Top 5 Fortnite STW Guns That Battle Royale Needs

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In the Save the World, you can use different weapons. I'd love to see these guns add to Battle Royale. Here is a list of the top 5 Fortnite STW guns that Battle Royale needs. Fortnite Save The World is expected to be Free-to-play in 2019 (original release date was "late 2018", but it was delayed due to Epic thinking "It's not complete yet, and we want to expand the story before releasing it as Free-To-Play").



5. The Bundlebuss

A surprisingly accurate multi-barreled rifle that fires in powerful bursts. A high damage and large magazine help compensate for a slow fire rate and heavy kick.


Rarity Legendary
Ammunition Type Light Bullets
Damage per Shot; Rate of Fire; Impact 35; 1.13; 105
Crit Chance; Crit Damage 15%; +75%
Magazine Size; Reload Time 24; 3.3
Durability 375


4. Dragon Sniper Rifle

Powerful and accurate rifle that fires small fireworks that embed in targets and explode shortly thereafter. Fire damage is effective against nature enemies, but weak against water enemies.


Rarity Epic
Ammunition Type Heavy Bullets
Damage per Shot; Rate of Fire; Impact 155; 0.7; 619
Crit Chance; Crit Damage 10%; +75%
Magazine Size; Reload Time 3; 3.0
Durability 280


3. The GreatSword

A slower sword with high damage and moderate impact.


Rarity Epic
Ammunition Type -
Damage per Shot; Impact 47; +93
Crit Chance; Crit Damage 15%; +50%
Magazine Size; Reload Time L
Durability -


2. The Machine Pistol

Sprays bullets at an extreme rate, dealing punishing damage. Quick to reload and good for running combat, but ammo hungry and ineffective beyond close range.


Rarity Common
Ammunition Type Light Bullets
Damage per Shot; Rate of Fire; Impact 14; 15; 28
Crit Chance; Crit Damage 5%; +50%
Magazine Size; Reload Time 30; 1.4
Durability 125


1. The Zap Zapp

Fires balls of energy that deal damage to enemies in a small radius. Deals energy damage that is fairly effective against all types of elemental enemies.


Rarity Legendary
Ammunition Type Energy Cells
Damage per Shot; Rate of Fire; Impact 128; 0.5; 375
Crit Chance; Crit Damage 5%; +50%
Magazine Size; Reload Time 18; 3.3
Durability 375


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