NHL 22: Superstar X-Factors Abilities and player list guide

Game: Madden 22
Time: 2023-02-13
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The NHL 22 game in EA Sports will be officially released on October 15th. For the first time in the new season, the X-Factors feature similar to Madden 22 will be adopted, allowing star players to use abilities that surpass other players in the league. If you want to play the NHL 22 game well, you need not only NHL 22 Coins, but also more.Therefore, this article will share the list of 50 superstar players and X-Factor players in NHL 22.

NHL 22: Superstar X-Factors Abilities and player list guide


In the NHL 22 game, there are two kinds of superstar X-Factor abilities, one is the regional ability, and the other is the superstar ability. Both of these contain the same 26 abilities. Each player has a limited ability to define their style of play and multiple superstar abilities that are always active. Adding Superstar X-Factor capabilities are many other new features in this year's NHL section. NHL 22's most significant game improvements include graphics and presentation upgrades, and switching to the Frostbite engine makes the game feel more realistic and immersive.



NHL 22: Superstar X-Factor Abilities List Guide

So far, 50 players have been released with superstar X-Factor capabilities, so these 26 abilities are distributed among these league stars. There are four skating abilities, seven shooting abilities, four passing abilities, three defensive abilities, four goal-keeping abilities, and four ice hockey IQs.


Superstar X-Factor: Skating

WheelsNo agility, speed, or acceleration penalties while skating with the puck.
Elite EdgesMake tight turns anywhere on the ice without sacrificing maneuverability or speed.
Ankle BreakerDeke opponents at top speed without any penalty whatsoever.
In ReverseAs good skating backward as skating forwards, you can switch to back skating on a dime without penalty for speed or acceleration.


Superstar X-Factor: Shooting

Make It SnappyHuge boost to power and accuracy when taking snapshots while skating.
ShnipeSettle shots more easily and get additional shot accuracy and power on photos after settling.
One TeeHuge boost to power and accuracy on one-time shots, even off a bad pass.
Thunder ClapExtra power and accuracy on slap shots from the point.
HeatseekerMassively increased power and accuracy on wrist and snapshots from the point.
Beauty BackhandEnhanced power and accuracy for backhand shots.
Shock and AweExceptional power and accuracy shooting out of, or slightly after, a successful deke.


Superstar X-Factor: Passing

Tape to TapeAbility to auto-saucer and get increased backhand accuracy and reduced power penalties on passes within the passer's vision.
Send ItHuge increase to pass assist and ability to auto-saucer long-distance passes.
MagneticPick up loose pucks with speed and corral bouncing or rolling pucks quickly, as well as poor passes.
Third EyeHit seemingly impossible passes to teammates outside the passer's field of vision.


Superstar X-Factor: Defending

Yoink!Higher stick lift success rate and longer recovery time for the puck handler.
Stick 'Em UpHigher success rate with the Defensive Skill Stick, even against momentum or at speed.
ShutdownHuge boost to defensive abilities when taking on the puck carrier one-on-one.


Superstar X-Factor: Goaltending

ContortionistIncreased save range, recovery, and ability while in spread V with or against momentum.
All Or NothingHigh success rate (including range, accuracy, and recovery) at poke checks in front of the goal.
Dialed InAfter making 15 saves in a game, receive a significant boost to goalie reaction time, recovery, and save ability for the rest of the game.
Post To PostImpressive boost to reaction time, recovery, and saving ability when posting.


Superstar X-Factor: Hockey IQ

Puck On A StringLightning-quick stickhandling moves and toe drags.
Quick PickIncreased puck interception rate and range.
All AloneIncreased accuracy and power on penalty shots and breakaways.
Quick DrawHigh success rate on faceoffs, with extra quickness on the faceoff, draws, increased effectiveness on tie-up wins, and a significant advantage in defensive zone draws.



NHL 22: The list of players with Superstar X-Factors abilities list guide

Although there are a total of 50 superstar X-Factor players in NHL 22 this year, not every team has representatives because Blue Jackets, Coyotes, Ducks, Kraken, Senators, and Sharks do not have a single X-Factor player. Lightning leads with five X-Factors, while Avalanche and Blackhawks each have four.


NHL 22: Shooters with Supertar X-Factors Ability

PlayerTeamSuper X-Factor Ability
Auston MatthewsTorontoShock and Awe
Artemi PanarinNY RangersMake It Snappy
Nikita KucherovTampa BayMake It Snappy
Jake GuentzelPittsburghShnipe
Alexander OvechkinWashingtonOne Tee
John CarlsonWashingtonThunderclap
Alex DebrincatChicagoMake It Snappy
Sidney CrosbyPittsburghBeautiful Backhand
Shea TheodoreVegasHeatseeker
Mark ScheifeleWinnipegShnipe
Steven StamkosTampa BayOne Tee
Jack EichelBuffaloMake It Snappy
Dougie HamiltonNew JerseyHeatseeker
David PastrnakBostonShnipe
Brad MarchandBostonMake It Snappy
Matthew TkachukCalgaryIt's Tricky
Kyle ConnorWinnipegThunderclap


NHL 22: Skaters with Supertar X-Factors Ability 

PlayerTeamSuper X-Factor Ability
Nathan MacKinnonColoradoAnkle Breaker
Matt BarzalNY RangersElite Edges
Connor McDavidEdmontonWheels
Cale MakarColoradoElite Edges
Brayden PointTampa BayWheels
Kris LetangPittsburghIn Reverse
Elias PetterssonVancouverThird Eye
Kirill KaprizovMinnesotaTape to Tape
Mika ZibanejadNY RangersMagnetic


NHL 22: Hockey IQ with Supertar X-Factors Ability 

PlayerTeamSuper X-Factor Ability
Patrick KaneChicagoPuck on a String
Seth JonesNY RangersChicago Quick Pick
Aleksander BarkovFloridaAll Alone
Joe PavelskiDallasBig Tipper
Ryan O'ReillySt. Louis Quick Draw
Gabriel LandeskogColoradoCrease Crasher
Anze KopitarLos AngelesQuick Pick


NHL 22: Passers with Supertar X-Factors Ability

PlayerTeamSuper X-Factor Ability
Leon DraisaitlEdmontonTape to Tape
Mikko RantanenColoradoTape to Tape
Sebastian AhoCarolinaThird Eye
Mitch MarnerTorontoShnipe
Jonathan HuberdeauWashingtonThird Eye
Elias PetterssonVancouverFlorida Tape to Tape
Roman JosiNashvilleMake It Snappy


NHL 22: Defenders with Supertar X-Factors Ability

PlayerTeamSuper X-Factor Ability
Victor HedmanTampa BayStick 'Em Up
Sean CouturierPhiladelphiaStick 'Em Up
Alex PietrangeloVegasShutdown
Jaccob SlavinCarolinaShutdown
Adam FoxNY RangersTape to Tape
Patrice BergeronBostonYoink!


NHL 22: Goalies with Supertar X-Factors Ability

PlayerTeamSuper X-Factor Ability
Andrei VasilevskiyTampa BayContortionist
Carey PriceMontrealPost to Post
Marc-Andre FleuryChicagoAll Or Nothing