Fortnite Plankerton Quests Part 1

Game: Fortnite
Time: 2023-02-13
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Plankerton Quests is the second Quest in Fortnite, players need to progress through Plankerton. Now U4GM shares with you Fortnite Plankerton Quests Part 1. If you'd like to Buy Fortnite Materials, U4GM pledges to offer you the best service and best product at the best prices.

Fortnite Plankerton Quests Part 1


NO.1 Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 1

Quest Description:




Complete Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 1.




Quest Reward:



100 V-bucks



1 Skill points




NO.2 Two Swirls

Quest Description:




Complete a Category 2 Fight the Storm mission in a 19+ zone.




Quest Reward:



Rare Shock Specialist A.C.




NO.3 No. Robot. Doctor.

Quest Description:




Complete a Rescue the Survivors mission in a 19+ zone.



Rescue the Survivors is a Mission in Save the Globe.



Players ought to rescue a total of six Survivors in 20 minutes.



As soon as six survivors have been saved, an added 9 could be rescued for any total of 15.




Quest Reward:



Rare Melee Weapon Schematic



2000x Schematic




How to Find Survivors:



Applying the Individuals collectibles you are in a position to Transform Heroes, Survivors and Defenders. This is an incredibly unique action that increase the skills and bonuses of every single. They are represented by a small blue icon on the map and minimap and they usually call out when close.



Always explore a map 100% for the rewards and then all of the Survivors should appear with the blue icons.





NO.4 Cork That Space Hole

Quest Description:

Complete a Ride the Lightning mission in a 19+ zone.




Ride the Lightning is a time-limited, gather/construct/defend mission.



Players must locate Lars' van, and deposit 2 BluGlo.



Players must then fortify and defend the van for 3 minutes.



Once this has been achieved, players must deposit a further 2 BluGlo and defend the van for an additional 4 minutes.




Quest Reward:



15x Silver Ore



2x Rotating Gizmo




How To Find Lars Van in Ride the Lightning:



Whilst there is no secret method for finding Lars Van, there are some tips and tricks which work every time.



Lars Van will play music, and it's actually quite loud. If you can hear the music playing, then your relatively close to the van.



If you are using a surround sound setup with speakers/headset, then locating the van should be really easy.



Build up to a high location using a cheap material such as wood. High enough that you can see all of, it not most of the landscape.



Start looking around for Lars Van. It will be hard to spot at a distance.



However it has some defining features such as the Radar Dish and other objects spewed around it.



If you're struggling to build the van, keep using floor pieces to build around the map until you spot it.



This will also prevent you from running into any husks. Use a scope to also zoom in on locations, acting as binoculars.




NO.5 … While Screaming

Quest Description:




Find 3 Pop parts in successful missions in a 19+ zone.




Quest Reward:



2x Mini Reward Llama




How to Find Pop Parts:



Just like all the other missions. "Find stuff on mission" There are parts random on 19+ levels that you need to find. They should give you a yellow ! When you are close.





Quest Description:




Complete a Build the Radar Grid in a 19+ zone.



Build the Radar Grid is a gather and construct Mission.



Players have 20 minutes to construct 3 Radar Towers using Wood, Stone or Metal.



After 3 towers have been constructed, players are able to build an additional 2 for extra mission rewards.




Quest Reward:



Rare Ranged Weapon Schematic



2000x Schematic xp




How to Build a Radar Tower:



Initially, you have to find the radar. Before you decide to essentially build these radar towers, they will seem inside the game as white outlines on the structure that may be there with your help.



As you go to place a piece of the structure like a wall to match up with the outline, you will see a small icon on each tile that tells you how that section should look.



The final factor to keep in mind is making certain that you're also using the right building materials. Just make sure you're building the tower using whatever icon is next to the "Chest Tower" task in the top right corner of your screen.



This icon might be a wood, stone, or metal and will decide what material you should use to build what will ultimately turn into a pretty cool radar tower.




NO.7 A Fresh Start

Quest Description:




Completely explore a 19+ Zone in a successful mission.




Quest Reward:



Rare BASE Kyle



2000x Hero xp




NO.8 Deeply Disturbing Simulations

Quest Description:




Look for clues to find the Weatherman in successful missions in a 19+ zone.




Quest Reward:



Rare Survivor



2000x Survivor xp




NO.9 Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 2

Quest Description:




Complete Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 2.




Quest Reward:



100 V-bucks



1 Skill points




NO.10 Six Minutes

Quest Description:




Complete a Repair the Shelter mission in a 23+ zone.




Quest Reward:



Rare Rescue Trooper Ramirez



2500x Hero xp




Repair the Shelter Mission Tips:



Activating the Shelter will begin the siege timer— do not activate it until some defenses have been built.



Construction Bots tend to be found in rough groups.



Finding one Bot usually means there will be more nearby.



Use your Hover-board for increased mobility.




NO.11 Lightning Rich Environment

Quest Description:




Complete a Destroy the Encampments mission in a 23+ zone.



Players must locate 5 active Encampments.



They are medium-sized purple towers with 3 sleeping Husks around it.



The difficulty of each Encampment increases as they are destroyed.



This is also indicated by the visual appearance of the Encampment.



Just after 5 Encampments have already been destroyed, an optional 4 Super Encampments is often destroyed for extra mission rewards.




Quest Reward:



Rare Spear Schematic or Rare Scythe Schematic




NO.12 SEE Yourself Out

Quest Description:




Gather Rift data and place the 3 scanning devices in successful missions in a 23+ zone.




Quest Reward:



Rare Lead Survivor



2500x Survivor xp




What is Rift Data in SEE Yourself Out? How Do You Gather and Place it?



Just go to the red skull on the map where the rift is.



Then you'll find "rift data" there.



Do that a couple games and the quest is over.