start selling (if you managed to buy early enough)

- A few days after the objective as more people completed it and are implementing the card into their teams

- When people build teams for WL Friday and onwards (if it's a link to an SBC card) -> weekend flipping guide




Let me take the Tonali objective during Future Stars as an example. I already used this objective card as an example in objective trading because it was very popular at the time.


Theo Hernandez Inform, which was the best LB in Serie A and offered the Milan link to Tonali rose from 180K coins to 210K coins on Friday it came out (isn't shown on Futbin) and dropped all the way down to 155K coins in the night.

The reason he dropped so much after the peak is that there was a very cheap Dalot LB card in the promo which hurt his price as well



After the low point of 155K coins Friday night/Saturday morning, he rebounded to 190K coins on Thursday which was the day people bought their WL teams. This day changes now for FIFA 22 because of how WL rewards were changed but the method stays the same