Fortnite Plankerton Quests Part 2

Game: Fortnite
Time: 2023-02-13
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In Fortnite, Plankerton Quests would be the second Quest, players need to have to progress by means of Plankerton. Now U4GM shares with you Fortnite Plankerton Quests Part 2. Meanwhile, if you'd like to Buy Fortnite Traps, U4GM pledges to offer you the best service and best product at the best prices.

Fortnite Plankerton Quests Part 2


No.1 - Clear!

No.2 - Plankhattan Project

No.3 - Chopped and Screwed

No.4 - Radio Free Plankerton

No.5 - Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 3

No.6 - Air Quotes

No.7 - Rifty Business

No.8 - Plankies Go Home

No.9 - Wind of Change

No.10 - Pump Up the Volume

No.11 - No Lost Causes

No.12 - #Resist


NO.1 Clear!

Quest Description:




Complete 3 M*E*D*B*O*Ts in successful missions in a 23+ zone.




Quest Reward:



Rare Survivor



2500x Survivor xp




How to Complete 3 M*E*D*B*O*Ts in Successful Missions:



Just search the map.



You're searching for survivors. The area they are found at is usually situated by a large yellow circle in your map. Go there and search to the survivor in that spot, but it can be somewhat more durable to spot since these special "quest" survivors do not yell "Help! Support!" all of the time.



Also, they don't stand around and wave at you. They are injured and are lying on the floor.



Go to that injured survivor and activate him to call down a MEDBOT!



The rest is self-explanatory from there. You need 2 BluGlo to activate the MEDBOT and after that, you need to activate the MEDBOT again to save the survivor. Do that three times and you are done.




NO.2 Plankhattan Project

Quest Description:




Fully complete 1 BluGlo Siphon in a successful mission in a 23+ zone.



Complete 2 missions in a 23+ zone.




Quest Reward:



Rare Defender



2500x Hero xp




How to Fully complete 1 BluGlo Siphon:



Pick a map that is not timed (Rescue Survivors / Encampments / Radar Towers) If you occurred to use these maps, you deserved to fail. Creating sure to gather bluglo just after wave 1 or 2.



Inform your team-mates. When you are on a non-timed missions (Van/Atlas), you'll find generally people prepared to lend a hand. Do note that you'll find also people today who wants to speed run. Respect their wishes and wait for the following map.




NO.3 Chopped and Screwed

Quest Description:




Complete 2 Destroy the Encampments missions in a 23+ zone.



Destroy the Encampments is a mission in which players must locate 5 active Encampments.



They are medium-sized purple towers with 3 sleeping Husks around it.



The difficulty of each Encampment increases as they are destroyed.



This is also indicated by the visual appearance of the Encampment.



After 5 Encampments have been destroyed, an optional 4 Super Encampments can be destroyed for extra mission rewards.




Quest Reward:



Rare Trap Schematic



2500x Schematic xp





NO.4 Radio Free Plankerton

Quest Description:




Find 5 pieces of broadcasting studio equipment in successful missions in a 23+ zone.




Quest Reward:



Rare Ranged Weapon Schematic



2500x Schematic xp




NO.5 Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 3

Quest Description:




Complete Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 3




Quest Reward:



100 V-bucks



1 Skill points




NO.6 Air Quotes

Quest Description:




Complete a Storm Chest in a successful mission in a 28+ zone




Quest Reward:



Rare Fleetfoot Ken



3000x Hero xp




How to Complete a Storm Chest:



Storm Chests are purple chests that can be found around the map, usually near the edges, you need to kill at least 25 enemies within 1minute to complete the basic requirement of a storm chest.



You get level appropriate loot for this, and can get better rewards for killing 50 in the time limit, then 2 mist monsters.




NO.7 Rifty Business

Quest Description:




Complete a Deliver the Bomb mission in a 28+ zone.




Quest Reward:



Rare Survivor



3000x Survivor xp




What is Deliver the Bomb mission:



Deliver the Bomb is an escort Mission.



Players ought to Locate Site A, B, and the Rift.



After all 3 happen to be found, players need to deposit 4 BluGlo into A.



When this has been carried out, Ray will add 20 Tracks into each players Inventory.



Players will have to then link site A to site B with the tracks.



Players must then escort the Bomb from A to B, ensuring it doesn't get destroyed by small waves of husks.



After the bomb has been delivered, players need to fortify B and defend the site for a total of 4 minutes.



It's worth noting the storm does not move during this defence.




NO.8 Plankies Go Home

Quest Description:




Smash 3 Anomalies in successful missions in a 28+ zone




Quest Reward:



2x Mini Reward Llama




NO.9 Wind of Change

Quest Description:




Complete two Ride the Lightning missions in a 28+ zone




Quest Reward:



3x Active Powercell




What is Ride the Lightning:



Ride the Lightning is a time-limited, gather/construct/defend mission.



Players must locate Lars' van, and deposit 2 BluGlo.



Players must then fortify and defend the van for 3 minutes.



As soon as this has become obtained, Players will have to deposit a further two BluGlo and defend the van for an additional four minutes.




NO.10 Pump Up the Volume

Quest Description:




Complete 6 Relay Survivor missions in successful missions in a 28+ zone




Quest Reward:



Rare Survivor



3000x Survivor xp




How to Complete Relay Survivor missions:



You can need to full a given action, and after you do this you will be prompted to talk to the Survivor.



After you do this, a robot pops up above their head, they are scanned in a blue light, then disappear.




NO.11 No Lost Causes

Quest Description:




Save 15 Survivors in successful missions.



Complete a Repair the Shelter mission in a 28+ zone.




Quest Reward:



Rare Melee Weapon Schematic



3000x Schematic xp




NO.12 #Resist

Quest Description:




Complete 3 Play with Others missions in Plankerton.




Quest Reward:



Rare Defender



3000x Hero xp




How to Complete Play with Others:



Play with Others is a special mission type.



The player can join a random player's mission or Storm Shield defence and receive 20% bonus XP upon completion.