Monopoly Go: All Making Music Albums, Stickers & Rewards Listed

Game: Monopoly Go
Time: 2024-03-09
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Monopoly GO Making Music

A Monopoly Go new sticker album is on its way in late March 2024, and it’s going to be called Making Music. We don’t know too much about the Making Music album quite yet, but we have some details and info that we know about.

Remember: This content is subject to change up until the official release.

Release Date

The most obvious part is that the release date for this new set of stickers is March 28, 2024. This musical odyssey is expected to enchant players until June 20th, 2024.

Sticker Album Sets List

There are going to be 26 sets for the new sticker album for Monopoly Go, featuring 21 standard sets and 5 prestige sets. With 9 stickers each, meaning that there will be 234 stickers in total.  Throughout the album, completing each set by collecting all 9 stickers rewards you with dice and cash. Occasionally, specific sets will offer an extra prize, like a shield or token. Below, we'll delve into some rewards.

1). Disco Mr. M Token

Like every sticker album, completing the album for the first time unlocks various rewards. For this one, you'll unlock the prestigious sets alongside 15,000 dice, cash, and the Disco Mr. M token.

2). Golden Disco Token

Master the album a second time to earn 20,000 dice, more cash, and the coveted Golden Disco token. For those with the determination to conquer it a third time, a reward of 30,000 dice and additional cash awaits.

3). Special Rewards

Set #3 (Swingin' Notes): Jazz Singer Lizzie Emote

Set #7 (Boy Band): Vintage Turntable Shield

Set #13 (Karaoke Night): Rockstar Mr. M Token

Set 1 - Symphony Store - 175 Dice, Cash

Melody Lane1 Star
Big Piano!1 Star
Tune Tour1 Star
Tubad!1 Star
Can’t Beat It1 Star
Mewsic1 Star
Off-Kilter1 Star
Gong Pals1 Star
A Natural1 Star

Set 2 - Musical Memoir - 200 Dice, Cash

Got The Role1 Star
My Forte1 Star
Arpeggios1 Star
Rehearsal1 Star
Mic Check1 Star
Sew Cute1 Star
Opening Night1 Star
Spectacle!1 Star
Curtain Call2 Star

Set 3 - Swingin'Notes - 225 Dice, Singing Emoji, Cash

All That Jazz1 Star
Star Employee1 Star
Jazz It Up1 Star
A Song to Sing1 Star
Stage Dream1 Star
Solo Serenade1 Star
A Star Is Born1 Star
Meet the Band2 Star
Dream Come True2 Star

Set 4 - Ludwig Van Monopoly - 250 Dice, Cash

Baby Ludwig1 Star
Young Promise1 Star
#1 Fan1 Star
Fur Elise1 Star
Clair de Lune1 Star
Symphony1 Star
Resilience2 Star
Splendid!2 Star
Mr. Maestro2 Star

Set 5 - Musical Bonds - 275 Dice, Cash

Melodic Legacy1 Star
Carpool!1 Star
Bonfire Tunes1 Star
Cool Kids1 Star
Proud Mom1 Star
Mixtape2 Star
National Notes2 Star
Sacred Music2 Star
First Dance2 Star

Set 6 - Word Music - 300 Dice, Cash

Norse Rhythm1 Star
Mexico Lindo1 Star
Musical Chord1 Star
Sitar Song1 Star
Play Together1 Star
Ocarina of Mogul2 Star
Edo Music2 Star
Ukelele Paradise2 Star
Chime Bells3 Star

Set 7 - Boy Band - 325 Dice, Vintage Turntable Shield, Cash

Studio Sesh1 Star
Press Fun1 Star
New Drop1 Star
Cover Boys1 Star
Tycoon Stars2 Star
Talk Show2 Star
Jam Packed2 Star
Superfandom3 Star
Show Time!3 Star

Set 8 - Crescendo Academy - 350 Dice, Cash

Notes Avenue1 Star
Clean Routine!1 Star
Flute Magic1 Star
High Notes2 Star
Sharp!2 Star
Detache2 Star
Robotic!3 Star
Don’t Fret3 Star
Drumroll3 Star

Set 9 - Music Festiva - 800 Dice, Rockstar Mr. M Token, Cash

Tycoon Festival!1 Star
Selfie!1 Star
Rock On1 Star
Mosh Pit2 Star
To GO!2 Star
Glamping2 Star
Inkredible3 Star
Merch It!3 Star
Monopoly Tunes4 Star

Set 10 - Country Roads - 500 Dice, Cash

Hay Girl1 Star
Saddle Up!1 Star
Pickin’ Girl2 Star
Steeled Lips2 Star
Country Call2 Star
Another Coin3 Star
Solid Design3 Star
Honky-Tonk4 Star
Western Star4 Star Gold

Set 11 - Mr Mozart - 600 Dice, Cash

Oh, Sheet!1 Star
Fiddlelity1 Star
Regal Concert2 Star
Bella Italia2 Star
Inspiration3 Star
Ingenious Work3 Star
Vibrato!3 Star
The Magic Flute4 Star
Making History4 Star Gold

Set 12 - Pop Princess - 700 Dice, Cash

Jitters1 Star
It Girl!2 Star
Video Hit2 Star
Starry-Eyed3 Star
Lip-Sync3 Star
Ms Fever3 Star
Paparazzi4 Star
Devoted Fans4 Star
All In!4 Star Gold

Set 13 - Karaoke Night - 400 Dice, Cash

Stage Fright2 Star
Best Spot2 Star
The KJ2 Star
Sing It Out3 Star
Invested3 Star
Gentle Nudge3 Star
Set The Stage4 Star
Karaoke Dokey4 Star Gold
Sweet Duets5 Star

 Set 14 - Spin City - 900 Dice, Cash

Vinyland2 Star
Treasure Hunt2 Star
For The Record2 Star
Crate Digger3 Star
Special Request3 Star
Stereo-Types4 Star
Rare Find4 Star Gold
Smash Hit5 Star
Happy Stroll5 Star

 Set 15 - Everyday Tunes - 1,000 Dice, Cash

Got Served!2 Star
Pan-tastic!2 Star
Melody Blowing3 Star
Crystal Clear3 Star
Sweet Rhythm3 Star
Matching Songs4 Star
Shake It!4 Star Gold
Washboard Tunes5 Star
Flutiful!5 Star

Set 16 - K-Pop ldols - 1,200 Dice, Cash

Trainees2 Star
Aegyo Merch2 Star
Omo!3 Star
The Debut!3 Star
Going Viral4 Star
Big Gig4 Star
We Did It!4 Star Gold
Bias Wrecker5 Star
True Idols5 Star Gold

Set 17 - Wild Melodies - 1,400 Dice, Cash

Instrument Bliss2 Star
Triple Fret3 Star
Nose Notes3 Star
Hurdy Gurdy3 Star
Theremin4 Star
Kalimba4 Star Gold
Glass Harmonica4 Star
Melodic Haul5 Star
New Hobby5 Star Gold

Set 18 - Disco Time - 1,600 Dice, Cash

70s Vibes3 Star
So Fab!3 Star
Casanova3 Star
Don’t Wait Up4 Star
Cool Wagon4 Star
Funky Music4 Star Gold
Groove On5 Star
Tycoon Hustle5 Star
Boogie Down5 Star Gold

Set 19 - Rockstar Dreams - 1,800 Dice, Cash

The Business3 Star
Pure Boredom3 Star
Tantalizing4 Star
One Day4 Star
Broom Rock4 Star Gold
Daydreams4 Star Gold
The Best Gift5 Star
Great Pick5 Star Gold
Rockstar!5 Star Gold

Set 20 - Hip Hop - 2,000 Dice, Cash

Breakdance3 Star
Set Practice4 Star
Hold On!4 Star
The Crew4 Star
The Moves4 Star Gold
Beatboxer5 Star
Bucket Drums5 Star
Call-Out5 Star Gold
Clean Win!5 Star Gold

Set 21 - Bel Canto - 2,200 Dice, Cash

Theatre M3 Star
Orchestra4 Star
Overture4 Star
La Traviata4 Star Gold
Madama Butterfly4 Star Gold
La Boheme5 Star
The Barber of Seville5 Star
Royal Box5 Star Gold
Ovazione5 Star Gold

Set 22 - Electronic Beats

Bored Meeting3 Star
DJ Dreams4 Star
Scratching!4 Star
Party On!4 Star
Key Master4 Star Gold
Drum Machine4 Star Gold
That Drop5 Star
Wake-Up Call!5 Star
Outro!5 Star

Set 23 - On Tour!

Mogul Mayhem3 Star
You Rock!4 Star
Tour Bus4 Star
Rock Paper Scissors4 Star
The Road4 Star Gold
Fun City5 Star
Interlude5 Star
The Hair5 Star
Power Chords5 Star Gold

Set 24 - Olé

Dream Big4 Star
Little Prayer4 Star
First Gigs4 Star
Talent Team4 Star Gold
Cantaora4 Star Gold
The Fame5 Star
Own The Stage5 Star
Ole Awards5 Star Gold
So Proud5 Star Gold

Set 25 - Primal Groove

Banger Tune4 Star
Ancient Rhythms4 Star
Stone Jams4 Star Gold
Mammoth Flute4 Star Gold
Treble Maker4 Star Gold
Bone Rattle5 Star
Strings Attached5 Star
Fire Beats5 Star Gold
Leaving a Mark5 Star Gold

Set 26 - The Moguls

First Stage4 Star
Hard Dog’s Night4 Star
Drum Starr4 Star Gold
The Invasion4 Star Gold
True Fans5 Star
In The Booth5 Star
Historic Step5 Star Gold
Mogulmania5 Star Gold
Last Audition5 Star Gold

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