Fortnite Season 8: 5 Things You Should Know

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Fortnite Season 8


Developer Epic Games constantly updates Fortnite to keep things fresh for players. As you know, Fortnite Season 6 ran throughout fall 2018, winter 2018's Season 7 is ongoing, and spring 2019 will bring something new for Season 8.


Fortnite Season 8 might be wet. That is about all we mostly know, but if the hints buried in preceding Fortnite battle passes are any indication, the wetness will extend to far more than a straightforward spring thaw. Season 8 will have a lot to do with water. Here are the things we know so far about Fortnite Season 8. 


When does Fortnite Season 7 end?


Fortnite Season 7


The Fortnite battle pass screen inside the in-game menu always incorporates a countdown for the finish from the present season. Primarily based on that, Season 7 ought to finish on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.


Historically, Epic Games frequently pushes a season's finish date back a handful of days to give players extra time to full challenges, but that didn't come about within the transition from Season 6 to 7. By the last week of February, Epic will almost certainly announce an official finish date by way of Twitter or Reddit and eventually shift the season-ending countdown to hours instead of days.


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When does Fortnite Season 8 start?


Every new season usually begins shortly right after the previous season ends. The shortest time for this transition may be measured in hours or perhaps minutes. However, it could also be a bit longer. Yet, Epic Games has released a series of 3 teaser images for each with the final few seasons.


These serve as something of an informal countdown for the begin of every new season, hinting at new themes, characters, and features. Additionally, they confirm each season new get started to date. 


If we had to guess when these would get started appearing for Season eight, we'd wager Monday, February 25 will be the first top to a start off date of Thursday, February 28.


What map changes will be in Fortnite Season 8?



All signs point to some wet new locations. With spring, we may see a deep thaw run through the icy components from the map. Greasy Grove is currently submerged within a frozen lake, and you can look at the buildings, chests, and weapons just beneath the surface. Possibly we'll be swimming there quickly. 


A fast take a look at the Season 7 battle pass hints at a wet spring, too. A snowman spray melts in agony, an octopus icon becomes available at tier 84, a blazing sun at 62, and previously scuba-diver skins may be the earliest hints at an underwater atmosphere. Extra blatantly, this idiot fish skin is the most blatant hint at future underwater theming.


Fortnite's snowy atmosphere was teased for months via skins and battle pass rewards, so it is not a long shot to think Epic could be undertaking the identical for an underwater area.


What new skins will Fortnite Season 8 bring?


Hard to say at this time. Expect a mix of these that fit in together with the season theme: aquatic creatures and men and women, in addition to some that evoke the spring season. Skins also tend to hint at future adjustments, both inside the season and beyond. It is too early even to guess what these might be. I hope we get extra idiot fish skins. 


What new items and vehicles can we expect?


Fortnite Season 7 Items


If, and only if, my underwater predictions are accurate, I'd expect to find out cars that make use of your possible new biome. Season 8 brought a great deal more verticality to Fortnite, an ideal fit for drift boards and airplanes. Count on submarines, hybrid land, and sea vehicles, jet skis, and much more to arrive in Season 8. Once again, all this hinges water being A Factor, but I'd be shocked if all of the hints have been for nothing. 


What's up with those weird dragon eggs hidden in the castle?


fortnite weird dragon eggs


No clue! Here's a concept even though: dragons breathe fire. Fire melts ice. Melted ice implies water. And using a quarter with the map frozen more than, which includes a submerged Greasy Grove, it may be dragons that lead to a flash flood, building new underwater locations. 


Mid-season implies we'll possibly see some in-game events start kicking off soon as Epic attempts to sustain interest until the launch of Season 8. The ice around the castle is melting, the eggs are incubating, and spring is around the way. We'll update this page as soon as new info trickles in, so check back in quickly for the most recent on Fortnite Season 8.

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