Palworld - 3 More Great Tips & Tricks

Game: Palworld
Time: 2024-01-29
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Gliding hacks, resource tips, and more! Here are even more things we wish we knew before dropping into Palworld


To easily deposit resources in your storage if you already have some of that type of resource in the container you have oppened, hitting right bumper on the controller will automatically store any of that type of resource you have on you into that container.

Resources you get from chopping down trees or chipping away at rocks are not the only types of resources you need for crafting. Resources you get from taking out Pals, such as wool and leather are just as important.

To See what Pals drop what resources head to the Paldeck and under each Pals entry it will inform you. The Paldeck is also where you can see what type of activities each Pal is best suited for at your base.


Palworld has a glider, but it uses up stamina way more rapidly than any other actions, such as running and climbing. However, if you catch a Celeray or Killamari and then unlock and craft the gloves necessary fot its passive skill, you can use Celeray as a glider if it's in your party. And it consumes way less stamina.

An easy way to get some height in order to glide is currently available in the game, but could potentially get patched in a future update. When catching a Pal, Climb on its Pal Sphere during thecatching process. If you're standing on top of it, when the catching animation completes, you'll be yeeted into the air and can then glide from there. Please Pockerpair, this is a feature, not a bug. Don't patch it out.

Feed Bag

palworld feed bag

At level 10, you unlock a small feed bag. While you may feel compelled to not unlock it this early as it's not as sexy as something like the three shot bow, it is a vital tool. Unlocking and crafting a feed bag allows you to slot food into it, such as berries, that your character and party will automatically pull from in order to satiate their hunger rather than needing to manually keep them fed.

Source from GameSpot.