NHL 22 X-Factors and Superstar Abilities

Game: NHL 22
Time: 2023-02-13
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EA Sports' changes to the NHL game series this year are very huge, adding the X-Factors Superstar Abilities function. Here, we will help players understand the belief information about X-Factor factors. Help players master the latest list of players with strong regional abilities, and more players with superstar abilities can better improve the game experience and level of the game for players in NHL 22.

NHL 22 X-Factors and Superstar Abilities


NHL 22: X-factor ability explanation

The X-Factor ability in NHL 22 is a new addition to the player profile, which can provide them with additional enhancements under certain circumstances. X-Factor abilities apply to all positions and potential levels of most players, and even some are expected to have these improved AHL qualities. You can judge which players have these abilities by using the "X-Factor" logo displayed on the left side of the profile page.



NHL 22: The difference between zone ability and superstar ability

Zone abilities are more influential than superstar abilities. These gold nuggets define the player's style and provide the most significant improvement when related to regional abilities. The level of advancement of superstar ability is not as strong as that of zone ability, but it can still enhance critical situations.

A small number of NHL players have Zone capabilities in NHL 22. Although the X-factor capabilities listed as regional player capabilities provide the most significant effect, these same improvements can also appear in the form of superstar capabilities. Therefore, these players will be promoted under the same circumstances but will not reach regional ability rather than superstar ability.



NHL 22: How to use X-factor ability?

X-Factor abilities, including regional abilities and superstars, are automatically activated when related to them in NHL 22. Therefore, you don't have to press any specific buttons or perform critical operations in the game to activate regional abilities or superstar abilities. For example, Ankle Breaker allows you to knock down your opponents easily, but it will only start when you reach maximum speed. The description of each X-Factor should tell you when it works.




NHL 22: List of all X-Factor Abilities

Below, you will find a complete list of all X-factor abilities and official in-game descriptions that are shown as regional abilities for some players in NHL 22. These can also be offered as superstar abilities.

All AloneExceptional power and accuracy on all penalty shots and breakaways.
All Or NothingExceptional range, accuracy, and recovery when poke checking.
Ankle BreakerExceptional ability to deke opponents at top speed.
Beauty BackhandExceptional power and accuracy when shooting on the backhand.
Big RigExceptional strength and agility when driving the net in puck protect; more substantial free hand to hold off the defender when cutting to the net.
Big TipperAdvanced speed, accuracy, and range when deflecting shots.
Bounce BackSignificantly reduces the chance of injury with exceptional recovery speed from injuries; the player can only be injured once in a game.
BouncerExceptional at battles around the net; dramatically increases stability, stick tension, and limb strength; opposing players take longer to recover from net battles.
Crease CrasherExceptional ability to corral bouncing pucks off of rebounds; significantly increases shot accuracy on rebounds.
ContortionistExceptional save range, recovery, and protectability while in spread-V with or against momentum.
Elite EdgesExceptional maneuverability with the ability to turn tight corners while retaining high speed; it's always active, and an indicator is triggered when a defender is burned.
HeatseekerExceptional power and accuracy when taking wrist or snapshots from a distance.
It's TrickyExceptional at performing trick dekes while significantly increasing shot accuracy out of trick dekes.
One TeeExceptional power and accuracy on one-timers; dramatically increases the ability to one-time less than perfect passes.
Make It SnappyExceptional power and accuracy when taking snapshots while skating.
MagneticExceptional skill at picking up pucks at speed, corralling, bouncing or rolling pucks, and reeling in less than perfect passes.
Puck On A StringExceptional toe-drag and stick handling speed.
Quick DrawExceptional quickness on faceoff draws; significantly increases effectiveness on tie-up wins; great at defensive zone draws.
Quick PickExceptional at intercepting pucks; also significantly increases a player's range when blocking pucks.
Seeing EyeExceptional power and accuracy on shots when the goalie is screened; a screened goalie's reaction time is also significantly reduced when shooting with this ability.
Send ItLarge increase to pass assist with exceptional ability to auto-saucer long passes.
ShnipePhenomenal skill to settle pucks with an exceptional wrist shot power and accuracy off settled pucks.
ShutdownExceptional accuracy when poke checking against momentum or at speed in rush situations; also significantly improves shot-blocking and hitting strength while defending against rush chances.
Stick 'Em UpPhenomenal defensive stick speed; exceptional accuracy when poke checking against momentum or at rate; dramatically reduces the chance of a penalty.
Tape To TapeExceptional power and accuracy on all passes within vision passes will also auto-saucer when necessary.
Third EyeLarge increase to pass assist with exceptional ability to auto-saucer pass out of a player's field of vision.
Thunder ClapExceptional power and accuracy when taking slap shots from the point.
TruculenceExceptional stability and assistance on shoulder checks; dramatically increases the chance of knocking over the opponent and sapping their energy.
Unstoppable ForceExceptional strength with the puck and a significantly increased ability to hold onto the puck when off balance.
WheelsExceptional agility, speed, and acceleration when skating with the puck; it's always active, and the indicator is triggered when a defender is burned.
WhirlwindProvides considerable energy boost for all skaters on the team after making three saves within five seconds.
X-RayScreens have considerably less impact on goalie vision.
YoinkExceptional accuracy when stick lifting against momentum or at speed; opposing players take much longer to recover from stick lifts.


These are the X-factor abilities as superstar abilities and will not appear as regional abilities since NHL 22.

AdventurerGreat goalie skating.
Back At YaIncrease payback to hitters.
Born LeaderBoosts team energy on goals.
Butterfly EffectGreat butterfly goalie.
Close QuartersGreat in the close shooting.
Dialed InBoosts saves when on a roll.
Extra PaddingGreat slap shot saves.
Handled ItOne-on-one saves boost team energy.
Ice PackGreat shot-blocking.
In ReverseGreat back skating ability.
Last StandGreat one-on-one saves.
Light WorkGreat wrist shot saves.
No ContestGreat puck battling.
Off The RushGreat slap shot on the rush.
Post To PostGreat post-to-post saves.
Shock And AweGreat shooting out of toe drag.
Shrug It OffGreat hit recovery.
Spin-O-RamaGreat spin-o-rama ability.
SpongeGreat rebound control.
Tip JarGreat deflection saves.
Total EclipseGreat goalie screening.




NHL 22: What are the best X-Factor Zone Ability

If you have to choose between specific Zone abilities to add to your team, please consider putting these Zone abilities in the priority of your list. Note the players with these top X-factor abilities.

Contortionist (Andrei Vasilevskiy)

Make It Snappy (Andrei Svechnikov, William Nylander, Alex DeBrincat, Nikita Kucherov, Jake Guentzel, Mark Scheifele, Jack Eichel)

One Tee (Elias Lindholm)

Quick Draw (Ryan O'Reilly)

Shnipe (David Pastrnak, Brad Marchand)

Stick 'Em Up (Sean Couturier, Zach Dean)

Tape To Tape (Elias Pettersson, Adam Fox, Mikko Rantanen, Mitchell Marner, Jonathan Huberdeau)

Thunder Clap (John Carlson)

Unstoppable Force (Connor McDavid, Alexander Radulov)

Wheels (Kyle Connor, Brayden Point, Nathan MacKinnon, Thomas Chabot)

It should also be noted that multiple players can widely use the regional abilities listed above as superstar abilities. Therefore, if you find any of these listed on a player, please raise them a bit in your ranking.



NHL 22: All Zone Ability Goaltenders

PlayerZone AbilitySuperstar AbilitiesAgeTeam
Marc-Andre FleuryAll Or NothingLast Stand, Whirlwind, Butterfly Effect, X-Ray36Chicago Blackhawks
Philipp GrubauerX-RayWhirlwind, Contortionist29Seattle Kraken
Carey PriceX-RayAll Or Nothing, Light Work, Contortionist34Montréal Canadiens
Connor HellebuyckWhirlwindHandled It, Sponger, X-Ray28Winnipeg Jets
Andrei VasilevskiyContortionistLast Stand, Whirlwind, Handled It, Sponge27Tampa Bay Lightning



NHL 22: All Zone Ability Centers


PlayerZone AbilitySuperstar AbilitiesAgeTeam
Evgeny KuznetsovAnkle BreakerClose Quarters, Third Eye, Tape to Tape29Washington Capitals
Bo HorvatSend ItWheels, Quick Draw, Truculence26Vancouver Canucks
Cole SillingerHeatseekerThunder Clap18Medicine Hat Tigers (CBJ NHL rights)
Zach DeanStick 'Em UpBig Rig18Gatineau Olympiques (VGK NHL rights)
Elias LindholmOne TeeYoink!26Calgary Flames
Joel Eriksson EkBounce BackThird Eye, Yoink!24Minnesota Wild
Zachary BolducBig TipperBouncer18Québec Remparts (STL NHL rights)
Mark ScheifeleMake It SnappyWheels, Tape To Tape, Stick 'Em Up28Winnipeg Jets
Mika ZibanejadMagneticMake It Snappy, Tape To Tape, No Contest28New York Rangers
Sean CouturierStick 'Em UpPuck On A String, Crease Crasher, Yoink!28Philadelphia Flyers
Claude GirouxPuck On A StringOff The Rush, Third Eye, Send It, Quick Draw33Philadelphia Flyers
Ryan O'ReillyQuick DrawTape To Tape, No Contest, Bouncer, Yoink!30St. Louis Blues
Anze KopitarBouncerUnstoppable Force, Tape To Tape, Quick Pick, Quick Draw34Los Angeles Kings
John TavaresHeatseekerAll Alone, Shnipe, Tape To Tape, Big Tipper31Toronto Maple Leafs
Patrice BergeronYoink!Big Rig, Puck On A String, Bouncer, Quick Draw, Quick Pick36Boston Bruins
Jack EichelMake It SnappyUnstoppable Force, One Tee, Send It, Born Leader24Buffalo Sabres
Sebastian AhoSend ItNo Contest, Bouncer24Carolina Hurricanes
Brayden PointWheelsUnstoppable Force, Puck On A String25Tampa Bay Lightning
Sidney CrosbyBeauty BackhandPuck On A String, Wheels, Tape To Tape, No Contest, Big Tipper34Pittsburgh Penguins
Elias PetterssonTape To TapeAnkle Breaker, All Alone, Truculence, Make It Snappy22Vancouver Canucks
Auston MatthewsAll AloneMake It Snappy, Seeing Eye, Third Eye24Toronto Maple Leafs
Nathan MacKinnonWheelsAnkle Breaker, Make It Snappy, Shock And Awe, Magnetic26Colorado Avalanche
Connor McDavidUnstoppable ForceAnkle Breaker, Big Rig, Send It, Crease Crasher24Edmonton Oilers



NHL 22: All Zone Ability Left Defensemen


PlayerZone AbilitySuperstar AbilitiesAgeTeam
Adam FoxTape To TapeElite Edges, Third Eye, Bouncer23New York Rangers
Alex PietrangeloShutdownOne Tee, Third Eye, Tape To Tape, Ice Pack, Stick ‘Em Up31Vegas Golden Knights
John CarlsonThunder ClapShnipe, Seeing Eye, Third Eye, Tape To Tape31Washington Capitals
Cale MakarElite EdgesHeatseeker, Seeing Eye, Send It, Shutdown, In Reverse22Colorado Avalanche
Dougie HamiltonHeatseekerThunder Clap, Send It28New Jersey Devils
Seth JonesQuick PickIce Pack, Stick ‘Em Up, Yoink!26Chicago Blackhawks
Colton ParaykoYoink!Truculence, Quick Pick28St. Louis Blues



NHL 22: All Zone Ability Right Defensemen


PlayerZone AbilitySuperstar AbilitiesAgeTeam
Adam FoxTape To TapeElite Edges, Third Eye, Bouncer23New York Rangers
Alex PietrangeloShutdownOne Tee, Third Eye, Tape To Tape, Ice Pack, Stick 'Em Up31Vegas Golden Knights
John CarlsonThunder ClapShnipe, Seeing Eye, Third Eye, Tape To Tape31Washington Capitals
Cale MakarElite EdgesHeatseeker, Seeing Eye, Send It, Shutdown, In Reverse22Colorado Avalanche
Dougie HamiltonHeatseekerThunder Clap, Send It28New Jersey Devils
Seth JonesQuick PickIce Pack, Stick 'Em Up, Yoink!26Chicago Blackhawks
Colton ParaykoYoink!Truculence, Quick Pick28St. Louis Blues



NHL 22: All Zone Ability Left Wingers


PlayerZone AbilitySuperstar AbilitiesAgeTeam
Filip ForsbergPuck On A StringTruculence, Heatseeker, Shnipe, No Contest27Nashville Predators
Jonathan HuberdeauTape To Tape Puck On A String, Magnetic28Florida Panthers
Gabriel LandeskogCrease CrasherBack At Ya, Total Eclipse, Big Tipper28Colorado Avalanche
Matthew TkachukIt's TrickyUnstoppable Force, Total Eclipse23Calgary Flames
Brad MarchandShnipeAnkle Breaker, Third Eye, Send It, Quick Pick, Yoink!33Boston Bruins
Jake GuentzelMake It SnappyHeatseeker, Crease Crasher26Pittsburgh Penguins
Kirill KaprizovThird EyeAnkle Breaker, Unstoppable Force24Minnesota Wild
Kyle ConnorWheelsShnipe, One Tee, Magnetic24Winnipeg Jets
Dylan GuentherBig RigHeatseeker, Beauty Backhand18Edmonton Oil Kings (ARZ NHL rights)
Alex OvechkinSeeing EyeUnstoppable Force, Back At Ya, Shnipe, Shock And Awe36Washington Capitals



NHL 22: All Zone Ability Right Wingers


PlayerZone AbilitySuperstar AbilitiesAgeTeam
Joe PavelskiBig TipperOne Tee, Magnetic37Dallas Stars
Alexander RadulovUnstoppable ForceMake It Snappy, Thunder Clap, Tape To Tape35Dallas Stars
Pavel BuchnevichThird EyePuck On A String26St. Louis Blues
Mark StoneYoink!Shnipe, No Contest, Quick Pick29Vegas Golden Knights
Andrei SvechnikovMake It SnappySpin-O-Rama, No Contest21Carolina Hurricanes
William NylanderMake It SnappyAnkle Breaker, Crease Crasher25Toronto Maple Leafs
David PastrnakShnipeAnkle Breaker, Puck On A String, Seeing Eye, It's Tricky, Third Eye25Boston Bruins
Alex DeBrincatMake It SnappyAnkle Breaker, Wheels, No Contest23Chicago Blackhawks
Mikko RantanenTape To TapeAll Alone, Make It Snappy, Third Eye, Magnetic24Colorado Avalanche
Nikita KucherovMake It SnappyAnkle Breaker, One Tee, Shock And Awe, Third Eye, Tape To Tape28Tampa Bay Lightning
Mitchell MarnerTape To TapePuck On A String, In Reverse, Send It24Toronto Maple Leafs
Patrick KaneAnkle BreakerSpin-O-Rama, Third Eye, Send It, Crease Crasher32Chicago Blackhawks



NHL 22: All players have superstar abilities

The players below are superstar abilities, but no regional abilities and skaters are usually listed by their potential rating.



NHL 22: X-Factor goaltenders with superstar ability


PlayerSuperstar AbilitiesAgeTeam
Semyon VarlamovButterfly Effect33New York Islanders
Mike SmithAdventurer, Handled It39Edmonton Oilers
Jordan BinningtonButterfly Effect, All Or Nothing, Sponge28St. Louis Blues
Robin LehnerContortionist, X-Ray30Vegas Golden Knights
Juuse SarosAll Or Nothing, Post To Post26Nashville Predators
Tuukka RaskLast Stand, Dialled In, Contortionist34Free Agent
John GibsonDialled In, Butterfly Effect, Handled It, Contortionist28Anaheim Ducks
Hugo AlnefeltLast Stand, Sponge20Syracuse Crunch (TBL NHL rights)
Mads SøgaardSponge20Belleville Senators (OTT NHL rights)
Lukas DostalAdventurer21San Diego Gulls (ANA NHL Rights)
Axel BrageTip Jar, Adventurer32Leksands IF (NHL Free Agent)
Adam OhreExtra Padding26HC Vita Hästen
Adam ÅhmanButterfly Effect, All Or Nothing22Växjö Lakers HC
Claes EndreAdventurer25IF Björklöven
Jacob InghamDialled In21Ontario Reign (LAK NHL rights)
Matthew VillaltaAdventurer22Ontario Reign (LAK NHL rights)
Arvid SöderblomSponge, Last Stand, Dialled In22Rockford IceHogs (CHI NHL rights)



NHL 22: X-Factor defensemen with superstar ability


PlayerSuperstar AbilitiesPositionAgeTeam
Miro HeiskanenWheels, Send It, Tape To Tape, In ReverseLD / RD22Dallas Stars
Carson LambosMagneticLD18Winnipeg Ice (MIN NHL rights)
Simon EdvinssonElite Edges, Truculence, WheelsLD18Frölunda HC (DRW NHL rights)
Brandt ClarkeWheels, HeatseekerRD18Barrie Colts (LAK NHL rights)
Charlie McAvoySend It, Ice PackRD23Boston Bruins
Zach WerenskiSeeing Eye, Stick 'Em Up, Tape To TapeLD24Columbus Blue Jackets
Aaron EkbladShnipe, Heatseeker, Send It, Quick PickRD25Florida Panthers
Drew DoughtySend It, Stick 'Em Up, Ice Pack, Quick PickRD31Los Angeles Kings
Morgan ReillySeeing Eye, Heatseeker, Third Eye, Tape To TapeLD27Toronto Maple Leafs
Jared McIsaacHeatseeker, Tape To TapeLD21Grand Rapids Griffins (DRW NHL rights)
Victor SöderströmOff The Rush, Quick PickRD20Arizona Coyotes
Neal PionkPuck On A String, Seeing Eye, Tape To TapeRD26Winnipeg Jets
Kris LetangElite Edges, Heatseeker, Tape To Tape, Quick PickRD34Pittsburgh Penguins
Jeff PetryOne Tee, Stick 'Em Up, BouncerRD33Montréal Canadiens
Nils LundkvistIn Reverse, HeatseekerRD / LD21New York Rangers
Samuel GirardWheels, Spin-O-Rama, Tape To Tape, MagneticLD23Colorado Avalanche
Josh MorrisseyShutdown, Stick 'Em Up, Ice PackLD26Winnipeg Jets
Ryan SuterStick 'Em UpLD36Dallas Stars
Jared SpurgeonTruculence, Stick 'Em Up, Bounce BackRD31Minnesota Wild
Mark GiordanoStick 'Em Up, Ice Pack, Born Leader, Quick PickLD37Seattle Kraken
John KlingbergWheels, Seeing Eye, Send It, Elite EdgesRD29Dallas Stars
Shea WeberOne Tee, Truculence, Bouncer, Born Leader, Quick PickRD36Montréal Canadiens
Tyson BarrieSend ItRD30Edmonton Oilers
Mattias EkholmShutdown, Ice Pack, Stick 'Em UpLD31Nashville Predators
Tobias BjörnfotShrug It Off, Send ItLD20Los Angeles Kings
Ryan EllisBounce Back, Quick PickRD30Philadelphia Flyers
Ryan McDonaghStick 'Em Up, Shutdown, Ice Pack, Yoink!LD32Tampa Bay Lightning
Malte SetkovTape To Tape, Thunder Clap, In ReverseLD / RD22AIK (NHL free agent)
Mattias SamuelssonTape To TapeLD21Rochester Americans (BUF NHL rights)
Markus NiemeläinenBig Rig, Crease CrasherLD23Bakersfield Condors (EDM NHL rights)
Hunter DrewBorn Leader, TruculenceLD22San Diego Gulls (ANA NHL rights)
Johannes KinnvallSend ItRD24Stockton Heat (CGY NHL rights)
Brayden PachalTotal EclipseRD22Henderson Silver Knights (VGK NHL rights)
Korbinian HolzerBorn LeaderRD / LD33Adler Mannheim (NHL free agent)
Turner OttenbreitBorn LeaderLD / RD24Iowa Wild (MIN NHL rights)
Gabe BastQuick Pick, Tape To TapeRD24KalPa (NHL free agent)
Charle-Edouard D'AstousIn Reverse, Quick PickLD / RD23Colorado Eagles (COL NHL rights)
Kim JohanssonHeatseekerLD / RD23Luleå HF (NHL free agent)
Ryan MurphyOne Tee, HeatseekerRD / LD28Grand Rapids Griffins (DRW NHL rights)
Tim ErixonHeatseekerLD / RD30Timrå IK (NHL free agent)



NHL 22: X-Factor forwards with superstar ability


PlayerSuperstar AbilitiesPositionAgeTeam
Aleksander BarkovShock And Awe, Puck On A String, Crease Crasher, Yoink!C26Florida Panthers
Mathew BarzalIn Reverse, Ankle Breaker, Tape To TapeC24New York Islanders
William EklundMagnetic, Puck On A String, No ContestC / LW18San Jose Barracuda (SJS NHL rights)
Cole PerfettiAnkle Breaker, Elite EdgesC19Manitoba Moose (WPG NHL rights)
Brock BoeserOne Tee, Make It SnappyRW24Vancouver Canucks
Lucas RaymondShock And Awe, WheelsRW / LW19Grand Rapids Griffins (DRW NHL rights)
Patrik LaineUnstoppable Force, Seeing Eye, Shnipe, Tape To TapeRW / LW23Columbus Blue Jackets
Dylan LarkinElite Edges, WheelsC / LW25Detroit Red Wings
Brady TkachukTotal Eclipse, Ankle Breaker, Back At Ya, BouncerLW22Ottawa Senators
Nikolaj EhlersWheels, Unstoppable Force, Magnetic, Make It SnappyRW / LW25Winnipeg Jets
Artemi PanarinShnipe, Ankle Breaker, One Tee, Third Eye, Tape To TapeLW29New York Rangers
Blake WheelerUnstoppable Force, Third EyeRW35Winnipeg Jets
Nicklas BackstromTape To Tape, Send It, No Contest, Yoink!C33Washington Capitals
Johnny GaudreauPuck On A String, Close Quarters, Tape To Tape, MagneticLW28Calgary Flames
Taylor HallUnstoppable Force, Make It SnappyLW29Boston Bruins
Steven StamkosShnipe, Spin-O-Rama, Heatseeker, Make It Snappy, Shock And AweC / RW31Tampa Bay Lightning
Evgeni MalkinAnkle Breaker, Big Rig, Off The Rush, Third EyeC35Pittsburgh Penguins
Kevin FialaUnstoppable Force, Make It SnappyLW / RW25Minnesota Wild
Vasily PonomarevNo ContestC19Khimik Voskresensk (CAR NHL rights)
Mason McTavishCrease Crasher, Quick DrawC18Peterborough Petes (ANA NHL rights)
Travis KonecnyTape To Tape, Crease CrasherRW / LW24Philadelphia Flyers
Wyatt JohnstonIce PackC18Windsor Spitfires (DAL NHL rights)
James MalatestaIt's Tricky, Wheels, Tape To Tape, Shock And AweC18Québec Remparts (CBJ NHL rights)
Hendrix LapierreTape To Tape, Yoink!C19Acadie-Bathurst Titan (WSH NHL rights)
Xavier BourgaultTotal Eclipse, Puck On A StringC18Shawinigan Cataractes (EDM NHL rights)
Brennan OthmannAnkle BreakerLW18Flint Firebirds (NYR NHL rights)
Emil HeinemanIce Pack, Yoink!LW19Leksands IF (CGY NHL rights)
Isak RosénMagneticLW / RW18Leksands IF (BUF NHL rights)
Roope HintzWheels, ShnipeC / LW24Dallas Stars
Logan CoutureShnipe, No ContestC32San Jose Sharks
Fabian LysellShock And Awe, Ice PackLW18Providence Bruins (BOS NHL rights)
Cam AtkinsonAnkle Breaker, Magnetic, ShnipeRW32Philadelphia Flyers
Ryan Nugent-HopkinsTape To TapeC / LW28Edmonton Oilers
TJ OshiePuck On A String, Truculence, Make It Snappy, Beauty BackhandRW34Washington Capitals
Max PaciorettyMake It Snappy, One TeeLW32Vegas Golden Knights
JT MillerBouncer, Stick 'Em UpLW / C28Vancouver Canucks
Tomas HertlBig Rig, Unstoppable Force, It's TrickyC / LW27San Jose Sharks
Teuvo TeravainenThird EyeLW / RW27Carolina Hurricanes
Evander KaneBig Rig, Back At Ya, Crease Crasher, TruculenceLW30San Jose Sharks
Jakub VoracekAnkle Breaker, Third Eye, Tape To TapeRW / LW32Columbus Blue Jackets
Brendan GallagherHeatseeker, Total Eclipse, Crease CrasherRW29Montréal Canadiens
Tyler ToffoliMake It SnappyRW29Montréal Canadiens
David PerronMake It Snappy, All AloneLW / RW33St. Louis Blues
Zack OstapchukWheels, Big Rig, Big TipperLW18Vancouver Giants (OTT NHL rights)
Lukas JasekShock And AweRW24Lahden Pelicans (VAN NHL rights)
Nathan LégaréBig Rig, Off The RushRW20Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (PIT NHL rights)
Fabian ZetterlundStick 'Em UpRW22Utica Comets (NJD NHL rights)
German RubtsovWheelsC23Lehigh Valley Phantoms (PHI NHL rights)
Paul CotterYoink!C21Henderson Silver Knights (VGK NHL rights)
Matias MäntykiviNo ContestC20Providence Bruins (BOS NHL rights)
Ivan LodniaPuck On A StringRW22Iowa Wild (MIN NHL rights)
Tobias RiederNo Contest, Stick 'Em UpLW / RW28Free Agent
Elmer SöderblomQuick Pick, Yoink!C20Frölunda HC (DRW NHL rights)
Trey Fix-WolanskyMagnetic, All AloneRW22Cleveland Monsters (CBJ NHL rights)
Carter RowneyNo ContestC / RW32Detroit Red Wings
Anton BlidhNo ContestLW / RW26Providence Bruins (BOS NHL rights)
Dennis MillerIce Pack, Shutdown, Yoink!RW22Augsburger Panther (NHL free agent)
Kalle MiketinacWheels, Tape To Tape, Yoink!C22Mora IK (NHL free agent)
Wojciech StachowiakCrease CrasherLW22ERC Ingolstadt (NHL free agent)
Robert CarpenterIce PackLW / C25Free Agent
Joseph CramarossaElite EdgesC28Iowa Wild (MIN NHL rights)
Hugo ReinhardtStick 'Em Up, WheelsC25Tingsryds AIF (NHL free agent)
Ian McKinnonUnstoppable ForceC23Providence Bruins (BOS NHL rights)
Jonatan HarjuBeauty BackhandLW24Södertälje SK (NHL free agent)




The above is the latest NHL22 season, all X-Factor and Superstar abilities, and a list of players with these abilities. Now you know how X-Factor abilities work in NHL 22, which players have zone abilities and superstar abilities. In the above other X-Factor Abilities list and Superstar list, you can see that there is no player list in the final player list, we will update it in time. Through this article guide, you can buy the ideal player card by earn NHL 22 Coins. Finally, I hope you can become the best player in the new season through this article!