How Can You Complete Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 Multi-Stage Challenges

Game: Fortnite
Time: 2023-02-13
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Now, Fortnite fans may need to complete a ton of new objectives since the season 6, week 2 challenges are in full swing. Last week was an adjustment period as players worldwide on all platforms got used to the idea of your brand new map with numerous different alterations and additions, just like the floating island. It must be said that when entering this week's challenge, Buy Fortnite V-Bucks will undoubtedly speed up your challenge.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 Challenges


NO.1 Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 Multi-Stage Challenges Overview



This multi-stage week two challenge may be lengthy and frustrating to get a number of reasons. For one, you can not complete the whole challenge in one particular match. It's set up within a way that requires you to finish every objective separately prior to you may move on towards the next 1. In fact, you can not even access or see what the following job is devoid of finishing a single prior.


Fortunately, we've already completed this challenge in its entirety, so we know what you are up against this week. There's a total of three stages you'll want to finish in this challenge and also you can complete it in no less than three separate matches.


That doesn't mean it's important to, although, and it isn't most likely you might. Take your time and complete it in as numerous matches as you'd like in the next week. Improved, however, it's a totally cost-free challenge, so you don't have to personal the season six Battle Royale Battle Pass so that you can unlock it. Anybody can check it out and gain some much-needed Battle Stars, and you will definitely want these if you'd like to acquire one of the new pets that have been added this season.


NO.2 General Tips to Complete the Assault Rifle Challenges



1st and foremost, we recommend you do this challenge inside the Soaring 50 versus 50 limited time mode that is certainly readily available appropriate now. Equivalent to other challenges, for example, the "dance under diverse streetlights", playing within this mode makes your job an entire lot less complicated.


This really is mainly because you will possess the benefit of playing alongside 49 other teammates as opposed to obtaining them as enemies, like in other modes. You may full the multi-stage challenge in relative peace and quiet and have ample quantity of time for you to look for weapons and gear (which you'll want) since the circle takes a long time for you to close.


You will be able to hit up places like Tilted Towers and also the new floating island using a bunch of individuals, so you won't need to worry about enemies getting to precious weapons ahead of you do in the starting from the match. Lastly, Sony made the monumental choice to allow cross-play with all the other platforms, so feel cost-free to team up with an individual you would like to full this challenge with each other.


NO.3 Assault rifle challenge: Stage 1



Now, onto the initial a part of this multi-stage challenge. It asks you to "deal damage to opponents with an assault rifle." You will have to deal 200 harm in total to finish the initial objective. For reference, 200 damage is equal to a single player with complete overall health and complete shields, or two separate enemies with full health and no shields.


In the pretty least, you'll really need to kill a single particular person in a Battle Royale match with an assault rifle. However, they might not possess the shields or health for you personally to attain your objective, so you may most likely fight no less than 1 more person to complete this very first part. That is why it's crucial that you just take this on inside the 50 versus 50 modes.


The danger is lessened in this mode and also you can safely team up using a massive group of folks and choose off enemies from afar with your assault rifle. More importantly, it's easier to acquire loot safely and without possessing to watch your back. That indicates you'll obtain an assault rifle with much less trouble. Note that it requires to be a typical assault rifle. Burst assault rifles do not count.


You are going to need to head to popular named places like Tilted Towers, Dusty Divot, and the new floating island. It all is dependent upon exactly where your Battle Bus heads, but pick out a significant place on your half with the Battle Royale map. You're going to need to head into buildings and search in treasure chests for the very best assault rifle you are able to discover.


After you have 1, stock up on ammo with ammo boxes by obtaining additional rifles. You'll desire to be fully ready, particularly for those who strategy on finishing this 1st stage in one particular match. Even so, don't fret if you do not get sufficient damage. The harm you do will carry more than and you can finish it in the next match. As soon as you are prepared, head for the circle within the middle and join up with teammates to seek out some enemies to kill. Deal 200 harm in total and you will be prepared for component two.


NO.4 Burst assault rifle challenge: Stage 2



Stage two tasks you with dealing a further 200 damage. This time, although, you have to use the burst assault rifle. For those who aren't familiar with this weapon, it fires in 3 fast shots at when. Just like the final stage, head to principal regions in 50 versus 50 modes to find 1 of those rifles. They are a little bit harder to find.


Immediately after acquiring one particular, stock up on ammo and head for the center of the circle to duke it out. It's worth noting that the burst assault rifle does have some kinks to it, in contrast to the standard assault rifle. The three shot burst can take out enemies immediately but demands accuracy. There's also a compact delay involving bursts that leaves you vulnerable.


You are able to navigate around this challenge by selecting up several burst rifles. Whenever you miss or have to reload, basically switch to the next one particular and preserve on firing so your enemy can't get the drop on you. If that's not attainable, create some forts to purchase oneself some time for you to recover. Carry some extra shield potions or possibly a chug jug to help with that.


Like stage one inside the multi-task challenge, deal the 200 damage in total across matches (this consists of in the event you die) and you may have completed the second stage.


NO.5 Suppressed assault rifle challenge: Stage 3



Together with the burst assault rifle stage out in the way, we have made it for the final stage inside the season six, week two multi-stage challenge. This a single could be the hardest, no sense of your difficulty, but as a consequence of the weapon you use. Keeping together with the assault rifle theme, this time you will need to deal 200 damage having a suppressed assault rifle.


This can be difficult because, in contrast to the other two, the suppressed assault rifle is rare. If you have already made it this far within the challenge, getting the 200 damage must be no trouble. The biggest issue is obtaining this weapon adequate times to deal 200 harm. It's only offered in the epic and legendary variants, so you will wish to hit up each and every treasure chest, vending machine, and supply drop you may find.


Note that supply drops are only identified in the circle in 50 versus 50, so if you are feeling risky or have mated with you, it is possible to try heading directly into the circle in the start out of your match. Provide drops are very frequent there so it is doable to discover it rapidly adequate to obtain the harm you'll need. For reference, we identified a suppressed assault rifle immediately after browsing three drops.


After you've got it, get prepared to place in your game face. As just before, you are able to deal out the needed 200 points of harm in many matches, but the difficulty of locating the rifle signifies you might choose to try and do it all in 1 game.


NO.6 Fortnite Assault Rifle Challenge Rewards


The rewards for this multi-stage challenge are somewhat bit unique than most challenges in Battle Royale. This is since you are able to, in fact, earn Battle Stars for it by just completing the individual stages. You don't have to finish all 3 to obtain all of the rewards. 


Finishing stage a single using the normal assault rifle will net you 3 stars quickly. Completing stage two will net you a different 3 stars, plus the final stage will provide you with four for any grand total of 10 Battle Stars. That is very a whole lot - numerous challenges only provide five - so that is one you'll like to total regardless of the fact it requires a lot more time than most.