Fortnite Stonewood Quests Part 1

Game: Fortnite
Time: 2023-02-13
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As a way to progress using Stonewood, players should complete Quests. These contain both storyline progression quests and quests to assist acquaint the player with the mechanics on the game. Now U4GM shares with you Fortnite Stonewood Quests Part 1. U4GM as an expert Fortnite Items website delivers secure, fast and low-cost Fortnite Weapons for you. With over ten years of excellence, we've served thousands of customers.


Fortnite Stonewood Quests Part 1

NO.1 Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1

Quest Description:
Your initially Storm Shield defense mission will concentrate on developing your Homebase and defending it from a storm.
Comply with the constructing guides offered to you and never be concerned about finding as well elaborate along with your home base.
There is going to be extra Storm Shield Defense missions, and you can always return to create new additions/upgrades at any time so long as you finish the Fortnite tutorial.

Quest Reward:
Knight Schematic
100 x V-Bucks

Stonewood Storm Shield Defense 1 Quest Objectives:
Activate the Storm Shield.
Build walls around a core. (0/11)
Build a door. (0/1)
Build floors and ceilings. (0/11)
Place traps. (0/3)
Build remaining defenses. (0/5)
Place more traps. (0/4)
Activate and defend your Storm Shield.

NO.2 Loot Llamas

Quest Description:
The Loot Llama is a cartoon-like pinata in the shape of a llama. It can be observed in colors of purple, blue, and teal. On the back of the llama can be a massive saddle with an image of a chest drawn around the sides of it.
The Loot Llama is exceptionally rare, and only three randomly is often found.
The Loot Llama's location is in stunning places in the security zones.
The Loot Llama requires about 8 seconds to open.
The Loot Lama never drops Guns (or other projectile weapons)
Loot Llamas are valuable for getting Materials. It will give a player x200 Wood, Stone, and Metal. As well as other Healing items that happen to be necessary for the rest with the match. You may also hit the Llama with your pickaxe for 50 damage. The Llama has 250 well being so it can take five hits to break open. This can be commonly the approach to go as you don't have to stand nevertheless to break it free with your pickaxe.

Quest Reward:
Uncommon BASE Kyle
150 x Hero XP

Supply Llama Information
The open time appears Long. It seemed a little longer than a supply drop and is for sure more extended than a treasure chest. This tends to make you vulnerable when opening one.
If you are desperate to seek out one particular of these, I believe the most effective way will be to have your view distance incredibly high and try to glide around in open locations hoping to determine it from the sky. It is pretty clear because of the pink/purple coloring of your llama.

Supply Llama Locations
Random! Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed areas where the supply llama will spawn, and it is scarce. Only THREE are created for each map, and because they can be anywhere, it's unlikely you will find one in many games. A person on Reddit found one of these in the middle of a grassy area which was east of Retail Row.

Supply Llama Loot Drops & Amounts
You get 200 of every material (wood, stone, & metal) when you open one of these. You also get ten stacks of every single ammo type, three traps, and consumables.
Update: In in the v4.3 content update they reduced the amount of material you receive out of the llama by 300! You can also no longer get any ammo for rocket and grenade launchers.

200 Wood, Stone, & Metal
120 Small, one hundred Medium, 60 Heavy, and 50 Shotgun.
Consumables are random, but you get two diverse ones. You can get a full shield and bandages, or you could get a chug jug along with a slurp juice. It just depends upon how fortunate you get!
Epic said that you would get three traps; however, the one I linked above showed two traps dropped.

NO.3 Constructor Leadership

Quest Description:
Assign a Constructor as your Major Hero to complete this quest.
Constructors are tank heroes that include lots of positive aspects to Building, Fortitude, and Resistance.
Bonuses for a Constructor center about build and repair speed, well being, and building/trap/melee weapon upgrades.

How To Unlock The Ability To Assign A Constructor As Your Primary Hero
Select the Skills tab.
Select Skill Tree: Tier 1.
Select the Constructor Leadership skill node.
Purchase and unlock the skill.

Quest Reward:
150x Wood
150x Stone
150x Metal

NO.4 Before and After Science

Quest Description:
Complete a Fight the Storm mission
Complete the Before and After Science quest by surviving the first Fight the Storm mission in Stonewood Suburbs.

Before And After Science Quest Objectives
Travel to the Vindertech Research lab.
Search the Vindertech Research lab.
Obtain the Atmospheric Laser schematic. (passive)
Craft 180 light bullets.
Travel to the ATLAS target.
Place an ATLAS.
Build defenses inside a grid.
Activate the ATLAS and defend it.

Quest Reward:
Automatic Sniper Schematic
200x Medium Bullets
1 Skill points

NO.5 Weakpoint Vision

Quest Description:
Weakpoint Vision is a capability that will enable you to harvest sources faster.
As soon as this skill is unlocked, you'll see a modest circle seem on numerous spots of the item you are looking to harvest.
Aim your cursor at the spots though hitting them along with your pickaxe.

Quest Reward:
Wall Darts (uncommon) Schematic
150 x Schematic XP
1 Skill points

How To Unlock Weakpoint Vision
Select The Skills Tab.
Select Skill Tree: Tier 1.
Select Weakpoint Vision Skill Node.
Purchase And Unlock The Node.

NO.6 Unlock Squads

Quest Description:
Achieve the ability to assign Survivors for your Fire group Alpha and EMT Survivor Squads by unlocking the initial Survivor Squads skill node.

Quest Reward:
Uncommon Survivor

How To Unlock Survivor Squads
Select The Skills Tab
Select Skill Tree: Tier 1
Select The First Survivor Squads Skill Node.
Purchase And Unlock The Node.

NO.7 EMT Worker (Slot)

Quest Description:
Assign a Survivor to the 1st EMT Squad Slot
Unlock the initial EMT Worker slot in Skill Tree: Tier 1 to complete this quest. 
Survivor Squads are an excellent approach to increase your F.O.R.T. stats. F.O.R.T. stands for Fortitude, Offense, Resistance, and Tech.
The EMT Squad targets Fortitude which raises health and health regeneration. 

Quest Reward:
150x Survivor XP

How To Assign Survivors To Your Emt Squad
Select The Squads Tab.
Select The Survivor Squads Tab.
Select Emt Squad
Select The 1St Emt Worker Slot
Choose The Survivor You'D Like To Assign To That Slot.

NO.8 Ride the Lightning

Quest Description:
Ride the Lightning is a time-limited, gather/construct/defend mission. Players must locate Lars' van, and deposit two BluGlo. Players should then fortify and protect the trailer for 3 minutes. After this has been accomplished, players must collect an additional two BluGlo and defend the van for a more 4 minutes.
Complete the Ride the Lightning quest by successfully protecting Lars' Van from an incoming husk storm.

Quest Reward:
Healing Pad (handmade) Schematic
150x Schematic XP

Ride The Lightning Quest Objectives:
Locate Lars' Van.
Travel To Lars' Van.
Deposit Bluegill. (0/2)
Recommended Build Limit. (0/155)
Activate The Van.
Defend The Van.

NO.9 Homebase Storm Shield Defense 2

Quest Description:
Stonewood Storm Shield Defense 2 is often a Stonewood Quest.
Complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense 2
Build defenses towards the West and East of your Homebase Storm Shield and defend it from two waves of husks. 

Stonewood Shield Defense 2 Objectives
Build Defenses To The West (3/9)
Build Defenses To The East (3/9)
Activate Storm Shield To Defend
Defend The Storm Shield From Wave 1 (2:00) (Coming From The South)
Defend The Storm Shield From Wave 2 (3:00) (Coming From The West)

Quest Reward:
100 V-bucks
1 Skill Points

NO.10 Hero Training - Stage 1

Quest Description:
Complete Hero Training - Stage 1 by leveling up a Hero for the first time.

Quest Reward:
Uncommon Assault Rifle Schematic
150x Schematic XP

How To Level Up A Hero
Select Heroes
Select Go To All Heroes
Select The Hero You Want To Level Up
Select Upgrade/Inspect
Select Level Up

NO.11 Weapon Enhancement

Quest Description:
Level Up A Weapon For The First Time To Complete This Quest.
Leveling Up A Weapon Will Increase Its Damage, Impact, And Power Level.
When You Reach Levels 5, 10, And 15, You Can Unlock Perks To That Weapon.
Weapons Can Be Evolved, Just Like Traps, Heroes, Survivors, And Defenders.

Quest Reward:
3x Copper Ore
5x Rusty Mechanical Parts

How To Level Up A Weapon
Select Armory
Select Schematics
Select A Weapon
Select Upgrade/Inspect
Select Level Up

NO.12 Gimme Three

Quest Desciption:
Save 3 Survivors in successful missions
Complete a mission in a 3+ zone

Quest Reward:
Uncommon Survivor
1000x Survivor XP

Gimme Three Quest Objectives
Search For The Atlas Target
Find 3 Survivors
Place An Atlas On The Target
Recommended Build Limit (0/55)
Deposit Bluglo (0/1)
Activate The Atlas
Defend The Atlas