Fortnite Plankerton Quests Part 4

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In Fortnite, Plankerton as the second big Quests, what players need to do is progress through Plankerton to get rewards and unlock the next Quests. Now U4GM shares with you Fortnite Plankerton Quests Part 4. Additionally, U4GM is a professional website for players to Buy Fortnite Items, we will help you with the whole heart to solve your concerns and problems.

Fortnite Plankerton Quests Part 4



NO.1 Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 5

Quest Description:

Complete Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 5.


Quest Reward:

100 V-bucks

1 Skill points


NO.2 The Battle of Plank Harbor

Quest Description:

Complete a Fight Category 3 Storm in a 40+ zone.


Quest Reward:

Epic Club Schematic


NO.3 Safe Harbor

Quest Description:

Save 25 survivors in successful missions.

Complete 2 Evacuate the Shelter missions in a 40+ zone.


Quest Reward:

Level 5 Patrol Ward

3750x Schematic xp


Find Survivors Tips:

Check Your Mini Map.

Listen for Their Calls.

Look for Stashes.

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NO.4 Foo Floater

Quest Description:

Complete Retrieve the Data in a 40+ zone。


Quest Reward:

2x Active Powercell


NO.5 Rogue Balloon

Quest Description:

Build 3 Radar Towers in 40+ zones.


Quest Reward:

Epic Survivor

30000x Survivor xp


What Are the Radar Towers:

Radar Towers are sided objectives in Save the World that call for players to construct a Radar Tower according to a holographic blueprint.

They can be found around the map, usually in grassy areas on the outskirts of most zones, and are marked on the map with a blue radar dish icon.

Activating a Radar Tower grants rewards as well as revealing certain valuable items on the map in a radius around the tower.

Radar Towers are the primary objective of the Mission type Build the Radar Grid, where players must build at least three Radar Towers within 20 minutes.


NO.6 Jinx

Quest Description:

Complete a Ride the Lightning in a 40+ zone

Complete the Ride the Lightning quest by successfully protecting Lars' Van from an incoming husk storm.


Quest Reward:

2x Mini Reward Llama


Ride the Lightning Quests Objectives:

Locate Lars' Van.

Travel to Lars' Van.

Deposit BlueGlo. (0/2)

Recommended Build Limit. (0/155)

Activate the Van.

Defend the Van.


NO.7 I'm Probably Dead

Quest Description:

Complete a Protect the Servers in a 40+ zone.


Quest Reward:

Epic Ranged Weapon Schematic

4000x Schematic xp


How to Complete a Protect the Servers:

This mission is rough because it punishes you for doing what the game trained you to do in every mission up to that point. Every mission in the game follows the same rules:

Find the objective.


Defend after intentionally triggering the objective.


NO.8 Fight on


Quest Description:

Complete 4 Relay the Survivors in a 40+ zone.


Quest Reward:

10x Lightning in a Bottle


How to Relay the Survivors:

Run around the map and look for a broken tower with an antenna piece on the ground next to it.

It will have a standard event icon on the map, so you'll have to run around and check them all (no quest markers for this one sadly).

Once you find the tower pick up the antenna, build stairs up to the top of the tower, replace the floor piece, then click the thing twice, and then talk to the random survivor that comes running over.

Repeat that now on 6 different maps because there's only one relay per map.


NO.9 Remains To Be Seen?


Quest Description:

Fully explore 2 40+ zones.


Quest Reward:

Epic Defender

3750x Hero xp


NO.10 Prophe-SEE

Quest Description:

Deploy 5 SeeBots in 40+ zones.


Quest Reward:

Epic Melee Weapon Schematic

4000x Schematic xp


Tips in Prophe-SEE:

On the quest Prophe-SEE, you must deploy a certain amount of SEE-bots.

Although they share the same name as those found in Repair The Shelter mission, the quest does not require you to deploy those SEE-bots.

When on this quest, you can go into any mission (40+) to complete it. It is like the quest Durr, where you have to find food containers.

New SEE-bots will appear on your map as exclamation points and you will need to deploy them at their locations.

This quest causes new SEE-bots to appear on the map.

You must be in any mission 40+ to have them appear.

Once you have met these requirements, you can deploy the bots and complete the quest.


NO.11 Can Do


Quest Description:

Build 5 radar towers in 40+ zones.


Quest Reward:

Epic Lead Survivor

32000x Survivor xp


NO.12 Party of Three

Quest Description:

Complete 3 Deliver the Bomb or Category 3 Fight the Storm in a 40+ zone.


Quest Reward:

1x Training Manual

1x Trap Designs

1x Weapon Designs


NO.13 Opening Act

Quest Description:

Complete a Ride the Lightning in a 40+ zone.


Quest Reward:

Epic Survivor

4000x Survivor xp


NO.14 Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 6

Quest Description:

Complete Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 6.


Quest Reward:

100 V-bucks

1 Skill points


NO.15 Plank Off!

Quest Description:

Complete a Launch the Rocket mission in a 40+ zone.


Quest Reward:

Legendary Hero Transform Key

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