Fortnite Halloween 2018 Revealed - New Skins, Llama Locations, Back Bling and Gliders

Game: Fortnite
Time: 2023-02-13
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Now some Fortnite Halloween 2018 items have been leaked, it looks like it will likely be adding some special Halloween-themed cosmetics also. A brand new set of skins, back bling, gliders, and pickaxes happen to be leaked, providing a appear at what's presumably to come sooner or later during October.

Fortnite Halloween 2018


No.1 - New Halloween Skins and Items

No.2 - Season 6 New Content and A Big Event on the Horizon

No.3 - New Battle Star Tasks This Week

No.4 - New Designs Were Leaked Online after 6.0 Update


NO.1 New Halloween Skins and Items



First, there are some fortnite save the world items in Halloween, which are the skins Hay Man (Male) and Straw Ops (Female); Hay Nest and Birdhovel back bling; Dark Glyph and Field Wraith gliders; and Thunder Crash and Harvester pickaxes. Plus, it delivers a have a look at the new T-Pose, which goes in particular nicely with the Hay Man skin. 


So far Epic hasn't announced any particular Halloween events, so we're not certain but just how you'll earn these new cosmetic items--they could possibly be sold like any others or tied to certain challenges, just like the birthday event products released this summer season. Whatever the case, these join a complete host of new Season 6 skins, which include some monster-themed ones like the Dire Wolf. Those one adjustments as you level up, becoming increasingly more like a werewolf.


NO.2 Season 6 New Content and A Big Event on the Horizon


Epic Games has kicked off season 6 with lots of new content material in addition to a large occasion on the horizon. Fortnite Halloween 2018 looks set to become a major deal and can most likely include some top-rated new skins.


And from how the improvement team has decided to begin releasing decorations and costumes into the game already, it appears probably it's going to be a big deal.


Epic Games haven't announced if they may be going to introduce a new LTM, gear as well as other products for the spooky holidays, but it wouldn't be surprising if they did. The Higher Stakes integrated all of these things and proved really well known with fans.


And it just so occurs that data miners have identified extra Halloween stuff that is going to be coming to the game extremely quickly. Fans have noticed all of the new decorations and ghost costumes which have been appearing in distinct components from the map this week. And it appears as Epic Games will likely be adding to this inside the near future.


The next piece of decoration coming to the game appears to become a Tubeman Llama, not anything you could possibly predict. This will likely come with all the usual inflatable piece, along with a stand, that comes inside the colour purple. This is almost certainly just certainly one of a lot of new props and adjustments Epic Games has planned for the vacation.


Fans are also expecting the return of the Skull Trooper skin, who recently popped up in the season six trailer.


There doesn't appear to become many other purposes to incorporate the season 1 design in the seasonal switchover unless it is going to play some kind of function.


As usual, Epic Games are attempting to preserve everything quite quiet but if Halloween is going to be a significant celebration, you can anticipate some type of announcement in the weeks to come. Another huge talking point is the new week 1 challenges, which had been not too long ago released by Epic Games.


NO.3 New Battle Star Tasks This Week



And it appears like Fortnite fans are struggling with one of the new battle star tasks. One of this week's 'Search' challenges is separated into three stages. It begins off straightforward adequate, with stage a single difficult players to search three chests.


These are generally identified in attics, basements as well as other difficult to attain places, and are accompanied by their own sound effect.


The following phase is usually a bit trickier, as players ought to search two provide Drops. These tend to drop later inside the game - so retain an eye on the skies when the numbers start to dwindle. You are going to also require to become cautious not to get picked off by a sniper when trying to find the loot.


For the final stage, players have to search a single Supply Llama place, which can be when items get definitely complicated. There is ordinarily only a handful on the map at any 1 time, and they pop up in totally random locations. I've found a couple on cliff edges and by the banks of distinct streams.


It just a single of many new challenges that can be completed this week, before the subsequent set of battle star tasks are released.


NO.4 New Designs Were Leaked Online after 6.0 Update


Following update 6.0 going live, a wealth of new designs had been leaked online. Two Epic Buddies have collated all the skins, and Battle Pass rewards leaked earlier this week and put them into a single handy image.


There are some manner of new things, skins and emotes. Epic also showcases some of the pets, colour variations, evolved characters, and even a mystery character. Lots of those designs are set to be released during the season, with some obtaining currently released by Epic Games.


The new Air Heart outfit and Heidi cosmetic went live earlier this week, so fans can cross them off the list. The Aviation Age Gear was accessible to buy in the course of the weekend, with both designs costing 1,200 V-Bucks plus the Dirigible Glider costing precisely the same. Extra styles may also be added to the Fortnite Shop over the coming weeks, with each content material update expected to include extra cosmetics.