MLB The Show 21 Diamond Choice Pack: Which player should you pick?

MLB The Show 21 Date: Apr/12/21 16:59:08 Views: 2312

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Choice Pack: Which player should you pick?


Bob Gibson (Starting Pitcher)

Jackie Robinson (Second Base)

Ken Griffey Jr. (Center Field)

Mariano Rivera (Closing Pitcher)

Willie Mays (Center Field)

Hank Aaron (Right Field)

Frank Thomas (First Base)

Babe Ruth (Starting Pitcher)

Cal Ripken Jr. (Shortstop)

Pedro Martínez (Left Field)


Get the Collector's Edition of MLB The Show 21 and you get to choose one of these Legends from the Diamond choice pack. The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with two of these Diamond choice packs. Pre-order:


The difficulty of this choice will depend on both which MLB The Show 21 Edition you purchased and what you are most worried about for your Diamond Dynasty team.


While none of these Legends would be a bad addition to your Diamond Dynasty team, you're best going with Pedro Martinez, Rob Gibson, or Mariano Rivera if you're looking for a boost out of the gate.


Having a top-notch Starting Pitcher or Closing Pitcher can make a massive difference in a game, which could give players an early edge in Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show 21.


Which player should you pick? Tell me.

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