Fortnite Hero Quests

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After completing the Twine Peaks Quests in Fortnite, players will come to the Hero Quests. It is no doubt that you should complete Quests to pass through Hero, now, let's dive into this Quests. And if you are looking to Buy Fortnite Weapons, U4GM as a professional website to provide fast and secure Fortnite items for you.

Fortnite Hero Quests



NO.1 Search and Rescue

Quest Description:

Find 4 Trap Parts in successful missions in a 5+ zone.

Complete 2 missions in a 5+ zone.


Quest Reward:

Ceiling Gas Trap Schematic


How to Find Trap Parts:

A small glowing collectible box.

They show up on your minimap as exclamation marks.


NO.2 Fragments 'O Plenty

Quest Description:

Level up an Outlander to Level 3.

Collect an Outlander Fragment and Activate an Outlander Fragment Ability.

Complete 3 missions as an Outlander in a 5+ zone.


Quest Reward:



What is the Outlander:

Outlander is one of four classes in Fortnite.

The Outlander class explores levels and gathers materials for their team.

The Outlander is often a lone-wolf whose abilities specialize in survival.  

On the other hand, they have very little damage bonus and have lower health than other classes and so are not a practical class for engaging in combat.


How to Collect Outlander Fragment:

It's the big blue and purple round metallic box all over the map.

There is usually like 10 of them pr map. if not more.

The blue is normal fragments.

The Purple are Loot Pinjata Fragments.


NO.3 Praying Mantis

Quest Description:

Level up a Ninja to level 3.

Activate the Throwing Stars Ability.

Activate the Mantis Leap Ability.

Complete 3 missions as a Ninja in a 5+ zone.


Quest Reward:

Shadow Blade


What is Throwing Stars Ability:

It is an ability specific to the Ninja Class of the game Fortnite.  

It allows the player to accomplish a double jump as high as one story.

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